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Provided by John Thompson G3OKT
(In memory of Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE .. SK)

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Roar Nets September 15th - 18th 2013

Roar Nets Report September 15th and September 17th 2013
From QRZ : SFI 93 (99) A6 (10) K1 (figures in brackets last week)

0515z-0600z ANZO Net on 7118
From Peter VK3KCD
On 40mx this week we had Bill VK4ZD, Phil VK2MCB and Doug ZL1BFS. All were good copy here but Doug was a bit marginal. We were joined by Grant VK4FADX who had a good signal with Bill VK4ZD but was very weak to the others.

0600z - 0700z Europe - Anzo Net on 14,292 Long Path
From Bill VK4ZD
We stayed on 14.292 this week again and were again challenged for the frequency by Russians but Miika's brother (OH2BR) who spoke fluent Russian advised them that we would be using the frequency.
Peter VK3KCD and I exchanged 59 reports
Doug ZL1BFS and I also exchanged 59 reports
John ZL2JPM was 52 and gave me 52 also
Jean-Pierre F1CFA was 55-6 and gave me 58
Miika OH2BAD again had an excellent signal - 59+10 - he gave me 59
Alain F4GHB was 59 and gave me 59+
John G3OKT was 58-9 and gave me 59+10
Klaus HB9CQS was 59 and gave me 59+10. He advised that Karen had been in hospital with a knee problem. He went QRT at 0633z
Les PA0SDZ was 55-7 and gave me 59
Malcolm PA3AHC was 31 on only 50 watts and gave me 55
Phil VK2MCB was 31 to me and made some good contacts into Europe
Pertti EA7GSU eventually got propagation, started out at 43 and climbed to 59. He gave me 59
Coco YO9BC built up to 59+5 and gave me 59+10
Brian G3LUW was 57 and gave me 59.
Wally VK6YS called in and was 56 with QSB to me and worked many in Europe.
The net was closed at 0710z

From John G3OKT
Excellent signals from VK this week but ZL and near-Europe were weak, coming up towards the end. Some bouts of strong Russian QRM. John EA/G4HMG had already conveyed apologies – he and Diana were visited by their daughter. Again 14.292 was much better with respect to the Tazigstan harmonic.
Bill VK4ZD was straight in at 5.9+10dB, giving me 5.8 peaking S9.
VK4ZD copied Jean Pierre F1CFA at 5.5/6 and Alain F4GHB at 5.9.
I could only just detect Alain’s voice but he gave VK4ZD 5.8
Peter VK3KCD was 4.4 with me between severe Russian QRM. Peter gave Miika OH2BAD 5.7, G3OKT 4.3, HB9CQS 5.9 and PA3AHC 3.3
Doug ZL1BFS was hearable but not touching my S meter; got 4.3 from OH2BAD; copied by F1CFA at 5.5; and was 5.9 dropping to 5.7 with VK4ZD.
John ZL2JPM was also just hearable giving 5.2 for HB9CQS and getting 5.2 from VK4ZD
Miika OH2BAD was 5.9+20dB with me (+40dB by 0650) and gave VK4ZD 5.9 and received 5.9+10dB.
Klaus HB9CQS was only just hearable here at 2.2 coming up to 4.3 later (beaming away?) and gave me 2.3 and Bill VK4ZD 5.9+10dB.
Malcolm PA3AHC was not heard here or by VK4ZD, but on only 50W got 3.1 from ZL. Malcolm gave VK4ZD 5.5.
Les PA0SDZ got 5.5 from VK4ZD and returned 5.9. Les was not heard here but got 4.3 from VK3KCD.
Pertti EA7GSU had been on frequency since 0600 but heard no VKs until 0630. He gave VK4ZD 5.4 and received 5.3 in the Russian QRM. Bill exchanged 5.9 with Pertti at 0645, by which time Pertti gave me 5.9, PA3AHC 5.7, HB9CQS 5.7-9 and 5.8/9 for PA0SDZ. Later, Pertti gave Doug ZL1BFS 5.8/9.
Phil VK2MCB was 5.4 QSB with me and got 5.5 from Pertti. ; exchanged 5.7 b/w with OH2BAD. Gave PA0SDZ 5.4, F4GHB 5.4, PA3AHC 3.1, HB9CQS 5.7, G3OKT 5.3 and F1CFA 5.3.
Coco YO9BC came in at 5.9+20dB with both me and Pertti, gave Pertti 5.9+25dB but complained of severe Russian QRM. When in the clear, Coco received VK4ZD at up to 5.9+10dB
Wally VK6YS was 5.7 with fluttering QSB with me and suffering QRM from contest stations; gave me 5.5; VK4ZD 5.6 and received S2/3; gave PA0SDZ 5.5; PA3AHC 4.4. Coco exchanged 5.9 with Wally; Wally gave Brian G3LUW 5.8/9;
Malcolm PA3AHC got 5.3 from VK4ZD
Diane VK4KYL took over the microphone from Bill at 5.9 to report on the Rotary Charity Golf Day.
Raili, Miika’s XYL, took over the mike from OH2BAD.
Miika gave 5.9 to HB9CQS, 5.7 to F1CFA, 5.7 to F4GHB; ZL’s were “so and so” peaking S7; and 5.7 for VK2MCB.
Klaus HB9CQS gave Pertti 5.9+10dB; VK3KCD 5.9; no copy on Jean Pierre and S9+15dB to Miika. Klaus was still only 4.5 with me.
Malcolm PA3AHC later came up to 5.9+ from VK and got 5.7 from YO9BC but still not heard here.
By 0640, EA7GSU was 5.9 with me and 5.8 with VK4ZD.

