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Brought to you by Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE

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Roar Nets December 16 2012
Propagation quite good.   K=2,  A=7,  Flux =122.
0645z - 0730z  Anzo Net on 7,118.
N.B. This Net re-timed :-  0715z - 0800z from Sunday 23 Dec.
Many Thanks to Peter VK3KCD for the following report :-
Good Morning Bill
Fair to good conditions on 40mx this week with little QRN but some interesting QSB. Present were Bill VK4ZD, Noel K2IWT, Phil VK2MCB and myself. Please note that his net will commence later effective immediately at 0715z followed by the 20mx ANZO/EU net at 0800z. I will not be active this Sunday and may I wish all members of ROAR a Very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
YIR and 73 Peter VK3KCD
0730z - 0830z  Europe - Anzo Net on 14,293 Long Path.
Many Thanks to President Bill VK4ZD for the following report :-
Hi Bill
0730z - 0830z Europe - Anzo Net on 14,293 Long Path.
Rescheduled to 0800z - 0900z from Sunday December 23rd
Many stations on frequency but propogation between Europe and VK4 didnt really kick in until 0845z
The ZL's and more southerly states like VK2 and VK3 fared better
Peter VK3KCD was55 and went QRT at 0745z
Phil VK2MCB was 59 to me for a change
John ZL2JPM was 55-57 to me
Klaus HB9CQS was initially 53 peaking to 58 at 0815z - gave me 55 initially and 58 later
Coco YO9BC was 55 and gave me 55
Pertti EA7GSU never really got above 44 and gave me 58
Vitor CT1BJZ was only 22 to me and gave me 54 I think
Malcolm PA3AHC was 22 and gave me 53 I believe
John G3OKT started out at 21, peaked at 44 at the end
Brian G3LUW also was only 21
Jean-Pierre F1CFA was worked by other including OH6SM but was only 21 to me
John EA/G4HMG was barely readable to me again this week
Doug ZL1BFS was 57 here and gave me 59
Martti OH6SM was just back from visiting VK was 57 and gave me 57 also
Les PA0SDZ was 53-4 and gave me 58.
We closed the net at 0845z
73    Bill, VK4ZD
And Many Thanks to John G3OKT for the view from Europe :-
Hi Bill
0730z - 0845z Europe - Anzo Net on 14,293 Long Path :-  (N,B, 0800z - 0900z from Next Sunday- g4yze)
The 20m net was well supported this week by 16 stations
However conditions were very poor, particularly for VK/ZL until well after 0800z. Broadcast Station QRM was S7/8 with QSB with me for the whole hour!
EA/G4HMG first heard - came up to 5.7
Couldn't hear VK3KCD except for one quick wave of 5.6 then gone again. Didn't hear VK2MCB at all
Brian G3LUW 4.6 QSB with me
Bill VK4ZD just detectable at 0810 but came up to 5.7 by 0830.
Jean Pierre F1FCA was 3.5 QSB earlier but came up to 5.8 at 0845.
Doug ZL1BFS earlier gave me 5.3 but he was only 3.3 under the QRM from Broadcast Stn. He came up to 5.5 later.
Victor CT1BJZ was 5.8 with me
Martti OH6SM was 5.9+20 when he came on later
Les PA0SDZ very echoey/hollow signal at 4.5
John ZL2JPM was 5.5 at 0840
Pertti EA7GSU hardly heard at first, then came up to 5.9, then dropped to 5.7
Klaus HB9CQS came from hardly hearable at 3.5 at 0730 to 5.9+ by 0815 !
Coco YO9BC was always a good signal - early 5.8 coming up to 5.9+20

0900z - 1000z UK 80-metre Net on 3,694.
G3OKT was Net Controller - in fact I have taken over from John G3JJR for the 3rd Sunday in the month from now on.
Good net today but much QRM for some : G4WRU Mike 5.9+5 with me, G3LUW Brian 5.9+20, G7OAI John 5.9+20 (he with s9 noise level), PA3AHC Malcolm 5.7 both ways, G0JWE Don 5.9 (but only getting John OAI 5.3), G0MMO Norman 5.9+20 (but reported could only copy Brian LUW and John OKT through the noise), G4LXD called in - Bill (previously a regular ROAR member) in Thetford Norfolk was 5.9+20 with me, Bruce G0PCS was 5.9+20 with me (but he was suffering s9+5dB noise level). John OAI reported that Dave Wilson (RSGB President) had suggested that ROAR takes a table at the Blackpool Rally on April 7th. To be discussed by e-mail. John OKT reported John EA/G4HMG as saying on the 20m net that Diana expects to have half her leg plaster removed on Wednesday 19th Dec, which should greatly enhance mobility.
John G3OKT
1200z - 1300z  International Net on 14,293
Many Thanks to Klaus HB9CQS for the following report :-
Greetings Bill and Pertti
Transatlantic net, 12:00z - 13:00z, 14.293 MHz
Conditions during this net were exceptionally poor. Signals were generally very weak with deep QSB. I had a short spell of armchair copy with Don, G0JWE. Otherwise, it was a strain on the participants to copy the weak signals. I thank all participants for their support and endurance under these difficult conditions.
Pertti, EA7GSU, was there from the start but closed down quickly.
12:10z N4PF, Mike, 34 to 45, but improving slightly to a Q5. I believe Mike copied me Q5
12:13z PA3AHC, Malcolm, barely audible. Peaking at 44. Malcolm did not fare any better. Gave me 34.
12:20z G0JWE, Don, barely audible. Improved briefly to 59+10. Gave me 59+30 and then almost disappeared.
12:24z VE3BGG, Bert, weak for a start, peaking at 57. Heavy QSB. Gave me 57. No snow in Southern Ontario.
12:32z G8LES, Mike, peaking at 56, but Mike had difficulty copying me and gave up.
12:33z SV2CQC, John as visitor. 58 here. Gave me 59+10.
12:50z Net closed
Klaus - HB9CQS
1800z - 1830z  UK evening 80-metre Net on 3,694
No report.
2000z - 2030z  N.AM. Transcontinental Net on 14,288
Many Thanks to Treasurer Bob Butler for the following report :-
Hi Bill, We had a small net today with Joe, AF1E as the net control. The following checked in;
Reuben, W2LGF
Kenny, N1GTR Guest
Carl, WA4ORC Guest who is President of his Rotary club. I am hoping he will join ROAR.
And me, WB7RQG
73, Bob
2000z - 2020z N.AM Transcontinental Net on 14,2875
I heard Joe AF1E at a steady 5.6 but he couldn't hear me. WB7RQG, N1GTR, W2LGF and WA4ORC were also in the net, but I couldn't hear any of them and they couldn't hear me.  (From John G3OKT)
                                               That's all for this week,
                                                  73 de Bill g4yze
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