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Provided by John Thompson G3OKT
(In memory of Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE .. SK)

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Roar Nets July 3rd - July 5th 2016

ROAR Nets Report for 3rd July and 5th July 2016
0500z - 0530z Anzo Net on 7,110
From Bill VK4ZD
Phil VK2MCB and I exchanged 59+5 reports
John ZL2JPM was 57-9 and gave me 57
QRM from EA8 was S7
0530z - 0630z Europe - Anzo Net on 14,295.2 Long Path
From Bill VK4ZD
Phil VK2MCB was 55 and gave me 55 also
John ZL2JPM was56 and gave me 53
Doug ZL1BFS was 59 and gave me 59+10
Jean-Pierre F1CFA was 11 here at best
Pertti EA7GSU was a disappointing 11-22 and gave me 31
A trial sched was arranged for 2100z between Europe, ZL and VK2MCB
I went QRT at 0558z
From John G3OKT
QSL figures at 0605z were SFI 71 A 9 K 2 & sunspots were still 0 for the 6th day running!
I called CQ from 0530 until 0550 when G4HCK returned at 1.1 but then Nick disappeared.
HB9CQS came back at 5.9 b/w at 0600z; Nick was copied by Klaus, later fluttered up to 5.6 here, before disappearing again.
G4HCK gave Klaus 5.5 in exchange for 5.4 at peak
HB9CQS went down to 5.6 here at 0612z before returning to 5.9 at 0635z.
EA7GSU was 5.7 here at 0612z. Pertti had heard VK4ZD and ZL1BFS an hour earlier and still heard VK2MCB faintly. Nothing was heard here of VK or ZL.
Klaus was 5.7/8 with Pertti and gave him 5.7
G4HCK came up to 5.1 with Pertti
F1CFA and G3OKT exchanged 5.5 b/w at 0628; Jean Pierre was 5.7 with Pertti at one point but then was lost again.
PA3AHC Malcolm was heard very weak by EA7GSU. G3OKT was then 5.8 b/w with Pertti
The net ended at 0636z
From Doug ZL1BFS
During the ROAR net tonight, I noticed there was a peak in MUF to 19MHz at 2100 to 2200z. There is a slight peak at 0500, which we have just been on, but it is clearly not good enough. A change in time might work - I’ll give it a go and see.
On the other hand, I notice that there have been absolutely zero sunspots for the last 6 days. In previous sunspot lows, there have been odd days when there were zero sunspots, but not a week continuously. So it will be really interesting to see if we can work Europe despite zero sunspots.
From Klaus HB9CQS
Douglas, you are right. There are openings even without sunspots. Friday 06:15z I worked my friend Leif, VK3EIB, around 54 b/w for abt. 15 minutes. Leif now lives in a residential area where towers and a beam antennas are out. He uses a vertical but I expect more than 400 watts. The pattern at the moment seen from this end: No VK4s but frequently VK3. I have worked Peter, VK3KCD, recently when all I heard of Bill was just a small change in the background noise. The further south you get in Europe the better your chances of working VK. So Pertti is in the right position at the moment.
As agreed with Pertti, I will try my luck short path tonight at 21:00z. It is uphill so I am not too optimistic.
From Doug ZL1BFS
Thanks Klaus. I went on the 40m VK net last night. Bill VK4ZD was 59 most of the time, but there was very fast QSB. Phil VK2MCB was 45. He was only just audible above ambient noise level, and the very rapid QSB made him inaudible some of the time. I couldn’t hear John ZL2JPM at all - he is 400km away, so this shows the funny skip conditions even on 40m.
Much the same on 20m. Bill VK4ZD was 59+10, Phil VK2MCB was 55 - just audible above the noise level, but without the rapid QSB. Sort of the reverse of what you experienced?
There was a little bit of hope - I think I faintly heard a voice when Pertti was taking an over. It is clear that I am never going to get into Europe in your morning slot. That's when I noticed the peak between 2100 and 2200.
So, let’s hope something happens at 2100.
From Phil VK2MCB
Conditions were relatively poor today with decent contact only with VK and ZL. Bill VK4ZD and I exchanged 55 reports and Doug ZL1BFS was also 55 but John ZL2JPM was a weak 41. Pertti EA7GSU was the best European, initially 41 rising to 57 by 0540z. Unfortunately, no contact with G land or with Jean-Pierre.
0800z - 0900z UK 80-metre Net on 3,693
From John G7OAI/P net controller
I opened the 80m net at 0800Z, and Tommy, G2FUU responded immediately, closely followed by John, G3OKT. Bob, G3SZF was next on parade. We exchanged several interesting overs before being joined by Bill, G4LXD. I had hoped that G3JJR might have been on too, with his new radio, but it was not to be.
Tommy had some interesting tales to tell, and we mused about how to keep going with poor and unlikely-to-change conditions, especially on 20m. (Am I wasting my time completing my cobweb antenna??)
Signal reports:-
G2FUU - 5x7, but deep QSB later on, not even moving the S meter, but still Q5.
G3OKT - 5x9+40.
G3SZF - 5x7.
G4LXD - 4x3, with strange rapid QSB fluctuations.
Net closed at 0855z.
From John G3OKT
Signals better here this week but still 10dB down on “normal” and signals sometimes QSB’d right out.
Apologies already received from Brian G3LUW
G7OAI/P 5.9+10dB here, G2FUU and G3SZF both 5.9 to 5.7 QSB, G4LXD 5.7 to 1.1 in deep QSB. Bill heard me at 5.9+20dB but said other signals suffered deep QSB.
G7OAI will miss the next 2 weeks, G4LXD will miss just next week. G3OKT will be Net Control next week.
1200z – 1300z TransAtlantic Net on 14,287/8 or at 1500z on Sunday on 14287kHz or 14.310MHz
1700z – 1730z RIBI evening 80-metre Net on 3,693
2000z - 2030z N.AM Transcontinental Net on 14,287/8 or 14.310
From Noel WD8QHD/VE3, VK2IWT/VE3
As I promised Pertti I was listening on 14.287 @ 1955 Z but all I could hear was a net in the US midwest coming in 5/9 on 14.285. I QSY'd to 14.310 but another net was on 14.3125 not as strong but enough to know that I would not be able to copy EA7GSU. After 20 minutes I went QRT and on to another Rotary project.
Will keep trying next Sunday.
John G3OKT
EA7GSU was calling WS8QHD on sched. on 14.2875 at 2000z when I called Pertti and we exchanged 5.8 b/w. Pertti had previously given N1DBL 4.2, but Doug ZL1BFS was not heard here.
At 2100z on 14.2952 I heard Pertti calling CQ VK/ZL on the short path. He was 5.7 here.
HB9CQS Klaus and I exchanged 5.6/7.
At 2109z, Doug ZL1BFS was acknowledged on CW at 4.1.9 by Pertti; Klaus heard Doug at 3.1 or 2.1, but Doug was not heard here. We closed at 2117z.
From Doug ZL1BFS
Well, that was a bit of an experiment, after 2105 my 20m noise level was right down to S1, so that wasn’t going to drown anyone out!
At 2055, I called, and Phil VK2MCB came back with a very good 5.5/6 signal. We both called Europe, but heard nothing.
By 2102, Phil had faded down to 4.1 - then a few minutes later he disappeared altogether.
I could just hear some ROAR members (in Europe?) talking, During the odd word, I recognized the very distinctive intonation of Klaus’ voice, S1 but no words were distinguishable. I continued to be aware of voices for about 15 minutes. I did revert to CW at one stage, and did hear a few peeps, but still not readable. In the middle of me calling QRZ a ZL1VN responded - he is 200km away, and was very weak, but we had a brief QSO.
My overall conclusion? Until propagation predictions improve, I think ZL to Europe is unlikely to produce anything. Maybe we need more than zero sunspots! I’ll listen each week, but not bother to come on unless I hear more than just VK4ZD
0700z – 0730z Tuesday 5th July 2016 NZ 80-m net on 3,693

