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Provided by Phil Byrne VK2MCB

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Roar Nets October 3rd to October 6th 2020

Report for Week beginning 3 October 2020
From Bill VK4ZD
NOTE: To celebrate World Polio Day on October 24 we will commence a special event using VK65PFA.
This call sign acknowledges the 65 countries, states and territories in Africa now declared Polio Free.
The call will be used by Australian ROAR members from October 24 until November 24.

North American ROAR Digital Voice Net, Saturday 2020-10-03, 2000z
From Phil N9HWO
N9HWO, Phil, Illinois USA
W4/4G4S, Sunny, Virginia, USA
WA6LBY, Peter, California USA
73 de Phil N9HWO
0600z-0630z D-Star Net
From Bill VK4ZD
Paul G3SEA/KH6, Nick G4HCK, Phil VK2MCB, John ZL2JPM, Jean-Pierre F1CFA and I were present.

0630z - 0700z Anzo Net on 7,105 +/- QRM
From Bill VK4ZD
Peter VK3KCD was 57 and gave me 57 also
Jeff VK2FADG was 58 before fading out
Brian VK2BX (president of RC of Gerringong) - welcome back Brian
We went QRT at 0702z
0700z - 0730z LP to Europe on 14,294
From Bill VK4ZD
Jean-Pierre was 33 and gave me 53 I think
Vernon G0EGW and I exchanged 44 reports - Vernon also worked PA3AHC Malcolm
We went QRT at 0740z
From Nicholas G4HCK
Hello all
Peanut was good today. However although I thought I heard a voice on 20m there was no way I could make a contact.
However the fact I could hear something means we must be moving in the right direction.
7 3’s
Nicholas Wilkinson
0800z - 0900z UK 80-metre Net on 3,694
From Bob G3SZF
G3LUW Brian was net control and was joined by:
G7OAI John
G3JJR John
G3OKT John
PA3AHC Malcolm
G4LXD Bill
G0EGW Vernon
Conditions were reasonable with some QSB evident. .A good turnout for the net and interesting discussion all round with some focus on interference issues.
Vernon advised that plans were in hand for the group's ZOOM meeting.
From Noel WD8QHD/VE3
ROAR President ED N4EDT opened the meeting at 2000Z following a lively give and take on such topics as German automobiles, airstream trailers and dogs .
There were 20 Check Ins including:-
WN5V David
KC5PL Dixon
PT2ADM Gustavo
N8TE Nate
W9ZSJ George
KC4D Bill
K2TWL Howie
G4HCK Nick
ZL1BF Doug
AF1E Joe
KL4E Craig
W4YWW Bert (first time)
W4JHU Alexander
N7EDD Eddie
K9THO Rick
N9HWO Phil
Following a round table discussion of Rotary activities and projects and responses and reactions to Covid-19 and the many forms of amateur radio activities (there were many formats discussed and advocated), Ed introduced the subject of the ROAR Bylaws and asked reports from the committee in place to look at them. There is a need for diversification in include the non-English speaking world. The committee is looking at other fellowships that have a similar international membership and require some form of licensing structure in their respective home nations. One such group is the International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians. Some questions were raised about the function of the Regional Vice Presidents. The committee is still working on the project.
This discussion lead into the topic of including activities for ROAR members for whom English is not their first language.
There then followed conversation about wire antennae and CW.
A good net that Ed closed well after 2100Z
Join the Weekly NET/ZOOM meeting this Sunday.
Please note that the time is *** 2000Z Sunday ***
The ZOOM Conference HAS BEEN GROWING EVERY WEEKEND. Join the group and share information about your radio and Rotary activities. We always have a lot of laughs. Join us this coming Sunday, meet your fellow ROAR members, and share in the fun.
Ed Tyler - N4EDT is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
​Cell 205-919-4610  (Feel free to text me at this number if the need arises.)
ZOOM Meeting info:
Note the timing details are for Australian Eastern Standard Time – you need to adjust for your time zone.
The meeting will be on Sunday at 2000Z.
ROAR Zoom Meeting
When: Mon 6am – 7:30am Australian Eastern Standard Time - Brisbane
Where: (map)
Who: more details »
Ed Tyler - N4EDT is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting open to all ROAR members.
Topic: Ed Tyler - N4EDT's Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 784 824 7670
0700z Tuesday October 6th EUR 20m net on 14,294
From Bill VK4ZD
Nothing Heard


Philip Byrne
Rotary Club of Canberra

Weekly Report