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Provided by Phil Byrne VKMCB

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Roar Nets December 3rd and 5th 2017


0730z - 0800z Anzo Net on 7,110
From Bill VK4ZD
Peter VK3KCD was initially 47 building to 58-9 and gave me 59+20
Phil VK2MCB was 57-9and gave me 59+10
Doug ZL2BFS was 59+5 to 59+20 and gave me 59+10
John ZL2JPM was 57 and gave me 55
Brenton VK3CM (visitor) from Tambangalanga was 59+10 and gave me the same
0800z- 0900z Europe - Anzo Net on 14,295.2 Long Path
From John G3OKT
The QSL website at 0605z gave SFI 72 A 4 K 0 and sunspots 0 for the 2nd day
ZL and VK were just detectable in the noise at 0808. Kazakhstan harmonic was S4 with QSB
Conditions generally were not good - at one point I noticed for ZL/VK the spider beam just added noise!
Signals were just as weak on the 80m doublet.
HB9CQS was heard faintly under Russian splatter on 14.297 at S5. Came up to 5.3 here.
Klaus was 5.1 with Bill at 0814 according to Vernon G0EGW
EA7GSU came up on CW at 0805 using CW. He was 5.7.9
VK2MCB was 5.1 with Pertti; Phil gave Pertti 5.3 but no copy of Phil here. Phil became intelligible at 0815.
VK4ZD was 5.3 with Pertti at 0808 but not heard here yet.
Bill was 5.7/8 with G0EGW at 0815 and first heard here at 0827. Bill passed to Klaus and got 5.6
ZL1BFS was 5.5 here and 5.7 with Pertti. Doug stayed much the same for the whole net, typically 5.5 here at 0830 when giving Vernon 5.7.
ZL2JPM was 3.3 to 5.5 with Doug but not heard here. John gave Pertti 3.3 via Doug and heard Klaus at 5.4. Klaus gave John 5.3 while 5.2 here. Vernon heard John at 4.1 at 0820.
G0EGW heard VK2MCB at 4.1 at 0817. Vernon was 5.2 here
G4HCK gave ZL1BFS 5.7 at 0820 but Nick was poor copy here at 0830; got 3.3 from ZL1BFS.
VK3KCD was said to be a good signal (by Nick?) but Peter was not heard here.
VK4ZD started to come up here at 0830; Bill was peaking 5.7 here at 0834 and was 5.6/7 with Pertti. Bill said G3OKT also came up to 5.3-4 at 0841. By 0848 Bill was a steady 5.5 here and with Pertti at 0843 and 5.7 with Klaus.
ZL2JPM still just heard at 2.1 QSB at 0832
Vernon G0EGW was a “hollow 5.3” here at 0835; gave 5.3 for me and was 4.4 at 0850.
ZL3OZ was a solid 5.5 here and 5.9 with Vernon at 0836 complaining about the spread of ROAR signals
ZL1BFS was dropping through 4.3 at 0842; Doug gave me 3.2
Klaus was up to 5.4 here at 0846; gave Bill 3.1. Pertti gave G3OKT 5.3 and Nick 4.1
VK2MCB was still not heard at 0855; ZL1BFS was still 5.3 QSB
G4HCK gave VK4ZD 5.5 (dropping) at 0852, HB9CQS 5.2 and ZL1BFS 4.2
PA3AHC was 1.1 with VK4ZD
From Bill VK4ZD
John ZL2JPM was 58 and gave me 59
Phil VK2MCB was 58
Doug ZL1BFS was 56-7 and gave me 54-5
Klaus HB9CQS was 56-7 and gave me the same
Pertti EA7GSU was 22-55 and gave me 56-7
Vernon G0EGW was 55 building to 56-7 and gave me 57-8
Nick G4HCK was was initially 33 building to 44-55 and gave me 52 building to 56
John G3OKT was 44 building to 55-6 and gave me 55
Malcolm PA3AHC was 11 until the end when he came up to 44
0800z - 0900z UK 80-metre Net on 3,6933
From John G3OKT who was net control. There was no sign of Brian, G3LUW.
G4HCK Nick had already apologised that he would be absent
G2FUU was initially only a suspicion of a signal (G3JJR)
Tommy later came up to 5.9+20dB with QSB
G3JJR was 5.9+10dB here but “weak and breaking up” with G3SZF.
John had improved by 0940 and gave G4LXD 5.9+15dB, 5.7/8 for G2FUU and 5.9+40dB for G3OKT
G3SZF Bob, running only 20W, exchanged 5.9 +10dB b/w with G3OKT, gave G4LXD 5.9+15dB,
PA3AHC was 4.7 here, 3.4 with Bob, and gave G3OKT 5.9+10dB
G4LXD was 5.9+20dB here; Bill gave G3JJR 5.9, G2FUU 4.6, G3OKT 5.9+20dB, G3SZF 5.9. and PA3AHC 5.7
We had a good discussion on the merits of local (cf cloud) storage, security of Dropbox, and Tommy’s burglary.
It was expected that G7OAI would be net control next week.
1700z – 1730z RIBI evening 80-metre Net on 3,694 MHz
2230z - 2300z Informal Transcontinental net on 7.118 +/- QRM
0800z – 0830z Tuesday 5th December 2017 NZ 80-m net on 3,693

0800z - 0830z Tuesday December 5th 2017 EUR net on 14,295.2
From John G3OKT
The QSL website at 0605z gave SFI 68 A 11 K 3 and sunspots 0.
G3OKT called CQ at 0801; EA7GSU returned and gave me 5.9
G3LUW also responded but was only 2.1. Pertti and Klaus both gave Brian 5.9
Today’s net was spoiled for Europe by a signal which Pertti described as a wall of white noise 1MHz wide at S3 and for me was a “5Hz squibble” noise scanning the audio range.
The noise emanated from the South but no sign of VK4ZD on Short Path to VK (SE)
HB9CQS gave me 1.2-3 and I heard Klaus at 3.1
Pertti was the only signal I could hear at 5.7. Pertti gave me 5.9
We had no copy of VK from 0808. VK4ZD was below the S5-6 noise
F4GHB might have been there if I recognised Alain’s voice
G0EGW was 5.9 with Pertti but had serious Squibble QRM.
Vernon was 1.3 here except when he briefly swept up to 5.5 and went down again.
I gave up at 0835
From Bill VK4ZD
Phil VK2MCB was 57 and gave me 59
Klaus HB9CQS was 56 and gave me 55-6
John G3OKT was only 11 today
Vernon G0EGW was 55-6 and gave me 56-7
Pertti EA7GSU was not heard at all
Mel G4WMP was 55-6 and gave me 56-7 at 0820z

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