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Brought to you by Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE

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Roar Nets May 22 2011
Propagation still poor.   K=0, A=4,  Flux=85.
0530z - 0800z  Anzo Net on 7,118.
Many thanks to Peter VK3KCD for the following report :-
Good Morning Bill
Big thunder storm in southern Queensland filled 40mx with much lightning static all over Eastern Australia. On frequency we had ZL1BFS who was S5 with me and Bill VK4ZD but very poor copy due to the S7+ static. Also on frequency was Peter VK3FPSR with good signals here at S9+. Bill VK4ZD was also S9+ who was suffering the greatest static QRN. Until next time YIR and 73 Peter VK3KCD.
0600z - 0700z  Europe - Anzo Net on 14,293 Long Path.
Apologies from Klaus HB9CQS away on a visit to Zurich today.
0600z - VK4ZD Bill from Lockyer Waters 5/7
0600z - VK3KCD Peter from Flinders 5/7
0603z - G3OKT John from Oswestry 5/9
0604z - ZL2JPM John from Wellington 1/1 here, Bill got him alright.
0625z - YO9BC Vince (Coco) from Ploieste 5/8.
0629z - ZL1BFS Doug 1/1 here, I think Peter got him.
0645z - OH6SM Martti from Helsinki 5/9
0656z - PA3AHC Malcolm from Naarden 2/1 here, got 5/9 from Martti.
0702z - Net ended. Strange propagation !
Good at first, but Bill and Peter both down to 3-4/5 by 0620z.
Band noise S6 here with pulses cutting up Peter's modulation.
Bill fared rather better with his slightly higher pitched voice.
0800z - 0900z  UK 80-metre Net on 3,693
G3LUW Brian in charge supported by :-
G0JWE Don,  G0MMO Norman,  G4MVO Jim,  G3JJR John,  G3OKT John,
G7OAI John,  G2FUU Tommy,  G0SQH Derek,  and G4YZE Bill.
1130z - 1230z  International Net on 14,293.
1115z - W1QUO Jim from Leominster MA 5/8
1127z - YO9BC Vince (Coco) from Ploieste 5/9
1127z - N4PF Mike from Cynthiana KY 5/5.
1137z - G3LUW Brian from Devon 2/1, got 5/7 from Jim.
1147z - PA3AHC Malcolm from Naarden 2/1 here, got 4/4 from Jim.
1156z - G8LES Mike from Alton 2/1 here, got 5/6 from Jim.
1200z - KF5BD Jack in Albuquerque 2/1 here, got 5/5 from Mike
1208z - KC4MYX Les in N.Fla 3/4 here, got 4/5 from Mike.
1214z - VE3BGG Bert from Cambridge S.Ontario 5/5.
1230z - W5R from the RI Conventions centre in New Orleans 5/7,  Dave and Pete (Pertti) on the mic.
1239z - VK4ZD Bill from Lockyer Waters 2/1 here, got 3/3 from W5R.
1240z - I left the net at this time, with Mike N4PF doing a great job bringing in contacts for W5R.
Great to hear Jim's transmission back in good voice.
Bert VE3BGG reported OK in Cambridge but widespread natural disasters in Canada including
serious forest fires in the northwest Chase Lake area and then serious flooding in Quebec areas !
Propagation was very disappointing. Thanks to all who tried!
1700z - 1730z  UK evening 80-metre Net on 3,693.
G3LUW Brian in charge supported by :-
G4WRU Mike,  G2FUU Tommy  G0SQH Derek, 
G0JWE Don,  G4DCI Philip,  and G4YZE Bill
1800z - 1830z  N.AM. Transcontinental Net on 14,288.
No report received this week.  All too busy with W5R in New Orleans ?
Messages Received.
From G0JWE Don :-
One volunteer is worth his weight in gold !
John Thompson, G3OKT had already spoken to Brian
and offered to act as Secretary to  ROAR in RIBI.
Thanks John – I am sure Brian will be sending you all his files.
We look forward to speaking to you on the nets.
       73  Don
N.B. For the Record :-
ROAR in RIBI Committee is now :-
Regional Vice President  -    Brian Whittaker G3LUW.
Secretary  :-                        John Thompson G3OKT.
Treasurer  :-                        Bruce Foxall G0PCF.
               That's all for this week,
                  73 de Bill g4yze
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