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Provided by Phil Byrne VK2MCB

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Roar Nets December 26th to December 29th 2020

Report for Week beginning 26 December 2020
North American ROAR Digital Voice Net, Saturday ,2000z
From Phil N9HWO
No Report Received
Sunday 27 December 2020
0630z-0700z D-Star Net
From Bill VK4ZD
Phil VK2MCB, John ZL2JPM, Nick G4HCK and I were present.
0700z - 0730z Anzo Net on 7,105 +/- QRM
From Bill VK4ZD
Dick VK4OP (visitor) was 59+5 and gave me 59
John ZL2JPM was 34
Peter VK3KCD was 57-8-9 and gave me 59
Doug ZL1BFS was 59+5 and gave me 59+10
0730z - 0830z LP to Europe on 14,294
From Bill VK4ZD
Peter VK3KCD was 58 and gave me 59+10
Doug ZL1BFS was 56-8 and gave me 56-7
John ZL2JPM was 56 and gave me 59
Jean-Pierre F1CFA was 55 and gave me 55
Jeffrey K7DXX (visitor) was 59 and gave me 59+ at 0750z
Roy W6XS (visitor) was 59+10 and gave me 59+ at 0755z
Nick G4HCK was initially 22 building to 54-5 ad ave me 44
Malcolm PA3AHC was 44-55 and gave me
We went QRT at 0830z
However Vernon G0EGW called in late and we chatted from 0840z - 0857z
He was 57-8 and gave me 57
We also had Llew VK4KLA/VK2 call in from Peak Hill
He was 59 to me and gave me 57 from 0838z to 0857z
From Jean-Pierre F1CFA
On 27/12/2020 8:15 pm, Jean-Pierre Aubanton wrote:
Hello Bill,
As a happy end to the 2020 year, we had a fantastic QSO on 20m this morning ( evening).
You were 54 to me.
Many Thanks for the welcoming message !!! ....I am just doing my best !!!
You were later going down to 41.
I heard also the guy who was in late (MDR) : G0EGW with a 41 signal.
He is using an echo chamber, which is not very useful. The clearness is not good enough.
Malcolm was also on, but I just can hear his voice.
Nick was suspected.
Best Wishes

0900z - 1000z UK 80-metre Net on 3,694
From Bob G3SZF
G3SZF Bob was net control and was joined by
PA3AHC Malcolm
G3LUW Brian
G7OAI John
G3JJR John
G3OKT John
G4LXD Bill
GW6GBY Robert
Conditions were good although the regular continental splatter did not help reception. An enjoyable discussion about members' Christmas limited festivities and hopes for 2021. Happy New Year to all from ROAR in RGBI.
73s Bob G3SZF
From Noel WD8QHD/VE3
ROAR President ED Opened the meeting at 2030Z
There were 17 check ins including:-
Joe AF1E
Dave WN5V
Peter WA6LBY
Bill KC4D
Dixon KC5PL
Howie K2TWL
Nick G4HCK
Phil N9HWO
George W9ZSJ
Craig KL7H
Eddie N7EDD
Noel W8QHD/VA3
In the warm up session much discussion on Air Force life and experiences.
After the net opened President Ed asked each of us to share our fondest memories of Christmases past. This was an interesting exercise as there several in the group whose early Christmases were spent in places far from where they celebrated the latest holidays.
Joe AF1E screen shared a stealth antenna ala 007.
A different net but great fellowship and time of sharing.
Looking forward to a new and better year in 2021
Join the Weekly NET/ZOOM meeting this Sunday.
Please note that the time is *** 2030Z Sunday *** (warmup from 2000z)
Ed Tyler - N4EDT is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
​Cell 205-919-4610  (Feel free to text me at this number if the need arises.)
ZOOM Meeting info:
Note the timing details are for Australian Eastern Standard Time – you need to adjust for your time zone.
The meeting will be on Sunday at 2030Z.
ROAR Zoom Meeting
When: Mon 7.30am – (6:30am Australian Eastern Standard Time - Brisbane)
Where: (map)
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Ed Tyler - N4EDT is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting open to all ROAR members.
Topic: Ed Tyler - N4EDT's Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 784 824 7670
0730z Tuesday Dcember 29th EUR 20m net on 14,294
From Bill VK4ZD
Peter VK3KCD was 5- and gave me 8
John ZL2JPM was 57-8 and gave me 55-9
Jean-Pierre F1CFA was 44 and gave me 41
We went QRT at 0808z
Then at 0830z Vernon G0EGW called and was 44-56 and gave me 56 also


Philip Byrne
Rotary Club of Canberra

Weekly Report