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Provided by John Thompson G3OKT
(In memory of Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE .. SK)

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Roar Nets November 5th - 7th 2017

ROAR Nets Report for 5th and 7th November 2017

(From Bill VK4ZD : Trial net times)

0700z - 0730z Anzo Net on 7,110
From Bill VK4ZD
Peter VK3KCD was 48 in QRN from a storm and gave me 57-8
Phil VK2MCB was 48 to 59 and gave me 59
Doug ZL2BFS was 59 and gave me 59
Klaus HB9CQS was Q3 in my QRN
We QSY'd to 7,115 to avoid QRM
Pete VK2YPU (visitor) was 59 and gave me 59+
From John G3OKT
According to QSL at 0305z SFI 72, A 4, K 1 and sunspots 0 for 4th day!
HB9CQS and G0EGW exchanged greetings at 0715; Klaus had "heard some VK stations"
Band lively, noise level S6, many strong stations; Spanish station right on 7110. Klaus suggested moving to 7107. G0EGW 5.9 with Klaus
G3OKT 3/7-8 with Klaus under heavy QRM. Vernon Q4.
At 0724, Vernon 3-5.6 here just on the noise level. Klaus 5.8
HB9CQS had worked VKs LP. Gave G3OKT 5.9 (with voice proc.)
PA0SDZ gave Klaus 5.9+5dB; Lez same report here.
G3OKT got 5.9 from Klaus as I went QRT at 0734
0730z- 0830z Europe - Anzo Net on 14,295.2 Long Path
From Bill VK4ZD
Doug ZL1BFS was good copy but I had an approaching thunderstorm
John ZL2JPM was also fair copy but the thunderstorm had me concerned
Peter VK3KCD was there but I could not hear him
Phil VK2MCB was 34
Pertti EA7GSU was 45 and gave me 56
Klaus HB9CQS was 44
I went QRT at 0750z in the midst of an approaching thunderstorm
From John G3OKT
Band not good for propagation cf 40m. Low signals, QRN and QRM.
HB9CQS reported small signals from VKs
PA0SDZ 3.2 here under QRN/QRM at 0743. Lez was 3.1 with VK2MCB via EA7GSU.
EA7GSU 5.9 here. Gave 5.9+ for PA0SDZ.
ZL1BFS was 5.5 here and with Pertti. Doug gave Pertti 3.3
HB9CQS reported he could hear Doug but no copy here
G0EGW was 4.3 here. Gave VK2MCB 5.3, ZL1BFS 5.8, was 5.5 with Klaus; heard PA0SDZ.
VK2MCB gave Vernon 5.5; Phil was 2.1 here and no copy by Klaus
PA0SDZ and HB9CQS exchanged 5.4. Les was 4.1 here
HB9CQS came up to 5.7 QSB - said VK/LP better
F4GHB not heard at 0758
G4HCK gave 5.9+ for Pertti at 0757. Gave G3OKT 3.4 and HB9CQS 4.3
EA7GSU fading fast; was 5.9 with Klaus
VK2MCB called by Pertti at 0800. No response heard
PA0SDZ 4.2 b/w here at 0805. Lez was 5.9+ with Pertti
G4HCK and G3OKT were 5.4 with HB9CQS at 0810. Nick was 3.1 here
HB9CQS Klaus was suddenly 5.9+20dB b/w with G3OKT at 0815 as I went QRT
0900z - 1000z UK 80-metre Net on 3,694
From John G7OAI/P
I opened the net at 0859Z, and had an immediate response from Vernon, G0EGW, back from his summer activities. After a couple of overs John G3JJR joined us, followed soon by Tommy, G2FUU. At 0919 John, G3OKT came up, commenting that a power outage had kept him busy until restored, dealing with various alarms triggered by the lack of electrickery. Finally Bill, G4XLD at 0925.
Amongst the topics discussed/reminisced was discos of the 50s and 60s, that several of us had had dealings with, and how equipment had changed over the years - no more DIY discos now!
Conditions were very good for most of the net, going off somewhat towards the end. Signal reports as below:-
G0EGW, 59,
G3JJR, 59+10,
G2FUU, 59+20
G3OKT, 59+40
G4LXD, 57 with QSB. (Using a vertical antenna whilst repairs are in progress for his usual inverted 'V').
QSB was starting to intrude on others towards 1000.
I closed the net at 1003.
1700z – 1730z RIBI evening 80-metre Net on 3,694 MHz
2230z - 2300z Informal Transcontinental net on 7.118 +/- QRM
0800z – 0830z Tuesday 7th November 2017 NZ 80-m net on 3,693
0730z - 0800z Tuesday 7th November 2017 EUR 20m net on 14,295.2
From Bill VK4ZD
I announced myself from time to time prior to the scheduled start time and Vernon called me at 0725z
Signals were lighter than hoped for but when checking my W6ELPROP the indication was for condx to start around 0800z
Vernon G0EGW was initially 33 and 44 at 0753. By the end of the net he was 55 and gave me 57
Pertti EA7GSU was 33 and gave me 51.
John G3OKT was heard at 22
Klaus HB9CQS 44-54 and gave me 53-4
Miika OH2BAD was 44-55 at 0743z and gave me 55-6
Les PA0SDZ was 22 peaking 33 at 0755z when he gave me 53
OZ8YW called me at 0804z and we exchanged 44 reports
I went QRT at 0805z
From John G3OKT
According to QSL at 0605z : SFI 69 A 2 K 3 sunspots zero for 6th day
Conditions correspondingly bad until 0800, and then EU only
VK4ZD was only 1.1 with QSB at 0727
G0EGW in QSO with Bill was 5.4 and 90% copy most of the time
EA7GSU was 5.8 and gave Vernon 5.8; Pertti was 5.9+10dB by 0745. Pertti and Bill exchanged 5.1 b/w. G3OKT was 5.9+5dB with Pertti
G3LUW was 4.2 here
HB9CQS exchanged 5.9+20dB with EA7GSU. Klaus was 5.5 here
OH2BAD was 5.7 here; Miika got 5.9+20dB from Pertti; gave 5.7/9 to G0EGW; was 5.7/8 with Klaus; asked Klaus to relay to Bill - G3OKT 5.7, G3LUW 5.9, EA7GSU 5.9
VK4ZD was "just a squeak" here; was Q3 with Klaus and faded to 3.1 with Pertti; apparently Bill could hear Miika, Vernon, Pertti and G3OKT, Lez and "everybody"
G3LUW was 5.6 with Pertti; Pertti was 5.9 to 5.5 with Brian
G0EGW gave G3OKT 5.4, PA0SDZ 5.3, EA7GSU 5.9, HB9CQS 5.9, OH2BAD 5.9+10dB in exchange for 5.9+20dB
PA0SDZ exchanged 5.7 b/w with G0EGW at 0756. Vernon was 5.3 here
HB9CQS was 5.5 here at 0758; said Bill was just readable at 5.3.
VK4ZD was heard here to give Klaus 5.4. At 0802 Bill was QSB here up to 1.1 and 5.1 with Pertti
OK2YW (a visitor, Helgo) was 5.4 here and exchanged 4.4 b/w with Bill
At 0807 conditions changed - OH2BAD was suddenly up to 5.9+10dB here and Miika gave Bill 5.5/6
QRM from the broadcast station harmonic suddenly gave high QRM; I lost Bill but he was still 5.7 with Vernon and gave 5.5.
PA0SDZ and G3OKT exchanged 5.5 b/w at 0812 as I went QRT.
That's all for now;
73s John G3OKT
8th November

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