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Provided by John Thompson G3OKT
(In memory of Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE .. SK)

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Roar Nets February 9th - 11th 2014

Roar Nets Report 9th February 2014

0645z-0730z ANZO Net on 7118
From Bill VK4ZD
Doug ZL1BFS was 59+ to me and gave me 57-9
Peter VK3KCD was initially 55 but built to 57 by the end of the net. He gave me 56 initially building eventually to 59
Noel VK2IWT and I exchanged 59+ reports
Phil VK2MCB was 57 and built to 59+5 - gave me 59+10
Pertti EA7GSU called in on cw and was 539, on ssb he was 53 but gave me 45 due to QRM (at 0719z)

0730z - 0830z Europe - Anzo Net on 14,295.2 Long Path
From Bill VK4ZD
Phil VK2MCB was initially 59 later dropping to 31
Pertti EA7GSU was 57-8 and gave me 58
Doug ZL1BFS and I exchanged 58 reports
Malcolm PA3AHC was 54-5 and gave me 57-8
Peter VK3KCD was 55 and gave me 59
Alain F4GHB  was 59 and gave me 59+10

Jean-Pierre F1CFA was 57-8 and gave me 59
John and Diane EA/G4HMG and EA/G4MVV were 53-5 and gave me 57-9
John ZL2JPM was 53 and gave me 58-9
Andreas DH3FEN (visitor) and I exchanged 59 reports
Klaus HB9CQS was 59+10 and gave me 59+10-15

We closed the net at 0835z

0900z - 1000z UK 80-metre Net on 3,694

1200z - 1300z International Net on 14,292
From Pertti EA7GSU
As usual, Mike, N4PF responded to my first call with 57 signal giving me the same. The next call brought two responces:
Mike, G8LES and Malcolm, PA3AHC. Mike was 58 and I got 57 but Malcolm started with 46.
He then decided to switch on the PA and improved to 58. I got 59.
Faintly I heard John, EA/G4HMG and Mike, -LES steared him into records. He was only 43 with me.
Shortly before closing the net, Joe, AF1E checked in and it was 57 both ways. Malcolm had his antenna only
1,5m above the surface because of storm but was nearly heard cross the water.
We wait to see it up! I closed the net at 1243utc.

1800z – 1830z RIBI evening 80-metre Net on 3,692
From Pertti EA7GSU
We were four members on 80m RIBI net at 1800hrs with fair propagation.
Brian was the king hearing every one: Tommy, G2FUU; Malcolm, PA3AHC and me.
I had problems with Malcolm and Tommy had problems with me. We kept the qrg occupied for 22min.

2000z - 2030z N.AM Transcontinental Net on 14,287
From Bob WB7RQG
We had 7 join us today. Joe, AF1E was net control.
Ed, N4EDT Dan, KB6NU Pertti, EA7GSU Andre, KB9QAU Dan, VE3OSC Ontario Science Center, 1 watt output and Bob, KP7KPB.
I could not hear Pertti at all or the Ontario station.

From Pertti EA7GSU

Continental NA net at 2000hrs on 14287kHz was very selective.
I heard well Ed N4EDT, Joe AF1E, Dan KB6NU, and KF1QAU all 57 - 59 signals but nobody else at all.
I got 58/9 from Joe but didn't change reports with anybody else.
Joe as controller closed the net at appr. 2040hrs.

0700z – 0730z Tuesday 11th February NZ 80-m net on 3693

0730z – 0830z Tuesday 11th February EUR net on 7175
From Pertti EA7GSU
John, EA/G4HMG was there first few minutes before the official time
with 59+ signal. G3LUW joined us immediately being 58/9 signal added with qsb.
Not much later came J - P, F1CFA with fine 58 signal. It was about Sunday entertainment, UK flooding, J - P's qth etc we spoke.
At closing J - P heard Malcolm 53 but who was too weak for me to copy.
Well after closing of net I had my rx open and heard Phill, G4DCI calling Malcolm.
We changed reports 55/55 and closed the channel at 0842utc.
Propagations good, band quiet.

We will be there again next week.

That’s all for now,
John G3OKT
Weekly Report