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Brought to you by Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE

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Roar Nets July 11 2010

Apologies for absence from these nets.  We had a great holiday in Scotland.   Bill g4yze.
Messages Received.
From Klaus HB9CQS   re. nets on 4th July.
Greetings Bill,
I hope that your crossing of the Pentland Firth was safe and that you are enjoying your visit to the Orkneys and had a wee dram now and then. Our two nets on Sunday July 04 were indeed small.
Before 06:00z: Only a faint murmur was heard on 14293. I called Peter, VK3KDC, although my recollection told me that he would not be QRV. No answer.
06:20z  YO9BC, Coco. 59 both ways. Since no other participants were heard, we took the opportunity to have a real QSO.
06:37z  OZ1OLI, Henning from Lunderskov (Jutland). 57. Got 59.
06:37z  OZ4OLE, Ole from Roedovre (Copenhagen suburb). 57-58 both ways. This part was in Danish.
06:48z  G3LUW, Brian. 59+10. Got 59. In spite of my Danish, Brian recognized me immediately. We had a fine QSO, since the entire net was ours.
07:05z  Net closed
11:08z  CT7/EA7GSU, Pertti. 55 here when not down in the QSB. Got 58-59. From the QTH of Helga Racz. Visiting Helga together with John.
11:08z  CT7/G4HMG, John. 45 here when no QSB. Under the poor conditions Pertti was easier for me to understand than John.
11:21z  YO9BC, Coco. Not as strong as in the morning. Only 56-57 here. Got 55-59. Pertti had Coco 53, but it did not work the other way.
11:33z  PA3AHC, Malcolm. 59+10 both ways. Fine signal.
11:37z  AF1E. Joe. Very poor copy here. Only 33. I was unable to read Joe's report to me and had to give up early.
11:43z  G6FRT, Steve. 56-58. Got 59. I made the blunder of welcoming Steve as a guest. Steve is a Rotarian and a new ROAR member. Welcome on board.. 
11:51z  VO1NP, Nate. For some reason I have seldom had a good copy on Nate. Today Nate was 21. In fact, I am not even certain it was Nate I heard.
12:08z  Net closed
                       73 Klaus, HB9CQS
From Jack KF5BD re Transcontinental Net of July 4.
Seven check-ins for the1800 net today-----Marvin W8RQE,  Jim W1QUO,  Joe WOTBC,  Joe AF1E,  Noel WD8QHD,  Ken W8SOO and Jack KF5BD . Marvin was a Early Bird check-in who turned out to be a Rotarian of the Durango,  Colorado evening club and a first time ROAR check-in.  Noel McClaren  WD8QHD our past Secretary who checked in portable from Ontario,  Canada.
Joe W0TBC did a yeoman job controlling the net in spite of the high noise level. W8SOO Ken had the loudest signal and he had a nice visit with Noel and Joe W0TBC did well with Noel. Jack could barely hear Jim W1QUO and Joe AF1E and Noel WD8QHD and likewise hearing Jack was a challenge. Jack thinks Jack has a power output issue lately.   
If Noel and Martha have the time to stop by Jacks QTH on their way back to San Diego we would love that AND Noel and Jack could visit Dr. Elwood Anderson ------ROAR's new Secretary----for an eyeball AND photo - op .  The two  SEC's together would make a nice picture in the next issue of the Communicator thinks Jack . Jack has an assignment to interview and photograph Anderson for James, the  Editor for the Communicator and this would be a good opportunity.
73 de Jack Page KF5BD.
And from Jack re. Transcontinental Net of July 11.
Hi Bob; We missed you today.
There were three check ins for the 14.288 ROAR net.
Jim W1QUO,  Joe W0TBC,  and net control Jack KF5BD.
Jack called the early bird session to no avail. W0TBC called EA7GSU
We are sorry we did not hear Noel [WD8QHD] today. Jack and Joe [Still Water] could talk to each other at will. But Jim had a bigger noise problem than we did. However Noel sent me an e mail the day before saying he was looking forward to an eye ball and some conversation with Dr. Elwood the third week in August when Noel will park on my driveway for a few days and we will get the two Sec's together. We want to get some pics also for the Communicator .
73 Jack KF5BD
And from Peter VK3KCD in Flinders.
Hi Bill
We have a new member in VK3. He is Peter Rentsch VK3FPSR Rotary Club of Cobram. While he has a Foundation Licence he cannot work 20mx but he is in the process of upgrading. I am in the process of setting up a 40mx net here and Peter would be able to join us on that. I would appreciate your putting him on your mailing list for the weekly report.
Propagation continues to be quiet and Klaus HB9CQS s the only Station I worked or heard last week.
Many Thanks
                                73    Peter VK3KCD
And again from Peter VK3KCD
Hi Bill
(Re. VK3FPSR) -  The call sign is correct. VK foundation calls are four letter affairs and are quite a mouthful and very hard to remember. His email is: and he hopes to upgrade his licence soon.
Bill VK4ZD and I are having a trial run on 7115 kHz at 0500z this Sunday, it is remotely possible our signals may be heard in Europe at that time. If this is successful I plan to have a regular 40mx net in VK/ZL.
                                73    Peter VK3KCD
                              That's all for now,
                              73 de Bill g4yze
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