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Provided by Phil Byrne VKMCB

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Roar Nets March 4th 2018 and March 6th 2018


ROAR Nets Report for Sunday 4th March 2018 and Tuesday 6th March 2018
0730z - 0800z Anzo Net on 7,110
From Bill VK4ZD

Peter VK3KCD was 47-59 in my storm noise
Phil VK2MCB was 59 and gave me 59
Noel VK2IWT was 11
John ZL2JPM was 25-47 and gave me 55
Doug ZL1BFS was 59 and gave me 56

From Phil VK2MCB
Bill VK4ZD was 59 and gave me the same
John ZL2JPM was 53 and gave me 53
Douglas ZL1BFS was 55 and gave me 53
VK3KCD and VK2IWT were not readable in Canberra

0800z- 0900z Europe - Anzo Net on 14,295.2 Long Path
From Bill VK4ZD
II had difficulty hearing through my S5 of storm noise on 20m
Klaus HB9CQS was 33 and peaked 55 briefly but could not hear me. He was 56 on a Finnish SDR receiver
Coco YO9BC was 33 on the same SDR
Klaus and Doug ZL1BFS did make contact.
I gave up when I perceived that Condx were not going to work for me that day.
From Phil VK2MCB
Bad conditions for me with the Zero Sun Spots really hurting.
Douglas ZL1BFS was 21
Klaus HB9CQS was also 21, and I heard Klaus working Peter VK3KCD, Coco and Douglas.
No copy on any other station, so I gave it away at 0815z

0900z - 1000z UK 80-metre Net on 3,694
No report received.

1700z – 1730z RIBI evening 80-metre Net on 3,694 MHz
Informal 1900z Formal 1930z Transcontinental net on 7.185
From Ed N4EDT
Operating Frequency the ROAR Net Informal 1900Z Formal 1930Z- 7.185 MHZ +/- QRM
The net will be called by Ed Tyler, N4EDT.
The net last week was very good. We had 11 checkins. This week we will be again operating on 7.185 starting at 1900Z
We need your feedback. If you are unable to check in, please provide the following information by email:
1. Time that you we attempting to check in.
2. Frequencies that you monitored.
3. If you were able to hear the net control or any net participants
4. What activity you were hearing in and around the net operating frequencies.
Send you information to me at
Please log into during while you are listening for net activity.
The more information we can assemble about the areas we are reaching the better we will be able to adapt to the challenges of operating during periods of poor or changing propagation.
​We desperately need additional net controls. If you are willing to be either a Net Control or an Alternate Net Control please contact me at the address below.
Edward Tyler


0800z – 0830z Tuesday 12th December 2017 NZ 80-m net on 3,693
0800z - 0830z Tuesday 27th February 2018 EUR 20m net on 14,295.2
From Bill VK4ZD
As Diane was recovering from a dual arthroscopy I did not participate in this net.
From John G3OKT

Hi Phil, just about copied you this morning, Solar Indices pretty useless 68/5/1/ sunspots zero for the 3rd day.
Here the worst snowfall for years (at 1000ft all) and so cold and windy!
73s John G3OKT
From Phil VK2MCB
Strangely, I had better conditions despite the SSN of 0.
Peter VK3KCD was 41 but I did not hear a report
Vernon G0EGW as 55 and gave me 55. Vernon started to drop off progressively to 52 soonafter.
John G3OKT was 31
Brian G3LUW was 31
Klaus HB9CQS was 57 and gave me 53
Jean-Pierre F1CFA was 42 and gave me 52
Malcolm PA3AHC was not heard here but was readable in Europe
From Peter VK3KCD
Hi Phil
Heard the G’s faintly last night then nothing and on Sunday zilch on 20
73 Peter



Philip Byrne
Rotary Club of Canberra

Weekly Report