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Brought to you by Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE

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Roar Nets January 2 2011
Propagation seems better.  K=1,  A=4,  Flux=91.
0600z - 0630z  Anzo Net on 7,118
Many thanks to Peter VK3KCD for the following report :-
Good Morning Bill and Happy New Year
We had 4 participants on 7118 KHz for this net comprising Phil VK2FPDB, Bill K4ZD, Doug ZL1BFS and myself. Bill 4ZD was hampered by S9+ lightning static and so had less than Q5 copy on most stations. I had good copy on Bill and Phil but Doug was quite weak. Phil advised he is now a signed up member of ROAR  and also plans to upgrade his licence in March. Bill has not been flooded at his location but indicated it remains very wet and the holes for his new tower are nearly full of water. It was great to work Martti OH6SM on the Europe net being the only reasonable signal from Europe I could hear despite Klaus HB9CQS being readable occasionally.
A great 2011 to all on the nets.     YIR 73 Peter VK3KCD
0730z - 0900z  Europe - Anzo Net on 14,293 Long Path.
Many thanks to Klaus for the following report :-
Greetings Bill,
Typical double peak conditions between VK eastern shore and continental Europe. Fairly good conditions long path to JA and ZL1.
07:36z  VK4ZD, Bill. 57, 43, 57. Presently no rain. Bill made comparison tests, loop vs. beam with mixed results. Beam is best here.
07:36z  JM2HBO, Terusan. 55. Got 57. Fine signal.
07:36z  VK3KCD, Peter, working Bill and Terusan. Only 11 here. QRT before signals improved.
07:48z  ZL1BFS, Doug. 55-57. Got 57-59. Doug / Terusan 58 both ways.
08:03z  VK2GWK, Henk. 55. Got 54. Signals then faded to Q4, clearly hitting the dip between the two peaks.
08:13z  OH6SM, Martti. Temperatures down to minus 31.2 C. Martti preferred to work Bill (ZD) short path.
08:28z G4YZE, Bill. Initially just 33, but improving to 55 and peaking at 59 briefly.
08:34z  EA/G4HMG, John. Mostly 34. No contact.
08:47z  G3OKT, John. 33 here and no contact. John got 44 from Bill (ZD).
09:21z  Net closed    73  -  Klaus, HB9CQS
0900z - 1000z  UK 80-metre Net on 3,694.
G3LUW Brian in charge from Devon in fair conditions, supported by :-
G0PCF Bruce,  G3TKK Peter,  G4WRU Mike,  G3JJR John,
G2FUU Tommy,  G0SQH Derek,  G4MVO Jim,  and G4YZE Bill.
1230z - 1330z  International Net on 14,293.
1230z - EA/G4HMG John from Benissa 5/8
1230z - HB9CQS Klaus from Sachseln 5/9
1233z - IK5CYV Renzo near Florence 5/8 (for a report)
1237z - N4PF Mike from Cynthiana KY up to 4/3
1238z - AF1E Joe from Conover NC 4/5
I had to leave at 1250z but conditions were rough with qrm and some wildcat doubling.
We missed Jim W1QUO.  Hope you can be with us next week Jim !
Again thanks to Klaus for the following report :-
12:35z N4PF, Mike. 56 here when in the clear.
12:38z AF1E, Joe. 57 here. I like Joe's audio. Good for my poor ears. Got 59.
12:57z A QSO started up on 14.295 with 59 on 14.293 
12:58z Told Mike and Joe that I gave up and went QRT.
73 de Klaus HB9CQS 
1800z - 1830z  UK evening 80-metre Net on 3,694
G3LUW Brian in charge in very noisy conditions, supported by :-
EA/G4HMG John (4/5 from Spain),  G0SQH Derek,  G2FUU Tommy,
and G4YZE Bill.
1800z - 1830z  N.AM. Transcontinental Net on 14,288.
No report on this one. 
Too busy with New Year celebrations I guess.
Messages Received.
From Bert VE3BGG :-
Dear Bill,
For some months now I have been unaware that my address was still functioning. Consequently I inadvertently have been missing your e-mails (and many others!)
Forgive me for not answering some of your e-mailings.
The past few weeks propagation to Europe has been difficult for me and I truly miss taking part in the early Sunday morning nets. Hopefully conditions will improve. In the meantime I wish you and yours  a very Happy New Year!
73   Bert  VE3BGG
And from Max Raicha 5Z4MR in Kisumu Kenya :_
A very nice electronic Xmas card
and an equally splendid Happy New Year Card
with best wishes to all ROAR members.
(Apologies Max, I have not worked out how to forward electronic greetings cards to multiple addresses but - 
Thank You and a Happy New Year to you also)
                                    That's all for this week,
                                       73 de Bill g4yze
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