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Provided by John Thompson G3OKT
(In memory of Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE .. SK)

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Roar Nets March 13th - March 15th 2016

ROAR Nets Report for 13th March and 15th March 2016
0700z - 0730z Anzo Net on 7,110
From Bill VK4ZD
Noel VK2IWT was 59+20 and gave me 59+25
Peter VK3KCD was 59+5 and gave me 59
Phil VK2MCB was 59+10 and gave me 59+
From Phil VK2MCB
06:57 VK2IWT LSB 7.110.000 58 58 Noel
06:57 VK3KCD LSB 7.110.000 57 54 Peter
06:57 VK4ZD LSB 7.110.000 59 59+10 Bill
0730z - 0830z Europe - Anzo Net on 14,295.2 Long Path
From Bill VK4ZD
Klaus HB9CQS was 59+5-10 and gave me 59
Coco YO9BC and I exchanged 59 reports
Brian G3LUW was 57-8 and gave me 57-8 also
Phil VK2MCB and I exchanged 55 reports
Peter VK3KCD was 58-9 and gave me 59
Noel VK2IWT was 33 and gave me 43
Pertti EA7GSU was 56-7 and gave me 57
Nick G4HCK was 57 and gave me 56-7
Malcolm PA3AHC was 57 and gave me 56
Alain F4GHB was 58-9 and gave me 59+
Len VK4BLZ was 44 here
John IK5YZZ (visitor) was 58 and gave me 59+5
IU5CJP (visitor) was 55-6 and gave me 58-9
Renzo IN3RTB (visitor) and I exchanged 59 reports
I went QRT at 0828z
From G3OKT
Sorry I couldn’t make the net this week.
From Phil VK2MCB
08:03 IU5CJP USB 14.295.200 53
08:01 IK5YZZ USB 14.295.200 57 John Pisa
07:58 VK4BLZ USB 14.295.200 21 Len
07:55 F4GHB USB 14.295.200 57 56 Alain
07:53 PA3AHC USB 14.295.200 53 32 Malcolm
07:48 VK2IWT USB 14.295.200 31 Noel
07:41 YO9BC USB 14.295.200 57 Coco
07:36 G4HCK USB 14.295.200 57 53 Nick has high QRN
07:34 EA7GSU USB 14.295.200 43 51 Pertii
07:33 HB9CQS USB 14.295.200 59 56 Klaus
07:32 G3LUW USB 14.295.200 59 58 Brian
07:32 VK4ZD USB 14.295.200 55 55 Bill
0900z -1000z UK 80-metre Net on 3,694
From Brian G3LUW who was net control.
John G3JJR was back on the net. He has rigged up some kind of vertical.
Bob G3SZF and I could read him, but Tommy G2FUU and Derek G0SQH had little copy.
John G3OKT will be net control next week.
1200z – 1300z TransAtlantic Net on 14,287/8 or at 1500z on Sunday on 14287kHz or 14.310MHz
From Bob G3SZF :
I listened on 14310 at 1500 and heard Pertti EA7GSU, very weak, presumably beaming Stateside, and Malcom PA3AHC, weaker still. However the station they were working , Ken W8SOO, was 5-7/8 which perhaps indicates that conditions are perking up.
From Pertti EA7GSU
I see, that Bob has been here already and given the report.
Anyhow, we were calling also W9HWO, Ken and I but heard no answer. Ken had problems in reading me, supposedly my antenna’s fault. We closed the net at 1522 utc and promised to be there next Sunday again.
And I was just about to pull the plug when Klaus, HB9CQS reported. The sked time is unfortunately at the same time as the siesta for matured gentlemen.
1800z – 1830z RIBI evening 80-metre Net on 3,693
2000z - 2030z N.AM Transcontinental Net on 14,287/8 or 14.310
From Phil N9HWO 2000z on 14.310 – Worked several stations but no Rotarians.
Didn’t work any other frequencies or times for ROAR purposes.
0700z – 0730z Tuesday 15 March 2016 NZ 80-m net on 3,693
0730z - 0800z Tuesday 15 March 2016 EUR net on 14,295.2 / 7,136 +/-
Propagation forecast at 0605utc was SFI 93 A 14 K 4 sunspots 57 (rising)
From Bill VK4ZD
Peter VK3KCD was 58 and gave me 59+
John G3OKT was 33
Brian G3LUW was 33
Klaus HB9CQS was 58 and gave me 57
Pertti EA7GSU was 44 and gave me 53 but at 0800z he was 56 and gave me 57-8
Malcolm PA3AHC was 33
Coco YO9BC called in at 0800z and was 57 and gave me 57-9
Although I went QRT at 0759z I continued to listen until 0803z
From Phil VK2MCB
Sorry I missed Tuesday’s net. I attended the RAAF Air Power Conference for two days. Excellent.
From Peter VK3KCD
Very strange condx yesterday like Bill I had an annoying noise level. You and Brian were to only DX signals I heard despite being heard in EU by others. Bill was 5&9.
From John G3OKT
The forecast (A=14) was not good and conditions were correspondingly poor; propagation seemed unstable. I heard woodpecker at S9+20dB on 14317 at 0728z.
G3LUW was heard here first but was never better than 2/3.1. I heard Brian say he had no copy of Bill, but gave VK3KCD 5.5 and got 4.3 from Peter.
VK4ZD was not hearing me at all according to Peter VK3KCD who was a surprising 5.1 here (on the low noise spider). Peter gave me a difficult 3.3, hard to copy. Bill was only 1.1 here, just recognizable. Peter also dropped to 2.1 later at 0756.
HB9CQS was fully copiable on the spider peaking 5.4. Klaus gave Bill 5.7 with QSB (“dipping out”); gave 5.7/8 for Pertti; and had no copy of Peter. At 0745, Klaus gave Brian 5.4, G3OKT 3.3, and heard from Pertti that he (Klaus) was “variable”.
EA7GSU gave VK4ZD 5.3; gave G3OKT 5.7 “up and down to 5.1”; gave G3LUW 5.9; gave VK3KCD 4.1; gave HB9CQS 5.9; Pertti was a solid 5.5 here most of the time, peaking 5.7; Pertti was 3.4 (?) with VK4ZD.
PA3AHC – I could only just tell Malcolm was there at 1.1?; Malcolm was 5.5/6 with Pertti; Malcolm gave Klaus 5.9
YO9BC got 5.8-9 from EA7GSU and gave Pertti 5.8/9+; Coco was 5.8/9 here and said G3OKT was very strong; Coco said he could hear VK4ZD at 5.7/9; Klaus gave Coco 5.7 (I think!)
Bill became unreadable here at 0802 but was still 5.7/8 with Pertti.
The net ended at 0806z.
That’s all for now,
73s from John G3OKT
17th March 2016
Weekly Report