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Brought to you by Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE

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Roar Nets September 11 2011
Propagation still abnormal -  K=1,   A=10.  Flux=121.
0530z - 0600z  Anzo Net on 7,118
N.B. This Net re-timed :-  0600z - 0630z from Sunday September 18.
Many thanks to Bill VK4ZD for the following report :-
Hi Bill
On 7.118 at 0530z this week at first I had the net to myself.
VK2MCB Phil called in as soon as he arrived home at 0545z using his new Off Centre fed Dipole.
By the end of the net reports were 59+ both ways.
We also had a number of guests call in.
VK4FAAJ, Luke was 59 to me and was using 5w into an 80m long wire attached to a kite at the beach at Redcliffe near Brisbane.
VK2FAJM was also 59 and was able to copy Luke.
VK4MAD, Wayne also copied Luke and was 59+20 here.
Phil copied both VK2FAJM and VK4MAD
On 14.293 at 0605z initially signals were small from Klaus HB9CQS but by 0610z had quickly built up to 59 both ways.
It took some time for propagation to build into other parts of Europe.
Klaus worked ZL1BFS, Doug and Phil, VK2MCB.and EA8CPN Gerald.
When Doug turned his antenna to VK he was 53vto me.
By 0645z Pertti EA7GSU, Bill G4YZE and John G3OKT were audible.
By the end of the net at 0615Z Bill and John were 54 and Pertti was 57.
A guest IN3BXL, Azio called in and was 57 to me giving me 58-9.
Regards   73   Bill, VK4ZD.
0600z - 0700z  Europe - Anzo Net on 14,293 Long Path.
N.B.  This Net re-timed ;-  0630z - 0730z  from Sunday September 18.
Many Thanks to Klaus HB9CQS for the following report :-
Greetings Bill,
The ANZO net may be starting too early for some European stations. In case you were unable to follow the net from the beginning, here is my report.
Conditions were good and we were not hampered too much by the WAE contest.
06:02z CQ RI net. No takers.
06:06z Heard Bill, VK4ZD, through the noise, but too weak to work.
06:08z Contact. VK4ZD, Bill now 54 and rapidly increasing. Peaking 59 and staying. Just Bill and me!
06:16z Called VK2MCB, Phil. 33 here, later 55. Got 44, later 57. First contact between us.
06:22z ZL1BFS, Doug. 57 / 57. Slowly decreasing but Q5 until the end.
06:35z EA8CPN, Gerald. 56 here. Got 59. Gerald at this time had no copy on other ANZO stations.
06:45z First contacts between Bill, VK4ZD and Bill, G4YZE and Pertti, EA7GSU. Later Bill (ZD) worked other European stations including guest IN3PXL. Only European station heard here was John, EA/G4HMG, just before closing down.
07:18z EA/G4HMG, John, now 56 here. Gave Bill (ZD) 43. Got 22.
07:20z Net closed.
Welcome onboard to Phil, VK2MCB, his new three letter call sign. 100 w and a dipole. Phil worked Pertti and also John, G3OKT
Bill (ZD) and his crew are working on the new 10 - 12 - 15 - 17 M antenna. It will have 13 elements and a 25 ft boom.
Bill's and Diane's daughter Alizah was visiting. Great to have a word with Alizah again.
Doug has now completed his new linear which gives him 500 w output.
European stations active on the net but not heard here: G4YZE, Bill - EA7GSU, Pertti - PA0SDZ, Leslie - G3OKT, John. There may have been others.
73 - Klaus, HB9CQS
0800z - 0900z  UK 80-metre Net on 3,692
G4WRU Mike in charge in noisy conditions,  supported by :-
G3JJR John,   G3OKT Secretary John,  G2FUU Tommy, 
a guest MX0SPG Norman from Much Wenlock,  and G4YZE Bill.
Secretary John G3OKT reported that our next AGM of Roar UK will take place on May 11/12 2012
at the Best Western Hotel at Marks Tey near Colchester, Essex.
1130z - 1230z  International Net on 14,293.
And again Many Thanks to Klaus for this report :-
Greetings Bill,
Conditions on the transatlantic net were not the best. Heavy QSB on all signals with variations of up to four S-degrees.
Here is the net as I saw it:
11:36z G4YZE, Bill, from Bolton. 56 / 56 . Had to close down early.
11:38z W1QUO, Jim. 56 here. Got 57-58. Jim, much troubled by noise, had no copy on N4PF, Mike.
11:39z EA7GSY, Pertti, Good signal, 57 - 59 both ways. Temp. abt. 30 C. No trouble working Mike, N4PF.
11:40z N4PF, Mike. Signals improving over time. Average 56-57 here. Got 57-58. Wx: 18 C.
11:42z KJ4EMX, Jim, from North Carolina. Guest. 57 /57.
11:48z G2FUU, Tommy. 58 - 59 both ways. Tommy got 44 - 55 from Jim, W1QUO.
11:53z EA/G4HMG, John, called in for a brief chat with Toomy before lunch. 56 - 58 here.
11:56z OH1TG, Paasi. Pertti took the call. Too weak for me. Swung the beam and tried again, but no reply.
12:04z PA3AHC, Malcolm. Pertti took the call. I had no copy at all on Malcolm.
12:18z Net closed
73 - Klaus, HB9CQS
1700z - 1730z  UK evening 80-metre Net on 3,694
Just G2FUU Tommy,  G4DCI Philip and me (G4YZE) in very noisy conditions.
Congratulations to Tommy G2FUU on getting his quad operational on 20m.
1900z - 1930z  N.AM.Transcontinental Net on 14,288
No report on this net.
Maybe conditions were too bad to allow it to work.
Better luck next week!
Messages Received.
Hello Everyone.
Ed Tyler, N4EDT and I successfully made a schedule on +/- 21.280MHz at 0100z last Sunday (Saturday night North American time).
We would like to invite all ROAR members who may have propagation to join us next Sunday.
We are communicating also on Facebook on ROAR's page at:
Best wishes.
YIRS   73's de Bill, VK4ZD   Webmaster
From Pasi OH1TG :-
Pasi is no longer at Kokemaki.
He has retired to his old home town of Kotka on the Gulf of Finland.
He is improving his antenna system.
Also from Ragnar Otterstad LA5HE in Telemark.
I listened on 20m fone today but heard nothing.
Condx were not good but the wx was!   73 de Rag'
                                      That's all for this week,
                                          73 de Bill g4yze
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