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Provided by John Thompson G3OKT
(In memory of Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE .. SK)

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Roar Nets March 17 2013

Roar Nets March 17th and 19th 2013
SFI 126(116) A index 10(6) K=1(0) – Figures from QRZ (last week in brackets)
Solar Flux continues to rise but conditions in UK poor for Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Net will be re-timed.

0715z - 0800z ANZO Net on 7118
This Net will commence one hour earlier next week – 0615z -0700z on Sunday 24th March
From VK3KCD Peter :
The ANZO 40mx net was well attended this week and we had reasonable propagation but Bill VK4ZD was troubled by some lightening QRN. Present were Peter VK3FPSR with an extremely good signal especially as he only runs 10 watts, Doug ZL1BFS, Phil VK2MCB, Bill VK4ZD, Noel VK2IWT was a late check in and myself.

0800z - 0900z Europe - Anzo Net on 14,293 Long Path :-
This Net is flagged for a time change to 0700z -0800z on Sunday 24th March
From Net Controller Bill VK4ZD :
Coco YO9BC and I exchanged 59 reports
John EA/G4HMG was 52-3 andgave me 45
John ZL1JPM and I exchanged 59 reports again this week
Peter VK3KCD was excellent copy at 59
Klaus HB9CQS and I ainitially exchanged 59 reports but the band deteriorated quickly for me
Doug ZL1BFS was initially 41 coming up later to 59 and gave me 59
Phil VK2MCB was only 41 to me this week
Vitor CT1BJZ was only 31 to me this week unfortunately
George YO9BGR was 57 by the time I heard him (band was going down)
Pertti EA7GSU was 56-7 and gave me 58-9 initially
Brian G3LUW was 51-2 and gave me 54
John G3OKT was only 30 this week
Martti OH6SM was initially 57 but was only 55 by the end of his over - I think he gave me 54
Noel VK6NS called in from Kalgoorlie (my old stomping ground) but couldnt hear Europe so he left.
Conditions were quite unstable and I lost most propagation by 0845z
I closed the net at 0847z

Note from G3LUW Brian :
The 20m net was not at all easy this morning. Bill VK4ZD was only 5.5 as was Peter VK3KCD. I could just hear Doug ZL1BFS and the Europeans were well down on recent signals.
Notes from Europe from G3OKT :
EA/G4HMG John, and YO9BC Coco with YO9BGR George in the shack, were there at 0750, as had been F1FCA Jean Pierre, apparently thinking that the net had already been retimed to start at 0700z. EA/G4HMG could obviously hear VK4ZD, not sure whether he was heard in Australia. I could only just hear EA/G4HMG. YO9BC was 5.9 here, had a “very good report” for VK4ZD, and gave HB9CQS Klaus 5.9+45dB!
HB9CQS Klaus was 5.5 here at 0805, rising to 5.7 by 0813. Klaus was not copying VK4ZD Bill well at this stage – unusually he was getting VK3KCD Peter stronger at 5.7
EA7GSU Pertti was 5.7 with me at 0800; he gave VK3KCD 3.3, VK4ZD 4.4, and ZL2JPM John 4.4
G3OKT could just hear VK4ZD at 1.1 but hard to compete with splatter at S7
HB9CQS gave New Zealand (ZL2JPM?) 5.5/6 and received 5.7
CT1BJZ Vitor was apparently on frequency but I didn’t hear him
VK3KCD Peter received 5.9 from Klaus who also by now gave VK4ZD 5.7
G3LUW Brian made contact with VK3KCD, Brian was 3.3 with me.
F1FCA Jean-Pierre called in – he was 5.7 with me.
G3OKT was heard by VK4ZD at 0830
OH6SM Martti called in at 0835 and gave me 5.7. He was 5.9. Martti gave G3LUW 5.9, HB9CQS 5.8, VK4ZD 4.4, ZL1BFS 5.4, and VK3KCD “very weak – couldn’t copy, only just heard Peter’s voice”.
ZL1BFS Doug exchanged 5.4 with OH6SM; Doug was only 2.2 with G3OKT
HB9CQS gave G3OKT 3.4 and ZL1BFS 5.3
EA7GSU Pertti gave OH6SM 5.6 (?), ZL1BFS 5.5, and noted that VK3KCD was coming up as VK4ZD was going down; Pertti gave me 5.3 while was 5.8 on my Jaybeam vertical.
VK4ZD Bill closed the net at 0843z.

