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Provided by John Thompson G3OKT
(In memory of Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE .. SK)

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Roar Nets August 11th - 13th 2013

Roar Nets August 11th and August 13th 2013
From QRZ : SFI 103 (107) A6 (5) K2 (2) (figures in brackets last week)

0515z-0600z ANZO Net on 7118
Peter VK3KCD had advised previously that he was not available at the moment.
At first nothing was heard on the frequency, so I called from time to time and then Reg VK7KK responded with an excellent 55 signal with some deep QSB. He gave me 58.
A visitor, Ian VK4FMAA called in for a station check. He had successfully repaired a radio that had been previously drifting badly in frequency. He was 57 (running 10 watts) to me and gave 59+20.

0600z - 0700z Europe - Anzo Net on 14,293 Long Path
From Bill VK4ZD
Propagation into Europe was mostly excellent again into Lockyer Waters.
Brian G3LUW was initially 55 and gave me 56. Later he got to 56 and gave me 55.
John, G3OKT was 59 and gave me 59+15 peaking later at 59+20. When I ran a test using only 20 watts John still gave me 59.
Pertti OH1SH/P was 42 and gave me 57
Coco YO9BC was 59 and gave me 59+
Malcolm PA3AHC was 42 peaking to 53 and gave me 57-8
Klaus HB9CQS and I exchanged 59 reports
Moktar 7X5JF (a visitor) was 56-7 running 80 watts and gave me 57-9
Doug ZL1BFS called in to remind us that he was still around. He was 57 and gave me 59.
Les PA0SDZ was 55 and gave me 58-9
Phil VK2MCB called in at 0545 and was 31 to me.
John EA/G4HMG was 31 to me this week
Vitor CT1BJZ was 32 and gave me 52
Steve KL7SB was 57 to me and turned his antenna short path to Europe to successfully work many of the Europeans. After the net closed I turned the quad to Alaska and Steve was 59+10 and gave me 59+20
Steve M0YCQ (visitor) was 42 to me and gave me 55.
The net was closed at 0704z

From John G3OKT
Band noise again high at S8 and Tazigstan harmonic never below S9 on the meter! VK propagation very good!
G3LUW Brian already in QSO at 0555z with Coco YO9BC and Bill VK4ZD. Brian was 3.8 in the noise and gave Bill 5.9. Coco was 5.9+15dB and gave VK4ZD 5.9+, but had to go QRT at 0605z due to an electric storm. Coco couldn’t hear Pertti.
YO9BC Coco gave G3OKT 5.9+20 and Malcolm PA3AHC 5.9 and was 5.9 with Bill
OH1SH/P Pertti (EA7GSU) was still in Finland but going home on Aug 12th. Pertti was 5.9+10dB with me and gave Bill 5.7. Pertti gave 5.8 to G3LUW, 5.9 to G3OKT, 5.5 to PA3AHC, 5.5 to HB9CQS, 5.6 to PA0SDZ and 5.5 to EA/G4HMG.
PA3AHC Malcolm gave VK4ZD 5.7/8 and got 4.2, and later with more power 5.3; I could hardly hear Malcolm here.
VK4ZD was a fine 5.9+15dB with me, approaching +20dB at times. Gave me pkg 5.9 and later when Bill tried reducing power from 1kW to 20W was still 5.9
VK4ZD Bill gave G3LUW 5.5 and received 5.6 from Brian
HB9CQS got 5.9 from VK4ZD and gave Bill 5.9+20(?) and Vitor CT1BJZ 5.9+10dB
G3OKT John was getting Klaus at 5.9+20dB and +30dB when he later turned beam.
7X5JF Moctar, a visitor NE of Sahara with only 80W to rotary dipole, gave VK4ZD 5.7/9 and received 5.6/7 and was receiving G3OKT at 5.9+10dB who gave him 5.9.
ZL1BFS Doug got 5.7 from VK4ZD but only just hearable by me. He gave Klaus HB9CQS 5.6(?) and was heard by Bill at 5.7
PA0SDZ Les QSB’d up to 3.6 with me but was hard to copy against the heterodyne. Les was 5.5 with VK4ZD and got 5.3 from Vitor CT1BJZ to whom Les gave 5.5
VK2MCB Phil was hard to copy in my noise though I caught phrases and recognize voice ; he gave Klaus 5.5 and got 3.4. Phil is currently erecting a tower.
EA/G4HMG John was a fine 5.9+10 with me; gave me 5.9 but no copy of VK4ZD; G3LUW Brian gave John 5.9+10 and Bill VK4ZD said he could copy John at 3.1
CT1BJZ Vitor was a good 5.9+10 with me, returned a report of 5.9 and was copying Bill VK4ZD at 5.2 who gave Vitor 3.2 with QSB; Vitor could hear G3LUW who gave him 5.5; Vitor gave Klaus 5.9 and received a report of 5.8/9
KL7SB Steve in Alaska joined the net – Steve had operated the ROAR station CR6RI in Lisbon! No copy here but was 5.7 with VK4ZD off the back of his antenna! Steve was 5.3/4 with G3LUW and 5.4 with HB9CQS. Steve gave Klaus 5.5.
OH1SH/P Pertti had no copy of Steve but by now was 5.9 with HB9CQS.
CT1BJZ Vitor said KL7SB was very weak but he could hear some words. Steve had no copy of Vitor
PA0SDZ Les called Steve and gave 5.5 (G3OKT by now could just hear Les at 2.5)
M0YCQ/P Steve, a visitor in Shropshire UK called VK4ZD with a 5.5 report and received 4.2. Steve (who must have been < 20 miles from G3OKT) was 5.9+15 here
G3OKT went QRT at 0705z due to heavy QRM

