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Provided by John Thompson G3OKT
(In memory of Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE .. SK)

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Roar Nets August 9th - August 11th 2015

ROAR Nets Report for 9th August and 11th August 2015
0530z-0600z ANZO Net on 7110
From Bill VK4ZD
Peter VK3KCD was 57-8 peaking at 59 and gave me 57-9
Phil VK2MCB and I exchanged 59+10 reports
Dave VK3DRM (visitor) called in for a radio check and was 59 here
From Phil VK2MCB
Three ROAR members on frequency today. Conditions good.
VK3KCD was 59 and gave 59
VK4ZD was 59+10 and gave 59+10
Visitor Dave VK2DRM was 59+ and gave 59+
0600z - 0700z Europe - Anzo Net on 14,295.2 Long Path
From Bill VK4ZD
Phil VK2MCB was 57 and gave me 57-9
John G3OKT was 56 and gave me 56-7
Miika OH2BAD and I exchanged 58 reports
Peter VK3KCD was 59+5 - went QRT at 0635z
Brian G3LUW was 57 and gave me 58 - congratulations on working ZL2IFB on CW on 80m
Klaus HB9CQS was 59+5 and gave me 59
Renzo IN3RTB (visitor) was 56-7 and gave me 58-9
Malcolm PA3AHC was 44-55 and gave me 56 - advised that he will coming down under in Oct - Nov.
Nick G4HCK was 56-7 and gave me 58
Alain F4GHB was 56-7 and gave me 58
IM0/I0PNM Max (visitor) on St Peter Island (EU-165) was 59 and gave me 59+
Much better conditions for me this Sunday
The net was closed at 0658z
From Phil VK2MCB
Conditions good with some QSB but still good contact with Europe and New Zealand
VK4ZD was 59 and gave 57
G3OKT John was 53 and gave 54
OH2BAD Miika was 57 and gave 57
G3LUW Brian was 57
HB9CQS Klaus was 59 and gave 57
ZL2JPM John was 57 and gave 57
PA3AHC Malcolm was 43 and gave similar but I believe gave intermittent 54 on me
F1CFA Jean Pierre was 58 and gave 58
G4HCK Nick was 56 and gave 56
VK3KCD Peter was 43 and gave 43
F4GHB Alain was 56 and gave 57
IMO/I0PNM Max on St Peter’s Island was 59 and gave 57
From John G3OKT
From QRZ : SFI 121 A 12 (down from 20/red last night) K 2 sunspots 92 (steady)
An excellent net - signals better than recently. Conditions suddenly deteriorated at 0630z, though some Eu stations came up!
VK4ZD was 5.6/7 here – Bill gave me 5.6.
VK3KCD was peaking 5.4 here in QSB, but was 5.8 with F1CFA; Peter gave ZL2JPM 5.7, HB9CQS 5.9, G3LUW 5.7, OH2BAD 5.7, G3OKT 5.3, and exchanged 5.7 b/w with VK4ZD
OH2BAD was 5.9 here and 5.9+20dB by 0622! Miika exchanged 5.8 b/w with VK4ZD.
G3LUW gave Miika 5.9+ and G3OKT 5.8, though he was only 5.3 here; Brian gave VK4ZD 5.8 and got 5.7; gave F4GHB 5.6.
HB9CQS was 5.9 here; gave VK4ZD 5.9 and got 5.9+5dB with QSB down to 5.7; gave ZL2JPM 5.4
IN5NTB, a visitor in Torrento, gave Bill 5.9 and got 5.6/7. Renzo was 5.7 here.
ZL2JPM was 5.9 with VK4ZD and gave Bill 5.5. No sign of John here.
PA3AHC was a clear 5.7 here, best copy for some time! Malcolm gave VK4ZD 5.4 and G3LUW 5.6; Malcolm was 4.4 – 5.5 with Bill and 5.5 with F1CFA.
F1CFA gave VK4ZD 5.9 and got 5.8/9; gave VK2MCB 5.8 and VK3KCD 5.2. Jean Pierre was 5.2 here.
G4HCK was 3.1 here. Nick exchanged 5.5 b/w with VK3KCD; gave VK4ZD 5.8 and got 5.6.
VK3KCD was 5.3 here and gave me 4.2. Peter gave G3LUW 5.4, OH2BAD 5.5, HB9CQS 5.9, ZL2JPM 4.3, F1CFA 5.5, VK2MCB 3.3, PA3AHC 2.2 and G4HCK 5.5 .
F4GHB was 5.7 here with QSB down, but by 0650 Alain was up to 5.9! Alain gave VK4ZD 5.8/9 and got 5.8, gave OH2BAD 5.9 and HB9CQS 5.4, gave VK2MCB 5.7, G3LUW 5.6 and G4HCK 5.4 and got 5.3 from F1CFA.
IM0/I0PNB, Max, on St Peter’s Island, Sardinia – a visitor - was 5.8 here and gave VK4ZD 5.9++ and got 5.9; got 5.9 from OH2BAD and gave F4GHB 5.3.
At 0630, all signals dropped – PA3AHC was now hardly copiable at 2.1 and VK4ZD was 3.2.
Some signals came up however – G4HCK also said VK4ZD had gone down but Nick was 5.2 and gave G3OKT 5.3 at 0642, gave Klaus 5.9 and Brian 2.2.
HB9CQS gave VK4ZD 5.9, VK2MCB 5.7, F1CFA 5.7/8 down to 5.5 in QSB, G4HCK 5.6/7, VK3KCD 5.6, G3OKT 5.9+10dB, PA3AHC no copy, OH2BAD 5.9.
At 0643, both VK4ZD and VK2MCB were 4.1 here. Phil gave Alain 5.6, PA3AHC 5.3, ZL2JPM 5.7, OH2BAD 5.7, G3OKT 5.3 and F1CFA 5.8 b/w.
OH2BAD could barely hear ZL2JPM but exchanged 5.7 b/w with VK2MCB; Miika gave VK3KCD 5.4 and got 5.5; gave Klaus 5.7; gave G3OKT, G3LUW, G4HCK, F1CFA and PA3AHC all 5.9; Miika was 5.9+20 dB here by now!
VK4ZD Bill said he will be in W Australia w/e after next and will not be on net. Klaus also said he will be in Copenhagen next w/e, though should be on the next Tuesday net.
0800z - 0900z UK 80-metre Net on 3,694
From John G3OKT, who was net control.
G3LUW was 5.9+10dB here but unreadable at times with G2FUU.
G3JJR was 5.9 +10 here but also had QSB downwards from 5.9 with G2FUU.
G3SZF, Bob was 5.9 here, but 5.6 with G3LUW
G2FUU Tommy was 5.9 to 5.7 here in deep QSB
We listened for Malcolm PA3AHC, but no copy.
G0PCF Bruce was 5.9+20dB with Tommy but hardly copied in the noise here.
Bruce was a very good signal with G3SZF but went down later.
The net closed at 0840z.
From Malcolm PA3AHC
I was there on 80m but so were the Dutch on .692 and all at 9+ , making things impossible . But for the record , I consistently read Tommy G2FUU the best here despite the QRM/QRN etc, which does however seem to be a one-way street !

