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Provided by John Thompson G3OKT
(In memory of Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE .. SK)

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Roar Nets March 27th - March 29th 2016

ROAR Nets Report for 27th and 29th March 2016
0700z - 0730z Anzo Net on 7,110
From Bill VK4ZD
Noel VK2IWT was 59+20 and gave me 59+35
Phil VK2MCB was 59+10 and gave me 59+20

From Phil VK2MCB :
Pretty dreadful conditions on Sunday!
07:19 VK4ZD USB 7.110.000 59+20 59+10 Bill
07:00 VK2IWT LSB 7.110.000 59 59+ Noel
0730z - 0830z Europe - Anzo Net on 14,295.2 Long Path
From Bill VK4ZD
No Propagation
Noel VK2IWT was 44 and gave me 56
Jean-Pierre F1CFA was 33 and gave me 54?
Brian G3LUW was not heard here
Phil VK2MCB was 55 and gave me 57
Klaus HB9CQS was heard faintly
Miika OH2BAD was heard faintly
From Phil VK2MCB
07:41 PA3AHC USB 14.295.200 Malcolm Very weak reception on European stations.
Not enough to give a report except Klaus who was 41 to me.
07:40 F1CFA USB 14.295.200 Jean Pierre
07:37 EA7GSU USB 14.295.200 Pertii
07:36 HB9CQS USB 14.295.200 41 Klaus
From John G3OKT
Sorry, absent through family Easter holiday.
From Nick G4HCK
Band not good today – spoke to EA7GSU and OH2BAD then closed the station down. Let’s hope conditions are better next time.
From Jean Pierre F1CFA
My activity was strongly reduced since the band was dead for me...Sunday, contest running with very strong stations all around, even on the frequency we use, but I heard Bill, G3LUW, HB9CQS...
In my club we are on the starting blocks as we prepare the district conference / meeting with about 600 peoples in the congress hall of Mazamet. It will be great !
Hope we had no trouble, CU Later.
0900z -1000z UK 80-metre Net on 3,694
From Brian G3LUW
Below is a copy of an e-mail I received via VK4ZD in Australia. I have written to Debs expressing our condolences, and I am sure she would be glad of a message from any member who remembers Hugh. The e-mail address in Debs message was rejected, so I have sent one via which I hope will get there.
Hello all, Just to let you know my Dad Hugh passed away on 19/3. He had suffered terribly from vascular dementia for years and the past 12 months exceptionally difficult as he could not communicate. Please contact via me now for my mum on. Funeral details below. Kindest regards, Debs Morgan-Jones.
1200z – 1300z TransAtlantic Net on 14,287/8 or at 1500z on Sunday on 14287kHz or 14.3115MHz
1800z – 1830z RIBI evening 80-metre Net on 3,693
2000z - 2030z N.AM Transcontinental Net on 14,287/8 or 14.310
0700z – 0730z Tuesday 29 March 2016 NZ 80-m net on 3,693
0730z - 0800z Tuesday 29 March 2016 EUR net on 14,295.2 / 7,136 +/-
Propagation Forecast at 0610 utc today : SFI 88 A 10 K 3 sunspots 23
From Bill VK4ZD
Peter VK3KCD was 57 and gave me 59
Jean Pierre F1CFA was 55 and gave me 53
Phil VK2MCB was 59 and gave me 59+
Pertti EA7GSU was 56-7 and gave me 53 then 56-7
Brian G3LUW was initially 43 and then 56 peaking at 57-8. He gave me 44 at first ultimately building to 59
Malcolm PA3AHC was 56 and gave me 43
I went QRT at 0800z
From Phil VK2MCB
07:53 PA3AHC USB 14.295.200 32 32 Malcolm
07:31 G3LUW USB 14.295.200 53 45 Brian
07:29 EA7GSU USB 14.295.200 21 Pertti No copy on me
07:29 VK3KCD USB 14.295.200 53 53 Peter
07:28 VK4ZD USB 14.295.200 59+20 59 Bill
07:27 F1CFA USB 14.295.200 42 52 Jean-Pierre
From John G3OKT
Sorry missed today’s sked – still on family Easter holiday.
Back Sunday next (also note UK now on British Summer Time, but times shown still correct utc or gmt.)
From Jean Pierre F1CFA
On Tuesday morning, I exchanged 56/56 with Bill and 52/52 with VK3KCD and VK2MCB.
I heard Pertti 41, he heard me and I exchanged with Brian G3LUW 42/42.
Then I just come back in my corner... with very low signals.
This evening, I had contact with an Indian station VU2CPL from Bungalore. 56/56.
It was the first time and it was very silly...for my corner situation...But my green valley is so beautiful you know !!!!
That’s all for now,
73s from John G3OKT
31st March 2016
Weekly Report