0800z - 0900z UK 80-metre Net on 3,694,5
From John G7OAI
I ran the net as planned today, but with only three others + a request for a signal report from a stranger...
G3LUW - 5x9 G3JJR - 5x9+20 G2FUU - 5x9+10
2E0VEQ - Dave in Nottingham, called in for a report but didn't stop. OK to me, but marginal with JJR and LUW, no copy from Tommy.
Generally good comms throughout, with occasional QSB. Tommy struggled a bit with my 50w some of the time.
Brian advised that Mike, WRU, is in good shape but overslept today. Expects to be on next week. Good news.
Brian G3LUW will be net control next week.

1200z - 1300z International Net on 14,293
From Klaus HB9CQS
The International Net went much as on previous Sundays.
I started calling CQ RI net at 12:00z and Mike, N4PF, answered immediately followed by Malcolm, PA3AHC.
Mike (PF) was 55 when first heard and gave me the same. Unfortunately, Mike could not hear the other European ROAR stations and vice versa. After 10 minutes, signals had dropped between us to 43 and we decided to make no further transatlantic attempts. Mike (PF) went QRT about 12:15z.
Malcolm was 56 QSB when first heard and gave me the same until I swung the beam north trying to raise Pertti, OH1SH. In vain unfortunately. Beaming north, Malcolm was 57-58 here and gave me 59 QSB.
At 12:06 Mike, G8LES, joined us. Mike (LES) had been QRV on the net frequency since about 11:30z and had already worked Malcolm and also Joe, AF1E, I believe. Hence Mike (LES) closed down early.
At 12:15 a guest, G3UCT, one more Mike, called in from Sherborne, Dorset. I was his sixth or seventh contact after a pause of 23 years!
At 12:25z the net was reduced to just Malcolm and me so at 12:30z we closed the net.

From Mike G8LES
Came on the Lunch time 20 metre net at about noon local time.
PA3AHC was there fading between a 5/4 to 5/9 plus
Random call ins from ON3VAL Luke, GW7JGD/m Dave, W1URV Rob in Michigan. Then AF1EJoe good signal but only 2/2 from Malcolm
HB9CQS Klaus was a good signal
N4PF just a faint voice in the crackle.
Noise level S7

1700z - 1730z UK evening 80-metre Net on 3,694
From Mike G8LES
G4WRU and Tommy G2FUU and myself. Hardly anyone else on apart from a couple of German speaking stations.
Mike getting over treatment now onto radio therapy, Olive had had a fall but getting better, but a bit bruised.
Discussion about ATU's and antennas.
Noise about S6

1900z - 1930z N.AM Transcontinental Net on 14,287
From Bob WB7RQG
I was net control today and we had 6 checkins;
Ed, N4EDT Joe, W0TBC, John, W8AUV who I could not hear
Jack, KF5BD and Scott, KG5VW a guest and he did some relaying.
From Ed N4EDT (on FACEBOOK) : The North America - Transcontinental was hampered by poor propagation this afternoon. Signals were weak and contacts were difficult. Attempts to contact EA7GSU were not successful. The conditions should improve as we approach fall

0700z – 0730z Tuesday August 6th NZ 80-m net on 3693
Received by e-mail from John ZL2JPM on 8th August :
It is with some envy that ZL’s read these regular reports but fail to appear much in them. Propagation to and from ZL has deteriorated markedly over the past months and the ANZO nets on 7118 and 14293 are a bit more than just challenging. The typical scenario on the 7118 net is weak signals (3-4), even from VK4ZD with, perhaps, some contact around 0600z. The 20m band used to be highly reliable, but over the past months contact beyond VK has seldom been possible.
On the local front, any rumours of our demise are exaggerated. The regular contact between ZL1BFS and ZL2JPM has continued – save only for a break whilst aerials have had to be re-established after Doug’s serial house-moving. Contact up and down NZ on 80m (3693) has been noisy, but generally the net has worked - with exchanges of 5/9+ albeit with high levels of QRM. Recruitment into the local net has not been successful- despite much advertising, but with the noise on the bands and the relatively unappealing Solar indices, any newcomers would have to be keen!
As they say, “We shall return!” - with kind regards and 73s, John

0700z – 0725z Tuesday August 6th EUR net on 14,150
Pertti EA7GSU had already said he couldn’t make this net. G3OKT also was away from home.

That’s all for now, 73’s to all
John G3OKT
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