0530z - 0600z Tuesday 5th July 2016 EUR net on 14,295.2 / 7,136 +/-
From Bill VK4ZD
Phil VK2MCB was 33-55 and gave me 55
Pertti EA7GSU built from 54 to 55 and ultimately 56 (beaming to NA) and gave me 55 building to 57-8
Jean-Pierre F1CFA was 44 here and gave me 51
John G3OKT was 33-44 and gave me 42
Klaus HB9CQS was 55-6 and gave me 54 with QSB
John ZL2JPM was 57 from a new quieter QTH half-way up the north island and gave me 59+10
I went QRT at 0602z
From John G3OKT
The QSL figures at 0735z were SFI 74 A 7 K 2 and sunspots zero still.
VK4ZD was heard at 4.2 QSB at 0538z. Bill heard me at 3.3 to 4.4.
VK2MCB was just heard in the noise but there was no copy of Phil here.
EA7GSU was heard to say VK4ZD was 5.2 up and down, and VK2MCB was 5.3 up and down; Pertti was 5.3 here and got 5.4 from Bill.
F1CFA got 4.4 from VK4ZD but Jean Pierre was never heard here.
HB9CQS was recognizable by voice but no copy here. VK4ZD gave Klaus 5.5 to 5.6 and got 5.4.
ZL2JPM was not heard here or by Pertti. John was 5.7 with Bill
VK4ZD was under the noise at 0550z but came up again at 0553z to 5.6 b/w with Pertti.
VK2MCB was 5.6/7 with Pertti at 5.53z.
All signals disappeared here at 0555z, but Bill fluttered up again for a few seconds and was gone by 0600z.
EA7GSU came up to 5.8 when beaming in this direction and gave me 5.9 (otherwise 4.1 when beaming away), and gave Bill 5.7 to 5.8 at 0600z
The net closed at 0605.
Great to hear VK again in spite of zero sunspots!! Sorry no ZL.
From Phil VK2MCB
Better conditions on Tuesday with Klaus a 57, Jean-Pierre 41, Pertti at 57 and a weak but readable signal from John G3OKT at 31 but could not make contact.
Bill VK4ZD was 53 and he gave me 52 and John ZL2JPM was 55 and gave me the same.
From Jean Pierre F1CFA
I was on the air at 5h30 UTC and I heard, very strong VK4ZD Bill (about 55 ), also VK2MCB ( 54 ) and also ZL2JPM ( but only 51 ).
And, incredibly, very fast, the signals were dropping down. So, 10 min later I heard VK2MCB 51, VK4ZD 31, and ZL2JPM had disappeared.
For European stations, a disaster : EA7GSU was suspected, as you John, and of course HB9CQS was 2.2 as usual, but I could hear what he was saying, as he speaks slowly....
Conclusion : The Europeans have to be ready at 4h30 UTC to have benefit of a good propagation...
But my wife says NO, NO, NO let me sleep !!! That is finally the question....
It was a wonderful day !

That’s all for now,
73s from John G3OKT
7th July 2016
Weekly Report