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Provided by Phil Byrne VK2MCB

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Roar Nets March 29th and 31st 2020


Report for Week beginning 29 March 2020
Don’t forget the Digital Net on Saturdays at 2100z on XLX299R.
Sunday 22nd March 2020
0700z-0730z D-Star Net
From Bill VK4ZD
Diane VK4DI tried unsuccessfully to use Peanut and heard Jean-Pierre F1CFAand Phil VK2MCB. I was in the WPX contest and unable to be present.
From Phil VK2MCB
The net was joined by Phil VK2MCB, David ZL2WT, Nick G4HCK, John ZL2JPM and Jean-Pierre F1CFA. Discussion concentrated on the Global Pandemic. We noted that Daylight Saving changes next weekend would benefit some members of the net.
Internet performance issues were a problem.
From David ZL2WT
Conditions for the Rotary Digital Net were pretty poor this evening. Attached is a screen shot of my Pi-Star’s log – it shows a very high error rate through-out. My home Internet was not the problem – it was showing around 90Mbps nearly all of the time. The wireless link to the Pi-Star is not the problem. Yes, it may be my Pi-Star box, but to date it has been as solid as a rock!
I would be interested to know how others got on.
I heard John mention it could be Internet overload due to video streaming. Phil Garside is likely to have a 100Mbps or 200Mbps Internet link, so the link through his office should not be a bottleneck, no matter how many editions of Game of Thrones his neighbours are streaming!
Could it be the processing at XLX299 that is overloading? I hope not – we don’t want to create work for Phil – he is providing such a great service.
I believe our local 2 Metre D-Star repeater is presently being decommissioned and I think a DMR repeater will replace it.
Here we are in stage 4 (the ultimate level) of social distancing, which, with a few exceptions, means remaining in the same house, with the same people, for the next few weeks. Raeanne and I have been cloistered for 8 days now. But, although socially distanced, we are not really isolated. We chat with neighbours from a distance. Facebook, WhatsApp, the phone, Zoom, Amateur Radio etc etc keeps us in touch with family, friends and Rotary colleagues. We have already had four Zoom meetings and tomorrow we have our first Club meeting using Zoom.
I intend to use the time at home to finally master the iambic paddle key – I have no trouble with a straight Morse key, but the paddle key always seems to have a mind of its own! I look forward to joining a ROAR CW session one day.
Wishing you and your family all the best. Stay safe and stay well.
From John ZL2JPM
The poor performance of the Reflector-meeting tonight is most likely due to routed traffic problems everywhere. I spoke with Phil (ZL2RO) and his noted that his system had quite light loading on it, but that all NZ traffic is thereafter routed through Sydney! So, we blame the Aussies 😊. With everyone working from home, the global traffic is up demonstrably and it is likely illustrated by the fact that we all had packet losses. Never mind, It will give the network operators something to do – after all, they are still getting paid!.
0730z - 0800z Anzo Net on 7,105 +/- QRM
From Bill VK4ZD
I was in the WPX contest and unable to be present.
0800z-0900z Europe - Anzo Net on 14,294 / 14,285 Long Path
From Bill VK4ZD
I was in the WPX contest and unable to be present.
From Doug ZL1BFS
There was nothing heard on the 7105 or 7110 net today, 29 March 2020. There were, in fact, lots of VKs o 7105, so I called several times for the Rotary International net on 7110 and received no reply
The same thing happened on the 14294kHz net at 0800. There were several people in nearby frequencies calling CQ Contest, but no one responded to my Long Path CQs for the Rotary International net. I went QRT at 0820
From Nick G4HCK
Although slightly challenging this morning Peanut saved the day and we were able to keep in contact. Its nice to hear John Pierre as the skip between UK and F is not that great on 20m.
Following the Peanut net and a bacon sandwich (well it was breakfast time here in the UK and I would hate to upset the station manager by not eating it ) I QSY’d to HF. The HF path on 20m was SFI 69 and K1. There was a contest on and although 14.294 was clear when I started calling CQ Rotary it was not long before another station decided he wanted the frequency and started to call CQ contest. The TS890 has some excellent filters and despite using them all he was to close and causing a lot of splatter which we all know is not good for DX working. I had one more look on 20m at 08.45 GMT and then qsy’d into the garden before the sun disappeared as forecast.
So another Sunday morning passes and it’s the start of another week. Let’s hope it’s not too long before the media start to report positive reports (which will mean things are improving) or will they. Positive means good news and the media seem to focus (well over here) on the negative side of events.
Keep safe and remember keep washing those hands.

0900z - 1000z UK 80-metre Net on 3,694
From Bob G3SZF
G3SZF Bob was net control and was joined by
G3LUW Brian
G7OAI John
G3JJR John
G3OKT John
G4LXD Bill
Conditions and inter-G reports were good. Everyone was keeping safe and needless to say the Coronavirus pandemic featured in our discussions. Postponing our annual gathering where the AGM takes place will be postponed and alternative arrangements will have to be made.
2100z NA Transcontinental net on 7.185
The Net will be on 7.185MHZ
Join Us on the ZOOM video conference and give us your input on how to improve the net!
​Join the Video conference even if you don't have HF or can't hear the net on HF!
You can join the net on ZOOM.  If you do have HF capability and can not hear the net, we can work with you thru ZOOM to locate a frequency that will allow us to communicate over the airwaves!
Join The Net On Sunday and enjoy the fellowship!
ZOOM has added a new dimension to the net activities making it possible to bring more people into the net.  
​ZOOM allows net controls to collaborate on getting a new caller recognized.  
Join us on ZOOM and Join the ROAR net. 
If you can hear Net Control or a Relay Station you can tell us and additional efforts will be made to log you into the net over the air. 
At 1830Z you can join net control on ZOOM by using this Zoom Meeting link :  
Ed - N4EDT
​Cell 205-919-4610  (Feel free to text me at this number if the need arises.)
From Noel WD8QHD
Difficult net due to a contest weekend in North America.
7.183 MHz 2000Z -2039
We could only or two stations so we turned down the radios and went on Zoom.
Ed N4EDT AL, ROAR Pres was net control.
NM5AB Noel, AR
AF1E Joe, NC
N9HWO Phil, IL
KC4D Bill, VA
WN5V Dave, LA
Much discussion on the Covid19 crisis and What our clubs are doing about.
0800z Tuesday March 17th EUR 20m net on 14,294 / 14,285
From Bill VK4ZD
The band did not open to Europe again.


Philip Byrne
Rotary Club of Canberra

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