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Brought to you by Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE

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Roar Nets March 20 2011
Propagation not quite so good.  K=1,  A=5,  Flux=89.
N.B.  UK clocks go forward one hour to BST at 0100z Sunday March 27.
0600z - 0630z  Anzo Net on 7,118.   This net re-timed 0530z - 0600z (webmaster) from next Sunday.
Many thanks to Bill VK4ZD for the following report :-
Hi Bill
Immediately after arriving back from District 9630 District Conference I tuned my amplifier on 7.118MHz in preparation for the net.
Peter, VK3FPSR was there 30 minutes early and so we had a long chat before the actual net time.
0535z VK3FPSR with an excellent signal peaking 58, later 59. Gave me 59. Peter has a new 40m/80m antenna 30' high which worked superbly. He was also heard by Doug, ZL1BFS 56 in New Zealand.
0600z VK2FPDB Phil joined us with an great 57-8 signal and received VK3FPSR 59+ - wants the same antenna as Peter now.
0615z VK4KYL Diane took the microphone to talk about our District Conference.
0630z VK3FPNC Peter from Kyama checked in as a guest - 58 in Lockyer Waters.
0633z VK4FLJB Laurie in Sapphire, a past Rotoractor & past Rotarian checked in - 59+ in Lockyer Waters -also heard by VK2FPDB 44.
0641z Closed the net.
I invited Laurie back to net next week and asked him to email me with his contact details.
Best wishes.    73's    de Bill, VK4ZD
0730z - 0900z  Europe - Anzo Net on 14,293 Long Path. This net re-timed 0630z - 0800z from next Sunday.
Many thanks to Klaus for the following report :-

Greetings Bill,

Solar flux 89 and very peculiar propagation conditions, - also during the following Transatlantic net.

07:11z  VK4ZD, Bill. 43/53. Too weak for a proper contact.

            Tried again at 07:25z. Same result. In between Bill worked ZL1BFS, Doug.

07:41z  EA7GSU, Pertti. Good signal here but too early for Pertti to read Bill (ZD) and Doug. Later Pertti did well.

07:54z  VK4ZD, Bill. Finally Q5, starting at 55 here, peaking at 59.

           50 mm rain, a soaked track to the site and risk of being marooned.

07:54z  ZL1BFS, Doug. Now readable here. Started at 44 and peaked at 56. Got 56-57 with pronounced QSB.

08:06z  PA0SDZ, Les. 55 for a start, increasing to 57. Good to have Les on board again.

08:08z  JM2HBO, Terusan, called in as we had hoped. 

            Terusan and family are well, but very sad news from the areas affected by the tsunami.

08:21z  G4YZE, Bill. 56 here. Bill did better in Queensland. Got 57 from Bill (ZD) and offered a 58 in return.

08:21z  G3LUW, Brian. 44 here, probably on back scatter.

08:50z  Net closed

John, EA/G4HMG was there as well, but on this Sunday too weak for Bill (ZD). Also very weak here.

73 - Klaus, HB9CQS

0900z - 1000z  UK 80-metre Net on 3,693.  Net re-timed 0800z - 0900z from next Sunday March 27
G3LUW Brian in charge in noisy conditions, supported by :-
G0JWE Don,  G2FUU Tommy,  G4WRU Mike,  G3JJR John,
G6FRT Steve,  G4MVO Jim,  and G4YZE Bill.
1230z - 1330z  International Net on 14,293. This net re-timed 1130z - 1230z from Sunday 27th.
1233z - HB9CQS Klaus from Sachseln 5/9+ here.  Very unusual, normally 3/4 at this time.
1237z - N4PF Mike from Cynthiana KY up to 5/6
1237z - AF1E Joe from Conover NC 5/9
1237z - EA/G4HMG John from Benissa 5/9
1240z - G8LES Mike from Alton 4/5 here, got 5/9 from John.
1249z - G3LUW Brian from Lifton, Devon 3/4 here, got 5/9 from John.
1250z - Z32FM Mane from Kumonovo 5/8 here, got 5/9 from Klaus.
1255z - EA7GSU Pertti from Genalguacil only 4/5 here
1300z - KF5BD Jack from Albuquerque. Someone heard you Jack, sorry I did not !
1305z - Net closed.  I think several qso's continued after the net.
(Despite several calls we got no response from Jim W1QUO, but he was on the 1800z net alright.
Hope to hear you next week at 1130z Jim ! )
1800z - 1830z  UK evening 80-metre Net on 3,693  Re-timed 1700z - 1730z from Sunday 27th.
G3LUW Brian in charge in rather noisy conditions, supported by :_
G4WRU Mike,  G0MMO Norman,  G2FUU Tommy, G0JWE Don,
2E0PCJ Phil from Exeter (for a report), 
and EA7GSU Pertti 4/5 here all the way from Spain on 80 metres !
1800z - 1830z  N.Am.Transcontinental Net on 14,288.
Many thanks to Treasurer Bob Butler for the following report :-
Hi Bill,    Conditions still not good.  We had 5 checkins without our regulars,  EA7GSU, AF1E, WiQUO and W2LGF.  Jack KF5BD was our net control with the following  present;  Mike N4PF first time and new ROAR member, Joe W0TBC, a guest Adrien VA7ANB and myself  WB7RQG.
73,    Bob WB7RQG
Messages received.
From Pertti EA7GSU re the Euro 40-metre Net on 7180 at 0730z - 0800z Tuesdays.
Hello Bill,
We were four members of ROAR up early on Tuesday morning. Propagations were good with very low noise level.
0728 John, EA/G4HMG opened the net with 59+ signal.
     Brian G3LUW responded with 59 and I was given 59 by both.
0738 Ian, GM4JAE joined us but skip was not favorable between UK and
     Spain. He got 33 from me and I got 55 in return. John was unable to
     give a report. We believe that later with more daylight propagation will
0755 we closed the net.
                                              That's all for this week,
                                                  73 de Bill g4yze
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