1800z – 1830z RIBI evening 80-metre Net on 3,693

2000z - 2030z N.AM Transcontinental Net on 14,287

0700z – 0730z Tuesday 11th August 2015 NZ 80-m net on 3,693

0600z – 0630z Tuesday 11th August 2015 EUR net on 14,295.2
From Bill VK4ZD
I was delayed getting to this net until after 0615z
Phil VK2MCB and I exchanged 55 reports
Klaus HB9CQS was 58 and gave me 57
Brian G3LUW was 44 and gave me 55
Jean-Pierre F1CFA was 56 and gave me 55
Malcolm PA3AHC was 22 here and Phil advised me that Malcolm was hearing me 32
From Phil VK2MCB
Conditions similar to 9 August with continuing QSB and static crashes in VK
Heard PA3AHC Malcolm calling weakly at 0557z
Called PA3AHC and he replied 42 giving me 33
G3LUW Brian called at 0600z and was 57 and gave 57; Brian had Klaus 55 but nothing on Malcolm
F1CFA Jean Pierre was 57 and gave 55, Jean Pierre gave Klaus 51 and Malcolm 31. Jean Pierre was delighted to copy Brian 59 I believe.
HB9CQS Klaus was 57 and gave 57,
VK4ZD Bill joined the net at 0619z with 55 giving me 55
From Brian G3LUW
Only six on the net this morning. Phil VK2MCB answered my CQ call on the hour at 5&7 both ways. Jean-Pierre F1CFA and I exchanged 5&9+ (the strongest I have ever heard him).
Klaus HB9CQS was quite weak and Malcolm PA3AHC was inaudible.
We decided to close the net at 0620 as Bill VK4ZD called. Bill gave me 4&4 and he was 5&5 here.
From John G3OKT
SFI 106 A 9 K 2 sunspots 67
Severe QRN on Welsh Borders (S8 and frequent crashes)
Late arriving on sked today; came to wish EA7GSU Happy Birthday, but Pertti is in Finland.
Heard F1CFA at 5.5; Jean Pierre gave me 5.3/4.
G3LUW had poor copy of me but he was 4.2 here. Went QRT at 0638.
That’s all for now,
73s from John G3OKT
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