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Provided by John Thompson G3OKT
(In memory of Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE .. SK)

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Roar Nets December 13th - December 15th 2015

ROAR Nets Report for 13th and 15th Dec 2015
0700z-0730z ANZO Net on 7110
From Bill VK4ZD
I started listening at about 0645z and found others already chatting :)
Rob ZL1RD was 57
Peter VK3KCD was 58 and gave me 59
Phil VK2MCB was 57-8 and gave me 59
Noel VK2IWT was 59+15-20 and gave me 59+
From Phil VK2MCB
I heard Peter VK3KCD put out a call at 0645z so responded, thus starting the net 15 mins early. Peter was 59 and gave me 59
Soon after Rob ZL1RD called with about a 4/3 signal with me but he closed soon thereafter due weak contact with VK
Bill VK4ZD was 5/9 on joining and gave me 5/8 and Noel VK2IWT was 5/8 and gave me 5/9
All in all, good 40m conditions
0730z - 0830z Europe - Anzo Net on 14,295.2 Long Path
From Bill VK4ZD
As Diane VK4DI was using our quad in the 10m contest, Phil VK2MCB took on the job of net controller. Many thanks Phil.
SRI 117 A 12 K 2 sunspots 89
From John G3OKT
Main antenna still on the ground awaiting repair. Called CQ on the spider quad at 0800z but received no response. Then heard :
OH2BAD at 0805. Miika was solid 5.9 here.
F1CFA just readable at 4.2/3 (later dropping to 2.1), gave PA3AHC 4.1, G4HCK 3.1 (Nick not heard here but was “hard to copy” with VK2MCB) and gave F4GHB 5.2, none of whom were copied here. Jean Pierre was 5.9+10dB with EA7GSU!
ZL1BFS was just copied here at 5.1. Came up to 3.3 at 0812; Doug said he could hardly hear anyone.
VK2MCB (controlling the net in VK4ZD’s absence) was just readable at 3.1 here and gave me 4.1. Phil got 5.6/7 from Pertti and 5.5/6 from HB9CQS;
Pertti was 5.7 here and 5.9+20dB with Miika.
OH2BAD also heard Malcolm PA3AHC at 5.8 and VK2MCB at 5.3.
G4HCK was very faint with Pertti.
PA3AHC was 2.1 with QSB here.
VK3KCD Peter was just heard here (I think)
HB9CQS was 5.3 here; Klaus said I was not strong but Q5.
F4GHB Alain was 4.1 here and gave 5.2/6 for Phil, gave 5.5 for Jean Pierre and was 5.5 with VK2MCB
PA3AHC Malcolm faded in and out and was 1.1 at best.
VK2MCB and I were in contact as we faded out with the net at 0830.
Pertti said on Tuesday that his computers had failed on Sunday so he had no record of contacts.
From Phil VK2MCB
Doug ZL1BFS was first to check in with a 5/9 signal and gave me 5/5
Noel VK2IWT was 5/7 and gave me 5/7
Peter VK3KCD was 5/6 and gave 5/6. Peter also gave Doug ZL1BFS 4/3. This was very unusual to have such good contact with Peter.
Klaus HB9CQS was the first European station to call in with a 5/9 signal and gave me 5/8
Miika OH2BAD was next with a 5/9 signal also and gave me 5/7
Alain F4GHB called in with a 5/5 and gave me 5/4. Alain steadily grew to a 5/9 signal by about 0800z
Pettii EA7GSU began with a 5/5 growing to 5/7 and gave me 5/6-7
Jean Pierre F1CFA was 5/3 and gave me 4/2
Nick G4HCK was weak initially with 4/3 growing to 5/3 and gave me the same
Malcolm PA3AHC was 4/3 and gave 4/3 but was readable throughout
John G3OKT was very weak at 4/1 but grew to 5/1 just before the net closed at 0830.
In summary, conditions are still elusive with the UK from VK land, but good from France/Spain/ Finland and Switzerland.
Doug had reasonable contact with Europe early in the net but the Grey Line hits ZL first .
0900z -1000z UK 80-metre Net on 3,694
From John G7OAI
Tommy G2FUU was in charge. Not many on, and closed about 0930.
Conditions only fair, with some difficulties, but managed (for me) with help from Hack Green SDR. Brian was away, but expected back for next week.
1800z – 1830z RIBI evening 80-metre Net on 3,693
2000z - 2030z N.AM Transcontinental Net on 14,287/8
From Bill VK4ZD
I heard faint signals only on 14.287.
The regular sched on 14.290 interfered with reception on 14.288.
From Pertti on 15th Dec, “I was scanning 14.288 from 1200 until 1400z and the band was reasonably open”. Pertti will call at 1200z on 14.288 next Sunday.
From Phil N9HWO I was on 14.287 on Sunday at 2000 with N9GA. Conditions were not good. Both of us called CQ Rotary and I specifically called AF1E and W8SOO and got no answers, so we had a local chat until 2026 when we were joined by WE9D, Ed, a non-Rotarian in Florida, and we had a nice 3-way chat until 2048, when the band faded out. No one else joined us. Will try again next Sunday at 2000z.
From Malcolm PA3AHC
I’ll be joining Pertti on Sunday(s) at 1200z on good old 14.288 to see if we can resuscitate that Trans – Atlantic net w/o our two great former anchors.
0700z – 0730z Tuesday 15th December 2015 NZ 80-m net on 3,693
0730z – 0800z Tuesday 15th December 2015 EUR net on 14,295.2 / 7.136+/-
From Bill VK4ZD
Pertti EA7GSU was not fully audible until about 0740z and built up to 57-8. He gave me 59
Malcolm PA3AHC was 22 here
John G3OKT called in to Pertti but was not readable here
The Europeans moved to 40m at 0754z but my storm noise was too high here.
From John G3OKT
With predictions SFI 124 A 22 (red) K 4 and sunspots 81, I was not surprised to find the band in poor shape at 0730z. I called CQ and heard just noise, then the faintest suggestion of voices at 0740, soon to be recognized as Pertti, EA7GSU.
Suddenly, at 0750, Pertti came up to 5.7 and then we exchanged 5.8 b/w.
VK4ZD was 5.9 with Pertti, but there was no trace of Bill here at all.
PA3AHC was just detectable when at 0753, Malcolm, Bill and Pertti QSY’d to 7127 kHz.
From Klaus HB9CQS
Sad to admit it but I was under the impression that we had agreed to commence at 08:00z. I worked Pertti on 14295.2 with 59 bw. We did not QSY to 40M. Bill had gone QRT already. I heard Malcolm but was unable to read him.

73s to all
John G3OKT
17th Dec 2015
Weekly Report