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Provided by John Thompson G3OKT
(In memory of Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE .. SK)

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Roar Nets July 28th - 30th 2013

Roar Nets July 28th and July 30th 2013
From QRZ : SFI 108 (112) A11 (6) K2 (1) (figures in brackets last week)

0515z-0600z ANZO Net on 7118
From Peter VK3KCD
Good propagation on 40mx between Phil VK2MCB, Bill VK4ZD and myself. Just as we were closing John ZL2JPM joined us as he had just got readable signals from us.

0600z - 0700z Europe - Anzo Net on 14,293 Long Path
From Peter VK3KCD
20mx was another story cf 40! Conditions to Europe were poor and the strongest Eu signal was Alain F4GHB. We welcomed Steve KL7SB for the first time. I exchanged reports with Jean-Pierre F1CFA, Alain F4GHB, Les PA0SDZ, Malcolm PA3AHC, John G3OKT and Steve KL7SB. Bill VK4ZD was his usual strong signal. I also Heard Coco YO9BC, Teru JM2HBO, Phil VK2MCB, John ZL2JPM and briefly G6PZ. The QRM built up during the net and I went QRT at 0640z.

From Bill VK4ZD
Propagation slammed us down hard this week, almost nothing into Europe from my QTH this week.
Peter VK3KCD was 59 and gave me 59 - he ended up with better conditions into Europe than me.
John ZL2JPM was surprisingly weak 53-4
Phil VK2MCB was only 41 to me
Coco YO9BC was there briefly with a 55 signal (the strongest out of Europe)
Steve KL7SB called in with a signal peaking 56 and gave me 56. By the time I turned the antenna at 0645z he had dropped to 54 and then came up to a solid 57 and gave me 59+
Les PA0SDZ was 41 and gave me 55
Jean-Pierre F1CFA was 21
John G3OKT was 21
Teru JM2HBO was 55 off the back of the antenna and gave me 59
Alain F4GHB was 42 and gave me 54
The net was closed at 0645z
The most disappointing propagation for a long time.

From John G3OKT
Competition from IOTA Contest and poor propagation from VK/ZL. At 0600, I heard Coco YO9BC respond to Bill VK4ZD but could not hear Bill apart from a snatched “good morning”. I called Peter who was about 1.4 with me (and later briefly rose to 3.7) – think he gave me 5.3 and neither he nor Bill VK4ZD were heard again.
G3LUW later told me heard nothing from VK at all.
Pertti OH1SH/P appeared at 0618 and we acknowledged each other but nothing more heard.
Malcolm PA3AHC seemed to be working VK3KCD but I couldn’t hear him.
John EA/G4HMG appeared at 0630, gave PA3AHC 3.3, but was only 1.7 with me under contest pile-up.
I gave up at 0648 by which time no ROAR stations were copyable under the QRM
No other stations were heard here. Klaus HB9CQS has since e-mailed to say that he was still in Denmark when the ANZO net was on and airborne during the later International net, so he was saved the difficult nets.

0800z - 0900z UK 80-metre Net on 3,694,5
From John G3OKT
I was net controller, and Brian G3LUW was 5.9+35dB with me. In fact, all stations were S9 or more here, though band noise was very high.
Tommy G2FUU was 5.9+25 dB. Gave me 5.9+5dB “not as strong as usual”
Mike G4WRU and I exchanged 5.9+10dB reports
John G3JJR was 5.9+30dB with me but said G4WRU was not too strong
G3LUW will be net control next week.
I closed the net at 0850z

1200z - 1300z International Net on 14,293
From Mike G8LES
Tried 20 metres calling CQ ROAR from 1130z, might have been PA3AHC calling me, turned off at 1145z. Came in the shack again at 1215z still silence.
John HMG telephoned me to say the early Anzo net was not good either.

1700z - 1730z UK evening 80-metre Net on 3,694
From John G3OKT
I called CQ at 1700, 1705 and 1710 but heard no response. Noise was ferocious – sputtering QRM/QRN to S9+10dB but did I hear a German station 5kHz higher at 5.9+20dB so propagation was OK! I later heard from Mike G8LES by e-mail – he heard nothing on 80m either, just S8 noise!

1900z - 1930z N.AM Transcontinental Net on 14,287
From Bob WB7RQG
Conditions not good but could copy net control about 1/2 the time. We had 8 checkins with Joe, AF1E in control. Members were; Joe, W0TBC Me Bob, KN9H Noel, WD8QHD port VE3. Guests were; Joe, KD5RWR Ron, KB1UXB and Chris, W1VCM.

0700z – 0730z Tuesday July 30th NZ 80-m net on 3693

0700z – 0725z Tuesday July 30th EUR net on 14,150
From John G3OKT
QRZ forecast SFI 112, A6, K1 - propagation good at times but with QSB and high noise continuously at S7-8
I heard Brian G3LUW at 0658z in QSO with John EA/G4HMG. Brian was initially competing with the noise at 1.8, later 2.6, and gave me 3.4 (?)
EA/G4HMG was a fine signal with me from 4.8 to 5.9+10dB. He gave me 5.6 and Brian 5.9+20dB. He also heard Pertti at 4.4.
Pertti OH1SH/P southwest of Helsinki was 3-5.9 with me, 4.4 with John EA/G4HMG, and gave John 4.4 to 5.7.
Pertti OH1SH/P gave F1CFA 4.4, gave PA3AHC 5.5 and G3OKT 3.9
Jean Pierre F1CFA was a good 5.9+10dB with me, using his loop antenna and with good penetrating audio. J-P gave Brian and me 5.9, though Brian had no copy at times.
John EA/G4HMG had no copy of Jean Pierre. Brian also lost copy of Pertti.
Malcolm PA3AHC was barely hearable with me (1.3?) but got 5.7 from G3LUW and EA/G4HMG and 5.5 from Pertti.
I left the net at 0725z. Brian probably closed shortly after.

From Jean Pierre F1CFA
Very strong QSB this morning, but also very interesting QSO.
Except for the strong station ( as your's ), the signals was moving up and down very fast.
Once again, I wished to share an information on the loop Antennas :
After testing with success the big magnetic loop on 40m, I tried to get the same with a 20 m version. I just get an equivalent result with the vertical Antenna. So, I deleted it.
Looking to the American ARRL Handbook, I discovered the horizontal loop Antenna, about 20 feet high, polygonal, made of about 80m of classic electrical insulated wire. That kind of Antenna is very surprising from the point of view of reducing the Noise band. Some one told me that the vertical Antenna was not a good thing to compare with it for the noise...
The problem is to have a sufficent free space to put it !!! I was lucky !
That Antenna works well on 80, 40, 20m, but if it is constructed with 40m of electrical wire, it will run on 40m, 20m and perhaps 15m...
A core magnetic balun ( coax line ) is easy to construct but needs some care.
I think that information is very interesting for the ROAR group. I can help someone looking for...
Note : Remember : I am located in a narrow valley and I hardly try to jump over the mountains...That's my aim !

That’s all for now, 73’s to all
John G3OKT
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