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Brought to you by Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE

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Roar Nets October 30 2011
Propagation  good, masked by contest qrm.  K=2,  A=7,   Flux=127.

0645z - 0730z  Anzo Net on 7,118
Many Thanks to Peter VK3KCD for the following report :-
Good Morning Bill
The ANZO 40mx net had Phil VK2MCB, Noel VK2IWT, Peter VK3FPSR, Reg VK7KK, Doug ZL1BFS and myself on board. Noel was particularly troubled by QRN while Doug had to deal with QRM ( presumably contest stations) as well. Peter and Phil are both working on their HF mobile set ups and Peter noted that he was able to listen to the net whilst mobile last Sunday. Unfortunately his attempts to call in were not heard. Bill VK4ZD had advised of his absence from the net last week as he is in VK6.
     YIR and 73 Peter VK3KCD   
0730z - 0830z  Europe - Anzo Net on 14,293 Long Path.
Many Thanks to Klaus for the following report :-
Greetings Bill
With the CQ WW DX contest running, the net had to be established between contesters' S9+ transmissions. At one time they may have found 14293 a tiresome neighbour but the lull did not last long. Bill (ZD), Pertti and John (G4HMG) were travelling and absent.
07:27z G3LUW, Brian. 59 when in the clear, - both ways.
07:29z G3OKT, John. 59+20 both ways. Big signal and not much trouble with QRM here
07:33z VK3KCD, Peter. 57 in the clear. I believe that I got 47. Difficult.
07:40z ZL1BFS, Doug. 59 in the clear. Doug also worked John and Bill.
07:45z G4YZE, Bill. Steady signal 59+10 both ways. Solid Q5 most of the time.
07:53z YO9BC, Coco. 59+10 and good audio. Got 59+10. The QRM now briefly subsided.
08:15z Net closed
73    Klaus, HB9CQS

And again from Peter Vk3KCD :-
Very difficult conditions this week due to extreme contest QRM. I was able to exchange reports with Klaus HB9CQS and John G3OWT and heard Bill G4YZE and Doug ZL1BFS and not much else. The QRM was so bad and getting worse I went QRT at about 0745z.
YIR and 73 Peter VK3KCD
And here at G4YZE - I fared rather worse than Klaus did but right at the end I think I heard Phil VK2MCB
about 4/8 in the qrm.  Keep trying Phil, you were getting through !  Things should be much better next week.

0900z - 1000z  UK 80-metre Net on 3,694
G3JJR John in charge from Wolverhampton in fair conditions.
Supported by :-  G3LUW Brian,  G2FUU Tommy,  G4MVO Jim, 
G7OAI John,  G0JWE Don,  G0SQH Derek,  and G4YZE Bill.
Brian was able to give us the glad news that his grand-daughter Ellie was out of hospital
and well on the way to full recovery after suffering a serious viral infection.

1230z - 1330z  International Net on 14,293
Many Thanks to Klaus for the following report :-
Hi Bill,
Hope you enjoyed your lunch.  (Thanks Klaus, We did. g4yze)
With the CQ WW DX contest ongoing the QRM was horrendous. Nonetheless, Mike, N4PF, in Kentucky came back to my call. When in the clear Mike was 49, but this was not often. During our QSO I gave a general call and also called Jim, W1QUO and Joe, AF1E, direcly, but received no readable answers. We closed our mini net at 12:47.
73     Klaus, HB9CQS

1800z - 1830z  UK evening 80-metre Net on 3,694
G2FUU Tommy in charge from Nazeing, Essex in rather noisy conditions.
Supported by :- G4WRU Mike from London,  G4HMG/p John from Taunton, 
G8LES Mike from Alton,  and G4YZE Bill.from Bolton.

1900z - 1930z  N. AM. Transcontinental Net on 14,288.
No report this week.  Not surprising in view of the overwhelming contest activity
together with the severe snowstorms and power outages in the Northeast.
Hope Jim survived it alright !

Messages Received.
About Jack Page KF5BD :-
Jack's daughter Polly writes that Jack was brought down with osteo-myelitis.
He was a week in UNM hospital where the bug was identified and medication prescribed
He is now in a "skilled nursing centre" in Albuquerque for at least six weeks.
Meanwhile - no e-mails please  - his mailbox is full already  !
Thanks Polly and our best to Jack when you see him !

From John Betts G4HMG :-
Sorry but have had to get temp aerial down so shall not be on again before we get home (to Spain) on 10th Nov.
It has been a great stay with activities nearly every day so will be going home for a rest. This weekend with daughter Sue and shall be seeing Mike G8LES. He is a bit better but has had a rough few weeks.
Very best to all,   
                                         That's all for this week,
                                            73 de Bill g4yze
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