From Peter VK3KCD
20mx was busy with contest stations. OE6Z very graciously vacated the frequency for us and Miika’s Russian speaking brother helped us to keep the frequency clear!
My best signals were Bill VK4ZD 5x9, Klaus HB9CQS 5x9, Coco VO9BC 5x9 and Wally VK6YS 5x7. I also exchanged reports with Les PA0SDZ 5x5, Alain F4GHB 5x5, OH2BAD 5x7, John G3OKT 5x3 and Brian G3LUW 5x5. Others heard were Jean-Pierre F1FCA 3x2 (I think I got 5x2), Malcolm PA3AHC 3x2 before I lost propagation, and Doug ZL1BFS, John ZL2JPM and Pertti EA7GSU were very weak.

0800z - 0900z UK 80-metre Net on 3,695 and 3697
John G3OKT was net controller.
John G7OAI/P was first there at 5.9+20, hearing Derek at 4.4 but getting others at 5.9
Brian G3LUW and I exchanged 5.9+20; he got Derek at 5.7; Mike at 5.7; John and Tommy at 5.9
John G3JJR was getting G7OAI well today
Tommy G2FUU said G7OAI/P was a little down but others 5.9
Mike G4WRU had been back at Rotary for 4 weeks now after his treatment. Mike could not copy Derek. He was waiting for an Xray result at end Nov/early Dec to confirm successful treatment and whether he will be able to attend the 2014 AGM. Brian was sure we could reserve a room until nearer the date.
Bruce G0PCF called in but immediately disappeared.
Derek G0SQH was not hearing the net too well - Tommy was difficult, G3OKT was 5.9+. He was 5.8-9 QSB with me. Derek had lost his address book - G3OKT promised to send him all RIBI addresses to restore.
We suffered heavy and deliberate QRM at 0925 and were caused to shift to 3697.
Next week, Tommy G2FUU will be controller. We wished him all the best with his minor eye operation on Wednesday.

1200z - 1300z International Net on 14,293
From Pertti EA7GSU
Cross Atlantic net was very thin. The two faithfuls, Mike N4PF and Malcolm PA3AHC came back to my ROAR call. Propagation to NA was very good and we changed reports 57/56 with Mike in spite of the heavy contest QRM. Afternoon is not good with Malcolm, I had problems occasionally to copy him. It may depend that I am having the beam side to him beaming 300º. We were 42/56. We, Mike and me kept calling CQ but no more response by the members. At 1216 we decided to quit.

1700z - 1730z UK evening 80-metre Net on 3,694

1900z - 1930z N.AM Transcontinental Net on 14,287
From Bob WB7RQG
Only had 5 checkins with Treasurer Ed, N4EDT acting as net control. Signals were very good. I heard Pertti, EA7GSU in Spain at 5/6. He heard me at 5/6 also and copied Joe, W0TBC in Minnisota. The following joined the net; Bob, WB7RQG Joe, W0TBC and a guest who wanted to know more about Rotary Stefano, IZ1GKH. I was hoping that Jack, KF5BD had checked in as I am sure he would have heard Pertti also.

From Pertti EA7GSU
The evening continental W/VE net at 1900 hrs was a success and propagations were good. Only the same lack of participants like at 1200hrs. We were Ed N4EDT, Bob WB7RQG, Joe W0TBC and me and we were able to hear one another and speak directly to all participants. Bob 56/56, Joe 57/44 (me) and Ed 59+/59!!! Ed closed the net at about 1930utc.
The gate is opening, join me!!

0700z – 0730z Tuesday September 17th NZ 80-m net on 3693

0730z – 0830z Tuesday September 17th EUR net on 14.150
From Pertti EA7GSU
I called once CQ on 14151kHz and Brian, G3LUW came back. Signals 59/59+. We called some ten minutes but in vain and decided to close at 0741 as there were no takers.
I then heard very weak signal who was Malcolm, PA3AHC. He got me 57 but I had difficulties in copying him.
We kept it short and closed waiting for Sunday.
It was raining in both places.

That’s all for now, 73’s to all
John G3OKT
Weekly Report