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Provided by John Thompson G3OKT
(In memory of Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE .. SK)

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Roar Nets December 25th - December 27th 2016

ROAR Nets Report for 25th and 27th December 2016

0700z - 0730z Anzo Net on 7,110
0730z - 0830z Europe - Anzo Net on 14,295.2 Long Path
From Klaus HB9CQS
Woke by myself this Sunday morning and took the opportunity to listen and also call on 14’295.2. Started 07:30z and gave up 07:36z.
No activity on the frequency. Looking forward to the ANZO net on Tuesday.
Enjoy your Christmas Day.
From Nick G4HCK
Happy Christmas – I did monitor the frequency today and spoke to Vernon although the path was not that good. Then at around 0810 an Italian station parked himself very close to our normal frequency and really that was the end.
I hope father Christmas visited you and the festivities are progressing well.
73’s and season’s greetings
0900z - 1000z UK 80-metre Net on 3,695
1200z – 1300z TransAtlantic Net on 14,287/8 or at 1500z on Sunday on 14287kHz or 14.310MHz
From Phil N9HWO
1200z Transatlantic Net
This net, if and when active, is now on the dark side of the grey line (6 AM local time) and I am not participating in it.
1700z – 1730z RIBI evening 80-metre Net on 3,693 MHz
2000z - 2030z N.AM Transcontinental Net on 14,287/8 or 14.310
0700z – 0730z Tuesday 27th December 2016 NZ 80-m net on 3,693
0730z - 0800z Tuesday 27th December 2016 EUR net on 14,295.2 / 7,136 +/-
From Bill VK4ZD
In spite of the OHR this extended net turned out to be a fun occasion.
Peter VK3KCD was 55 and gave me 57
Doug ZL1BFS was 57 and gave me 56
Klaus HB9CQS was 55 and gave me 42
Miika OH2BAD initial 55 and built to 56-7 then 58 over time and by the
time we signed Miika gave me 59
Malcolm PA3AHC was just detected as 11
Henk VK2GWK was 58-9 and gave me 59
Vernon G0EGW started off at 53-4 and built to 57. He gave me 55-6 and finally 59.
Clive ZL/GM4FZH/qrp (visitor) with 5 watts called in and made it all the way to OH and G land. He was 55 to me and gave me 58
Diane VK4DI also called in at 0907z to wish everyone a Happy New Year.
The band did not want to die and so we hung in there until we went QRT at 0908z
Happy New Year.
From John G3OKT
Sorry I missed this net. Still performing grandfatherly duties to the assembled family!
QSL figures at 0605z were SFI 74 A 22 (red) K 3 sunspots 13 (after 3 days at 0)
From Klaus HB9CQS
Our last ANZO net in 2016 ought to have been a fine, memorable net. And what did we get? Exceptionally poor propagation conditions and a persistent woodpecker. The reports logged are with the woodpecker momentarily silent.
07:37z – Miika, OH2BAD, initially his/mine 58/59, then variable, but always fully readable here.
07:38z – Doug, ZL1BFS, 55/57 for a start, decreasing during the net to 43/54
07:40z – Bill, VK4ZD, 31 at first contact, improving slowly but rarely Q5. Lost Bill’s report to me.
07:57z – Henk, VK2GWK, 53 here. Got Q4-5, weak. Never heard Henk so weak before.
08:15z – Vernon, GØEGW, 53 QSB/57.
08:31z – Net closed
Peter, VK3KCD, and Malcolm, PA3AHC, were present also, but no copy here.
That’s all for now,
Happy New Year to All!
73s from John G3OKT
30th December 2016

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