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Brought to you by Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE

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Roar Nets June 13 2010

Propagation erratic with some blackouts. Good short skip within Europe.  K=2, A=2, Flux=76
N.B. -  RI Convention takes place at Montreal 20th to 23rd June.
0600z - 0730z  Europe - Anzo net on 14,293 Long Path.
0550z - HB9CQS Klaus from Sachseln 5/9+
0550z - VK3KCD Peter from Flinders 1/1 here, got 5/4 from Klaus.
0650z - John from Benissa 5/9
0605z - VK4ZD Bill from Gatton 1/1 here
0605z - SM4CSF Nils from Falun 5/7
0605z - EA7GSU Pertti from Genalguacil 5/9
0607z - HB9MQM  Peter from Hausen 5/9
0612z - G0JWE Don from Derby 4/5
0613z - SM0DMJ Karl from Nyneshamn 5/7
0640z - EA8CPN Gerald from Tenerife 5/6
0646z - PA3AHC Malcolm from Naardeen 5/7
0700z - OH6SM Martti from Lapua 5/9+
0722z - Net ended. Very lively net.  Peter HB9MQM drove 20km up to his club site
to join the net, his home location being badly screened. He will try again from home
but will go up to the club site every two weeks or so to join us.  Many thanks Peter.
Klaus did best with the VKs as always. Peter VK3KCD working with his Spider Beam.
Pertti must go to the airport to collect visitors.  Apologies to the International Net today.
Malcolm PA3AHC will go to the home of PA2X Cees to see if he is OK.
We have not heard from Cees for some time.
0800z - 0900z  UK *0-metre net on 3,694.
G2FUU Tommy in charge from Nazeing, Essex in very noisy conditions.
On Parade :- G0JWE Don,  M0BDI Ralph,  G7AOI John,  G4MVO Jim,
G3JJR John,  G0MMO Norman,  G0SQK Mark, and G4YZE Bill.
Norman has now got a qualification as a fork-lift-truck driver so that
he can give more effective help with the Aquabox Project.
A fine example of "Service above Self". He is also to be Secretary of his
Rotary Club, Wirksworth - for the second time !
1100z - 1200z  International net on 14,293.
1110z - W1QUO Jim from Leominster MA 4/4, gave me "Very poor copy"
1115z - PA3AHC Malcolm from Naardeen 5/9
1115z - EA/G4HMG John from Benissa 5/7
1117z - G0JWE Don from Derby 5/6
1135z - HB9CQS Klaus from Sachseln 5/9
1138z - WN5V Dave from Welsh La 4/6
1150z - Net ended.  Band noise fluctuating. Atlantic path very poor.
Jim was just about audible but could not copy us.
The only bright spot was David WN5V who got us 4-5/5.
1700z - 1730z  UK evening 80-metre net on 3,694
Only S9 noise here so I gave up after about ten minutes.
80m conditions are very variable about this hour.
Sometimes very good but not this time. Keep trying. 
Better luck next time !
1800z - 1900z  N.Am. Transcontinental net on 14,288.
Many thanks to Roar Treasurer Bob WB7RQG for the following report :-
Hi Bill,    reporting for the 1800Z Sunday net on 14.288 mhz.
Today the band showed some life.  We had 8 checkins;  Jack, KF5BD net control, Joe, W0TBC, Jim, W1QUO, Ken, W8SOO and Pertti, EA7GSU by CW and myself..  We had 2 guests;  Glen, N0UYV, and Jim, KI6WJ mobile in California. The only one I could not hear was Pertti.  Everyone had a good time which is why the net lasted 65 minutes.      
 73,    Bob Butler, WB7RQG
Greetings Bob and thank you for some optimistic news. Bill g4yze.
Messages Received.
President Pertti advises that the new Communicator will be on our web site soon.
Keep checking
                                            That's all for this week,
                                               73 de Bill g4yze
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