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Provided by John Thompson G3OKT
(In memory of Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE .. SK)

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Roar Nets July 12th - July 14th 2015

ROAR Nets Report for 12th July and 14th July 2015
0530z-0600z ANZO Net on 7110
From Bill VK4ZD
I was unable to be present on this net because I was active in the IARU Contest.
From Phil VK2MCB
The 40m net at 0530z on 7110 was cancelled due to participation by members on the IARU Contest and others overseas.
0600z - 0700z Europe - Anzo Net on 14,295.2 Long Path
From Bill VK4ZD
I was unable to be present on this net because I was active in the IARU Contest
(Apologies also from John G3OKT)
From Phil VK2MCB
The net was relocated to 14,293 due to QRM on the normal frequency associated with the IARU contest.  Never the less, conditions from VK to Europe were good. Unfortunately, ZL-Europe conditions are poor and no ZLs were heard. VK2MCB assumed net control duties in the absence of VK4ZD who was participating in the IARU contest.
Jean Pierre F1CFA was 58 and gave me 57
Klaus HB9CQS was 59 and gave me 59
Nick G4HCK was 55 and gave me 54. Nick was also copying Klaus 51-2 but could not copy the other European stations well.
Brian G3LUW was 55 and gave me 55
Coco YO9BC was 59 and gave me 58. Coco advised that he copied F1CFA, G3LUW and HB9CQS 57 to 58.
Malcolm PA3AHC became readable later in the net initially 32 rising to 42 at 0645,  Malcolm gave me 32.
In summary, not an easy net due to IARU contest associated QRM, but successful none the less.
0800z - 0900z UK 80-metre Net on 3,694
From John G7OAI
As net controller today, I opened the net at 0759 when G3LUW returned my initial call. Soon joined by G3JJR and, briefly, by PA3AHC. Next was G2FUU and finally G0PCF.
G3JJR explained that he had been (unsuccessfully) house hunting last weekend, which explained his absence. G2FUU announced the arrival of yet another great grandchild, a second Great Grandson, weighing at over 9lbs...
PA3AHC had a couple of overs with me, G7OAI/P, but no one else could hear him, so he signed out about 0815.
G0PCF monitored via Hack Green, which, he said, had no QSB. The rest of us did after about 0820, some quite badly. (I was OK with hardly any noise up in the hills...) Signal reports from my end:-
G3LUW - 5x9
G3JJR - 5x9
PA3AHC - 4x3
G2FUU - 5x9
G0PCF - 5x6
All had QSB later on, several commenting that I had vanished completely, thankfully only briefly.
I closed the net at 0840.
Apologies from John G3OKT who was away from home for the weekend.
1800z – 1830z  RIBI evening 80-metre Net on 3,693
2000z - 2030z  N.AM Transcontinental Net on 14,287
0700z – 0730z Tuesday 14th July 2015  NZ  80-m net on 3,693
0600z – 0630z Tuesday 14th July 2015  EUR net on 14,295.2
From Bill VK4ZD
Conditions were very low between VK4 and Europe
Klaus HB9CQS was 56-7 and gave me 55
Brian G3LUW was 54 and gave me 44
John G3OKT was 22
Malcolm PA3AHC was not audible
From John G3OKT
From QRZ,   SFI  110   A  32 (down from 39  9hrs ago, corresponding to a UK aurora alert at 1929z yesterday)   K  3    sunspots 44 (low and falling).
Interestingly, the “woodpecker” around 14.287 was S9+25dB at 0632!
HB9CQS and G3OKT exchanged 5.9 b/w at 0600. (using the 80m doublet - Klaus had no copy of me on the spider quad.)  Klaus received G3LUW at 5.9+15dB.
G3LUW was only 2.1 here on doublet antenna but a surprising 5.8 on spider quad.
VK4ZD was not touching the S-meter and I only caught a few words. Bill gave Brian 5.4 and got 5.5 but only about 50% of the time.   Klaus only heard some of Bill’s transmissions.
PA3AHC was 5.5-8 with Klaus, but no copy here. Malcolm had no copy of Bill either, but was 4.4 with Brian.
VK3KCD and G3JJR were in the shack of G3OKT. A successful sked was arranged and held later with G3LUW for 1100z on 3694. Brian had the very sad news that Elizabeth, widow of G4FTA, had passed away.
From Malcom PA3AHC
Klaus and I again had an excellent short skip on Tuesday with mutual 5/7 +, but which has now come to mean that virtually no one else becomes readable !
Re discussion on finding Pertti, I checked my mobile but no joy there , so emailed him without result to date..
Sorry I missed the QSO with G3OKT/ G/VK3KCD but thought it was on 20m.
That’s all for now,
73s from John G3OKT
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