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ProvidedProvided by John Thompson G3OKT
(In memory of Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE .. SK)

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Roar Nets March 3 2013

Propagation better SFI 111(095) A index 12(5) K=3(1) – Figures from QRZ - last week in brackets

Severe ARRL Contest QRM for all members of the HF Nets, sometimes S9+30dB with G3OKT.
Coco bettered this with report of S9+45dB occasional QRM!

0715z - 0800z  Anzo Net on 7,118
From Peter, VK3KCD

A short report for the 40mx net

This weekend saw the bands busy with the ARRL DX contest and 40mx in VK and ZL was no exception. VY2ZM in Prince Edward Island was right on 7118 and was S9 in ZL and clearly audible however after exchanging numbers with those on the net he very graciously QSYed and we had a clear channel. Present this week were Doug ZL1BFS, John ZL2JPM, Bill VK4ZD, Noel VK2IWT and myself. Propagation was favourable and there was discussion of our current Rotary activities.

YIR and 73 Peter VK3KCD

0800z - 0900z Europe - Anzo Net on 14,293 Long Path :-

From Bill VK4ZD, Controller of the Net

Henk VK2GWK was on frequency when I got there - 55
Doug ZL1BFS and I exchanged 59 reports
Klaus HB9CQS and I also exchanged 59 reports
Noel VK2IWT was checked in but could barely detect he was there - I relied on Doug to communicate with him
Peter VK3KCD was also barely detectable at my qth - I relied on Doug to communicate with him also
John EA/G4HMG and Diana G3MVV were both 53 and gave me 55-6
Mike G8LES was 55-6
Coco YO9BC and I exchanged 59 reports
John G3OKT was 54-6 and gave me 57-8
Vitor CT1BJZ was 53 and gave me 45
Pertti EA7GSU was 55-7 and gave me 58-9
Martti OH6SM was 59 and gave me 58 also

Additional Notes by G3OKT, John who was 6dB down on usual output power* but had the benefit of a higher aerial

John EA/G4HMG and Diana EA/G3MVV, Klaus HB9CQS and VK2GWK Henk seemed to be there first at 0750z
VK4ZD Bill there by 0800z, 5.8 with me and stayed at this for the whole Net. Fine signal.
EA/G4HMG gave VK4ZD 5.5/6. John was 5.6/7 with G3OKT; good to hear Diana who continues to improve ambulatorily!
HB9CQS Klaus was initially only 4.5 with G3OKT rising to 5.9+20dB by 0810z;
Klaus exchanged 5.7 with Doug ZL1BFS (between the QRM for Doug), gave 5.5 to Noel VK2IWT and 5.7 to Peter VK3KCD;

VK2GWK gave Klaus 5.9; Henk was 5.8 with G3OKT; left the net early.
VK4ZD was 5.9 with Klaus; Bill gave Pertti 5.5/7; Bill gave G3OKT 5.4*
EA7GSU Pertti was 5.8/9 with G3OKT, gave 5.8/9 to VK4ZD and was 5.7 when clear of QRM with ZL1BFS
YO9BC Coco was 5.9+10 with G3OKT, received 5.9 from VK4ZD to whom he gave 5.8/9
G8LES Mike was very weak with Klaus; consistent 5.6 with me clear of QRM
VK2IWT Noel gave Klaus 5.8 and received 5.5; I could just tell he was there
ZL2JPM John was mentioned but I heard nothing from him through the QRM
VK3KCD Peter gave ZL1BFS 5.5-5.6; 5.4 for G8LES who gave Doug 4.2; was 3.1 with Pertti;
gave G8LES 5.9 (9), 1.1 for Noel; I could just hear Peter at 2.3/4

ZL1BFS was 4.6 with G3OKT between the contest QRM
CT1BJZ Vitor suffered serious QRM, gave 4.4/4.5 to VK4ZD, 5.5 for Coco, 5.5 for G3OKT who received Viktor at 5.6
OH6SM Martti came in at 5.9+10dB with G3OKT; gave 5.8 to VK4ZD who said Martti was peaking 5.9
PA3AHC Malcolm may have been in the net but didn’t respond to a call from VK4ZD
VK4ZD told CT1BJZ that he had booked flight tickets for the RI Convention 23-26 June in Lisbon and Bill looked forward to meeting Vitor. EA/G4HMG, G8LES and G3OKT (currently) all said they would not be attending Lisbon. In response to Mike G8LES report of his Rotary activities, Bill said that his Club was particularly assisting sporting groups which had lost equipment in the recent floods around Lockyer Waters; also migrants in need of English language tuition.
Pertti encouraged the net by reporting that the ARRL contest was the last of the season.
The net closed at 0855z.

