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Brought to you by Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE

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Roar Nets June 24 2012
Propagation still very poor. K=1, A=5, Flux=85
0545z - 0630z Anzo Net on 7118.
Many Thanks to Peter VK3KCD for the following report :-
Good Morning Bill
I was operating stationary mobile from Melbourne this week and had fair to good copy on the VKs but ZL was in the noise. Present were Bill VK4ZD, Diane VK4KYL, Peter VK3FPSR, Phil VK2MCB, Doug ZL1BFS and myself. Diane informed us that Bill VK4ZD had been voted Rotarian of the year by the members of his club, congratulations Bill! I have had email correspondence indicating that propagation on 20mx into ZL was very poor this week.
Until next week YIR and 73 Peter VK3KCD
0630z - 0730z Europe - Anzo Net on 14,293 Long Path.
Thanks a million Klaus for the following :-
Greetings Bill,
I know that you are not well and it is with great hesitation that I send you a report on last Sunday's activities.
If it becomes too much for you to edit and distribute your weekly report, please don't try to do it. We will much rather that you get some rest and use your energy to recuperate and get well quickly. We all wish you a speedy recovery.
(Still struggling with arthritis in the right knee, severe and only somewhat reduced by painkillers.
Doctors might fix it yet but long delays involved.)
Many Thanks to Klaus for the following report :-
ANZO Net, 06:30z - 07:30z
Conditions did not allow the Europeans to work ZL. Henk, VK2GWK, was on holiday (see below) and Peter, VK3KCD, was underway and possibly QRV mobile. Here is an extract of my log.
06:30z EA/G4HMG, John, 59 / 59.
- - - - Heard John work G8LES, Mike. Mike was skipped out here.
06:31z VK4ZD, Bill. 56 / 55. Bill got 44 from Pertti increasing to 56. We lost Bill before the net closed.
06:34z VK2MCB, Phil, in QSO with Bill (ZD). Signal barely noticeable here. Phil got 22 from Pertti.
- - - - Heard Bill, VK4ZD, working Doug, ZL1BFS and John, ZL2JPM. No copy here. Too late.
06:36z G3OKT, John. 59+10 here. Got 59. John received Bill (ZD) 43.
06:42z EA7GSU, Pertti. 55 - 58. Got 56 - 58.
- - - - Pertti worked Malcolm, PA3AHC and Henk, PA0ADC (VK2GWK). No copy here.
Approx. 07:30z Net closed.
Transatlantic Net, 12:00x - 13:00z
Mamy Thanks again to Klaus HB9CQS for this report :-
11:59z G8LES, Mike. 59+10 here. Got 59.
12:00z YO9BC, Coco. Poor conditions YO - HB9. Coco reported 41 C. After bad storm in the morning now 20 C.
12:00z EA/G4HMG, John. 59 here. John reported having heard Vitor, CT1BJZ, earlier.
12:04z PA3AHC; Malcolm. 57 here. Got 59.
12:06z EA7GSU, Pertti. 45. Got 56. I had to swing the the beam towards SW to get a Q5 copy.
12:07z N4PF, Mike. 13 here. No contact, but Pertti managed. Originally 57 / 44, dropping to 32 / ?.
12:45z CT1BJZ, Vitor. 57 - 58 beaming SW. Got 59. Thanks Vitor for your efforts with the Lisbon convention station
12:49z Net closed
Visitors: Worked by Pertti, HA3HK, Zoli and DC6NY, Helmut. Worked by me: OE3RPW, Raimund
1900z - 1930z N,AM.Transcontinental Net on 14,287
Many Thanks to Jack KF5BD for the following report :-
Hello Mr. Bill:
Ed N4EDT our net control today did a super job pulling stations out of the ether today including one portable station a lot of folks will remember. Rev. Noel Mc Claren WD8QHD Rotary past district Gov , for one thing and a past net control of the North American ROAR net, Noel and his wife [also a ham] have been living in Australia and now they are visiting in VE3 land. Other check-ins were WB7RQG, KF5BD, W7ZT, KB3HEM, PJ2SM, and AB3LP.
Best 73's
Messages Received:-
By e-mail from John Rickwoood G3JJR
Hi All
Please note that my e-mail address has been changed and is now
73 john g3jjr
                                                          That's all for this week,
                                                               73 de Bill g4yze
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