0900z - 1000z UK 80-metre Net on 3,692
Report from G3LUW Brian :
We had 8 members on the 80m net. I was controller with John G7OAI, John G3JJR, Norman G0MMO, Tommy G2FUU, John G3OKT
Derek G0SQH and Bruce G0PCF. Conditions were quite good. Derek was only strength 6, but all others were loud and clear.
Additional report by G3OKT :
G3LUW Brian gave me 5.9++, he 5.9+25dB with me
G3JJR John 5.9+10dB
G0MMO Norman 5.9+10dB
G2FUU Tommy 5.9+20dB; listened for the ANZO net but didn't hear any VK/ZL stations
G7OAI John 5.9, noted that G3OKT was down in strength (still awaiting PA valve from China!)
G0SQH Derek 4.9 with me, serious splatter from a station on 3688. Derek left the net at 0920
G0PCS Bruce 5.9 with me. In discussion of our nil response from the RSGB, Bruce suggested that we may need to affiliate before we get publication. This was noted as an item for discussion at the AGM in May
Members noted that the 20m ANZO net will be one hour earlier next week, but this 80m net will say at 0900z – 1000z
Net closed at 0948

1200z - 1300z International Net on 14,293
This report from G3OKT
Conditions not so good – signals came up towards the end
HB9CQS Klaus was Net Controller; he exchanged 5.9+20dB with G3OKT.
N4PF Mike said that Klaus was drowned in the noise, could just hear a voice. Mike was 3.5 with me – again he could only just hear a voice
EA7GSU Pertti gave N4PF 5.6 and G3OKT 5.7. Pertti was 5.6/7 with G3OKT
YO9BC Coco came in at 0920 – received by Pertti at 5.8/9 but with serious flutter. YO9BC was 5.9 with G3OKT and gave 5.9+25 to HB9CQS
N4PF Mike later came up to 5.7 with G3OKT and gave 3.4 to YO9BC. Coco could only just guess Mike was there
Klaus said that Mike had jumped from unintelligible to S8 and gave N4PF S7-9. By now, Mike gave Klaus 5.9
G3OKT came up to 4.5 with N4PF
Mike put out a CQ Rotary at 1238 while Klaus checked his cooking in the kitchen (!), but there were no further callers
YO9BC was up to 5.9+10dB with G3OKT by 1245
Pertti clarified that this net will stay at 1200z – 1300z next week.
Mike apologized that he would not be on the net next week owing to his Rotary (District?) Governor visiting
N4PF was up to 5.9 with EA7GSU as Pertti closed the net at 1252z

1800z - 1830z UK evening 80-metre Net on 3,694
From G3LUW :
The 80m evening net was disappointing with only G2FUU Tommy, G0PCS Bruce and me. Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday on the new 40m frequency 7170 kh/s at 0800z. 73 Brian

2000z - 2030z N.AM Transcontinental Net on 14,288

0800z – 0830z Tuesday March 19th UK 40-metre Net on 7170
Report from G3OKT – band noisy (S6/7 steady noise, splatter from a S9+10dB station 2 kHz higher).
0755 heard EA7GSU Pertti working F1FCA Jean-Pierre and G3LUW Brian
EA7GSU was 5.7 with me, gave me 4.3; Pertti receiving G3LUW at S9;
F1CFA was 4.7 with me but he could hardly hear me; F1CFA gave G3LUW 5.5, G3LUW was 5.6 with G3OKT , gave me 4.3; Brian gave EA7GSU 5.7
G0JWE Don later e-mailed me “Listened from 0800z, Very difficult to hear.
Pertti and F1CFA heard, but nothing in reply to my calls. Perhaps better next week”

EA7GSU Pertti contributed the following :
Propagations were poor and we were not many being able to check-in.
Brian, G3LUW had a good signal starting 58 and growing to 59 towards
the end. I got 57.
After a break in activity came Jean-Pierre with 57 and gave me 55. He
was disturbed by strong I-stations close by down.
We were pondering the suitable time for morning skip and agreed to
start one hour earlier.
Jean Pierre heard someone on the qrg and it proved to be John, G3OKT.
I had difficulties in copying, he was 43 but gave me 57. Reports
changed also with Brian.
We also were listening specifically the other active stations but radio
weather did not permit any reception.
Net closed 0817utc but John and me were changing reports after that. I
still had no proper copy of him.
Next week better try , Pertti

PA3AHC Malcolm contributed :
Just came back from Texas in time to switch on but with the exception of John/G3OKT @ 5/7, I could only hear Pertti about 1/1.. (Did get G4DCI and EA/G4HMG with EA7GSU on last week’s net however and on a post-net QSO at about 5/5 on a very old litz-wire l/W going right through a fir tree, etc, which I hope to improve upon as the weather forecast picks up and allows for a more fundamental antenna approach change.)
Got the new timing, which is also ok with me. Who knows ?
73's + Cheers, Malcolm

This net retimed to 0700z – 0730z next week 26th March
The Net closed at 0822

That’s all for now, 73’s to all
John G3OKT
Weekly Report