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Provided by John Thompson G3OKT
(In memory of Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE .. SK)

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Roar Nets November 9th - November 11th 2014

ROAR Nets Report for 9th November and 11th November 2014
0545z-0630z ANZO Net on 7118
From Bill VK4ZD
This net retimed to 0615z - 0700z from next week
Peter VK3KCD 53 reaching 55 by the end of the net and I got 52-9 from Peter
Phil VK2MCB was initially 55 building to 59 and he gave me 58
Noel VK2IWT was 59+20 and gave me 59+40
Nils VK2FLYS/qrp was 21 to me

0630z - 0730z Europe - Anzo Net on 14,295.2 Long Path
From QRZ  :  SFI 146  A 12  K 2  sunspots 92

From Bill VK4ZD
This net retimed to 0700z - 0800z from next week
Peter VK3KCD was 57 and gave me 59
Doug ZL1BFS was 59 and gave me 59+10
Klaus HB9CQS was initially 55-6 peaking to 59+15 and he gave me 56 peaking to 59+
Noel VK2IWT was 53 to me and gave me 55
Phil VK2MCB was only 31 but climbed briefly to 57. He gave me 52-3
Coco YO9BC and I exchanged 59 reports
John ZL2JPM operating remote from VK5 was 59 and he gave me 58-9
Malcolm PA3AHC was an excellent 55-6 and gave me 54
Pertti EA7GSU was 31 building eventually to 56 and gave me 57-8
George YO9BGR was 54 and gave me 58-9
John G3OKT was initially 31 and climbed to 57-9 and gave me 59+15
Rob ZL1RD called in with his antennas newly re-erected and was 59+10-20 (gave me 59+25-30)
Rob M6KVT/m (visitor) was 53 and gave me 57 at 0739z
Alain F4GHB called in at the end and was 59 and gave me 59+10
I went QRT at 0742z
From Phil VK2MCB
The net consisted of myself - Phil VK2MCB, Bill VK4ZD, Peter VK3KCD, Noel VK2IWT and we were joined by a visitor Nils VK3FLYS.
VK4ZD was 5/8 initially building to 5/9 and gave me 5/9 towards the end of the net.
VK3KCD was 5/7 and gave me 5/7
VK2IWT was 5/7 and gave me 5/9
VK3FLYS was operating QRP and was  4/1.  QSB rendered him unreadable in a short time.
On 11 November I got my Cubical Quad operational so hope for better 20 metre contacts with Europe in the future.
73’s and very best wishes for Remembrance Day.
From John G3OKT
At 0630z, the band was completely dead, quiet voices only; nothing touching S meter except HB9CQS briefly came up to S3 and PA3AHC QSB’d from 2.1 to 4.6; at 0701 noise and QRM suddenly up to S6.
At 0705 I heard EA7GSU suggesting that this net be retimed from next week.
At 0706 EA7GSU was 5.9+10dB and reported ZL1BFS 5.5, HB9CQS 5.9+10dB, VK3KCD 1.1, YO9BC 5.9, VK2IWT 1.1, PA3AHC 5.7/8, YO9BGR 5.2, ZL2JPM 1.1, VK4ZD 5.7/8 and G3OKT 5.9.
At 0710 VK4ZD was 5.6 with Klaus, 5.8/9 with YO9BC but not heard here
At 0713 VK4ZD appeared here at S5, was 5.7/9 at 0720, and was 5.9+10dB by 0724.
YO9BC Coco was 5.9+10dB here at 0638
YO9BGR George was 5.7 here and gave Bill 5.8 and ZL1BFS 5.5
Doug ZL1BFS was 4.5 here and gave me4.5
EA7GSU Pertti gave VK2IWT 4.4 but Noel was not heard here at 0715
Phil VK2MCB was 5.5 with Doug and 4.4 with Pertti at 0725
ZL1RD was an excellent signal with his new antenna, gave Pertti 5.8/9 and got 5.7/8. Rob exchanged 5.9 with HB9CQS, was 5.9+10dB here and gave me 5.6/7 at 0735
M6KVT/mobile a visitor was just detectable here and got 3-4/1-2 from ZL1RD and was 5.3 with VK4ZD
F4GHB Alain was 5.9 with ZL1RD and exchanged 5.9 with VK4ZD.
The net closed at 07422z
From Malcolm PA3AHC
A very good idea to start ANZO an half-hour later, not only for more sleep in-time, but it made all the difference propagation-wise last Sunday.
0900z - 1000z UK 80-metre Net on 3,6945
From John G3OKT (Net control)
We were 5 stations, G2FUU, G3JJR, S3SZF and G0PCF, all 5.9 +20dB here.
John was 5.9+10dB with Tommy who got Bob at 5.9+20.
Brian G3LUW and Don G0JWE were absent while trying the Kenilworth venue for the RIBI 2015 AGM. G7OAI was also absent for his Club service at the Cenotaph.
I signed at 0932 and left Tommy with net control.
From Malcolm PA3AHC  -  I’m still trying to get out, but the time change has again put me at ..694 between the Dutch at …692 and the Germans at … 696/7 with the Belgians on …700 so it’s a bit crowded, although we now just miss my good old SRS( Surplus Radio Society) on …705/ AM which is the good news !
Nick G4HCK thought he had found the fault in his linear, but today it reappeared so what we thought was the problem was not. So I will not be about for a few more nets
1800z – 1830z  RIBI evening 80-metre Net on 3,694
2000z - 2030z  N.AM Transcontinental Net on 14,287
From Pertti EA7GSU
NA continental net did not materialize. I had the rx open until 2018utc  but nothing heard.
0700z – 0730z Tuesday 11th November 2014  NZ  40-m net on 7117
0700z – 0730z Tuesday 11th November 2014  EUR net on 14,295
From Bill VK4ZD
I was unable to attend this net as I was not at Lockyer Waters on this day
From Brian G3LUW
Nothing until 0710 when Pertti EA7GSU appeared at 5&7. Jean-Pierre F1CFA was 5&7 throughout, but Malcolm PA3AHC never got above 4&5 here.  A visitor, Klaus 9H3GK called and remained with us until 0720.
Pertti improved to 5&9+ and he closed the net at 0735.
From Pertti EA7GSU   
I shouted to empty frequency and got Malcolm, PA3AHC coming back with 59+10 signal. I was 58 in his meter. Brian, G3LUW found us and was 57 growing to 59 later. We called members but had no luck until Klaus,
9H3GK responded. He was visiting and was 57 with me giving 59 back.
The others also changed reports with him.
We were chatting of shack building, antenna farming, RIBI agm etc
until the time came to close the net at 0734utc.
That’s all for now, 73’s
John G3OKT
Weekly Report