0900z - 1000z UK 80-metre Net on 3,694.
Good conditions, 3694 clear of QRM, just white noise at S5/6 with G3OKT
From G3OKT John who was net controller, standing in for G3LUW
G7OAI John was first respond at 5.9 both ways with G3OKT; only getting 4.2 from G8LES but John received Mike at 5.9?, 5.9+10 for G3JJR and G2FUU but with QRM; could just hear G0JWE; nothing from G0SQH; John could just tell G0JWE was there but R0.
G8LES Mike was 5.9+20dB with me; gave G0JWE Don 4.3 and G0SQH Derek 2.2
G3JJR John was 5.9+10 with G3OKT
G4WRU Mike was 5.9+5dB; gave John OAI 5.5, G8LES 5.9 and G3OKT 5.9; couldn’t copy Derek SQH.
G2FUU Tommy was 5.9+20dB with G3OKT; he said all net participants were readable but not always clear of QRM.
G3JWE Don said all stations were 5.9
G0SQH Derek was 5.7 with G3OKT
G0PCS Bruce was 5.9+10 with G3OKT; both he and John JJR confirmed they had booked into the ROAR in RIBI AGM hotel
Brian LUW confirmed he had booked 20 into RHS at Rosemoor AGM visit on May 11th
Much positive discussion of performance of noise-cancelling loudspeakers - John JJR will email details of his equipment to those interested
John OAI and John OKT decided not to proceed with booking a ROAR table at the Blackpool Rally on April 7th. This because John OKT had now belatedly received an invitation from RSGB RADCOM Editor who was willing to put regular ROAR pieces into RADCOM.

1200z - 1300z International Net on 14,293
This from EA7GSU, Pertti:
ARRL contest QRM was impossible. There were pile-up's going above and below the traditional frequency. I made a couple of calls and recognized the voice of Mike, N4PF with 27 signal. Then came Klaus, HB9CQS with 49 signal. I made two more calls but was unable to copy anybody. So I switched on CW, gave a message of the situation and closed the net down at 1207utc.
It appears that the most eager contesters have learned a continuous inhale through the hole in the chair!
With better luck next Sunday.
73, Pertti, EA7GSU

1800z - 1830z UK evening 80-metre Net on 3,694
From G3LUW Brian Net Controller’ lively band, strong signals
M0CUU Colin, a visitor, was already in QSO with Brian. 5.9+30dB with G3OKT! John received 5.9+15 from Colin in Evesham
G0PCS Bruce was 5.9+20dB
G2FUU Tommy was 5.9+20dB with G3OKT
G0JWE Don was 5.9+20dB

2000z - 2030z N.AM Transcontinental Net on 14,288
G3OKT called CQ Rotary 2005z – no response
Vicious North American QRM from Contest
Net didn’t seem to materialise

0800z – 0830z Tuesday March 5th UK 40-metre Net on 7170

This from Brian G3LUW :
The Tuesday morning 40m net is normally on 7180, but this morning the Clipperton expedition TX5K was using the frequency.
We moved to 7170 which proved satisfactory.

John EA/G4HMG, Pertti EA7GSU and Don G0JWE were all very readable. Phil G4DCI found us later and was a very strong signal here.
Brian since informed Jean-Pierre F1CFA, “this morning 7180 was impossible with much QRM. We have decided to change to 7170 in future. We tried it today, and it was satisfactory. See you next week on 7170 khz” 73 G3LUW

This from Pertti EA7GSU:

40m net this morning was successful after some tumbling around to find an empty frequency.
The usual qrg was occupied (again!), this time with a dx running pile-up.

Reports from Pertti :
Brian, G3LUW 59/59,
John, EA/G4HMG 59+/59+,
Don, G0JWE 57/59
and Phil, G4DCI 58/58.
CU in the nice new, quiet QRG next Tuesday!

That’s all for now, 73’s to all
John G3OKT
Weekly Report