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Brought to you by Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE

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Roar Nets September 25 2011
Propagation still improving,, K=2, A=6, Flux 169 at the end of the day, (down from its initial 190.)
0545z - 0630z - Anzo Net on 7,118
Many thanks to Peter VK3KCD for the following report :-
Good Morning Bill
A good turnout for the 40mx ANZO net this week with Bill VK4ZD, Peter VK3FPSR, Phil VK2MCB, Reg VK7KK and myself. Propagation from VK4 to VK3 and & 7 not so good at first but all stations had easy copy by the end of the net. At 0623z Pertti EA7GSU called in and was Q5 at VK4ZD but only 2x2 here. There could be some mild confusion next week as VK2, 3 and 7 go on to summer time. Bill reported that the 13 element multiband beam is nearing completion and Phil reported that work has him in Perth next week.
YIR and 73 Peter VK3KCD
0630z - 0730z Europe - Anzo Net on 14,293 Long Path.
Many thanks to Bill VK4ZD for this report :-
Hi Bill
....When I got to 14.293 John G3OKT was already on the frequency with HB9CQS and stayed a steady 57 throughout the net.
He gave me 57 also.
VK3KCD was 59 throughout the net.
Malcolm PA3AHC once again reached 43 to me and gave me 57.
Bill G4YZE started off at 58 and initially gave me 59. Signals dropped a little towards the end of the net.
Brian G3LUW was good copy with a 57 signal giving 58 in return.
Peter VK3TQ called early in the net but had an audio problem on his 2nd transmission.
Peter is an enthusiastic ham and Rotarian.
Pertti EA7GSU initially was not readable here but all of a sudden was 59 here and gave me 59 back.
Reg VK7KK also called in and was copy a number of stations but did not remain on frequency.
Phil VK2MCB was not audible here but a number of Europeans successfully made good contacts with him.
Klaus HB9CQS called in briefly with Danish visitors with a 59 signal, also hearing me at 59.
Doug ZL1BFS called in and was weak to me with his beam looking towards Europe but was copied well in Europe.
John EA/G4HMG became audible to me late in the net with a massive 57, the best that I have heard him, giving me 57 also.
Gerald EA8CPN also made it through to me 5,2 gave me 55.
OK2ZMB was also on frequency but I was not able to contact him.
Visitors were Martin OE3EMC, 57 both ways, and Leigh MW0KIK who was 55 here.
All in all quite a busy net.
0800z - 0900z UK 80-metre Net on 3,894
G2FUU Tommy in charge. Strong signals but with a blackout in the middle !
On Parade :- G4MVO Jim, G4WRU Mike, G3LUW Brian
G3JJR John, G3OKT John, and G4YZE Bill.
1130z - 1230z International Net on 14,293
And many thanks to Bill VK4ZD for this report :-
International Net to NA on 14.293.
Easy copy with Jim W1QUO for 10 minutes at about 10:55z, wished him a happy birthday.
Jim W1QUO was 57 (gave me 57 also)
Mike N4PF was 59+10 (gave me 59+20)
Teru san JM2HBO called was 59 to me, tried to call Jim W1QUO.
Pasi OH1TG was 43 here.
Bert VE3BGG was 57 here without turning his antenna.*
I suspect we could have easily made contact.
Phil VK2MCB advised me that he would be on frequency. Mike N4PF tried to call him but could not hear a response.
Regards 73 Bill, VK4ZD.
( N.B. Also in my log YO9BC Coco from Ploesti a nice 5/6 working barefoot.
He will have a new linear in about 2 weeks and that will cure his audio problems. - g4yze)
*(Sorry Bill I should have cued Bert VE3BGG on to you. His first net for two months due to high noise levels.
Bert is a retired surgeon who practiced in Galt (now Cambridge), Ontario from 1955 to 1993. They had a very hot dry summer with lawn grass burnt black.
A change from a metre of snow in winter Hi ! ... g4yze )
(We all mamaged to wish Jim W1QUO a very Happy 95th Birthday.
Pertti and I thought about synchronising a "Happy Birthday " refrain from 20 Rotarians over the net.
Pertti decided the timing might just be feasible but the pitch sync would be totally impossible. g4yze)
- QRMany Happy Returns. haha. (edit by webmaster)
1700z - 1730z UK evening 80-metre Net on 3,695
G3LUW Brian 5/9+20 Away for next 2 weekends A Rotary walk - then the RSGB HF Convention.
G4WRU Mike 5/9. Away on a Danube cruise the next 2 weekends.
G0JWE Don 5/9. Away at a District Conference in Scarborough next weekend.
G2FUU Tommy 5/9+10 and G4YZE Bill - not going anywhere next weekend, I think.
1900z - 1930z N.AM. Transcontinental Net on 14,288
HI Bill,
Had a great net today. We had eight checkins. I acted as net control as Joe, W0TBC could not make it. The following joined the net;
Reuben, W2LGF Ed, N4EDT Jim, W1QUO Ted, KL7USN
Pertti, EA7GSU Jack, KF5BD and John, W8AUV.
I finally heard Pertti, not enough to carry on a conversation, but I could tell he was there.
73 Bob WB7RQG
Messages Received.
From Klaus HB9CQS :-
Hi Bill and Pertti
Friends from Denmark are visiting at the moment and I was unable to attend the nets today except for a brief message to Bill (ZD) and Pertti.
On this coming Saturday we will drive up to Denmark and I do not expect to be QRV on 14293 until October 23.
73 Klaus, HB9CQS
That's all for this week,
73 de Bill g4yze
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