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Brought to you by Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE

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Roar Nets August 29 2010
Propagation poor.  K=1,  A=8,  Flux=72.
0530z - 0700z  Europe - Anzo Net on 14,293 Long Path.
Here - faint voices from 0615z.  Henk VK2GWK up to 4/3 by 0645z, got me 5/3.
Henk will not be on the net next week.
Nil here from Bill VK4ZD.but Klaus got him well. Great to hear Gerald again !
Pertti having a battle with wild boars coming out of the forest at night and destroying his garden !
Many thanks to Klaus for the following report :-
Greatings Bill,
Fairly good conditions - judged from this end. Here is an extract of my log.
05:37z  VK4ZD, Bill, from Lockyer Waters. 56 - 58 and Q5 both ways for more than an hour.
06:00z  VK2GWK, Henk, from One Mile Beach. Mostly 59 here thanks to Henk's SteppIR. Got 58.
06:10z  EA/G4HMG, John. Anything between 44 and 59. John again managed to work Henk
06:41z  G4YZE, Bill. 33 to 58 here.
06:55z  EA8CPN, Gerald. 56 here with deep QSB down to a 11.
07:19z  EA7GSU, Pertti. At long last I was able to work Pertti. Now mostly 56 - 59 here.
07:20z  QRT. Lovely to get some breakfast.
73 - Klaus, HB9CQS
0800z - 0900z  UK 80-metre Net on 3,692
G2FUU Tommy in charge from Nazeing, Essex in fair conditions.
On parade :- G7OAI John,  G3LUW Brian,  G3JJR John,  G0MMO Norman,
G4MVO Jim,  G0SQH Derek,  G0PCF Bruce,  G0JWE Don & G4YZE Bill.
1130z - 1230z  International Net on 14,293.
1130z - EA/G4HMG John from Benissa 5/5
1130z - G6BVD Rob 2/1 here, got 5/9 from John.
1130z - G0FZI Brian 1/1, got 5/7 from John
1130z - G0JWE Don from Derby up to 3/2, got 5/3 from Dave.
1130z - EA7GSU Pertti from Genalguacil 5/7
1130z - PA3AHC Malcolm from Naardeen 1/1, got 5/7 from Pertti
1136z - HB9CQS Klaus from Sachseln 5/9
1137z - W1QUO Jim from Leominster MA 5/3 in qsb, gave me "4/4 at times"
1145z - N4PF Mike from Cynthiana KY 5/4 said "conditions terrible"
1150z - WN5V Dave from Welsh La 5/4
1154z - VO1NP Nate from St.John's NF 4/3 - but did not respond.
1230z - Net ended.  Jim is still battling with the noise problem but conditions very poor.
He did hear Klaus well, also heard Dave WN5V in Louisiana quite well.
Dave reported on preparations for the New Orleans Convention station (June 2011)
Dave has now got his radio equipped for remote operation.
1700z - 1730z  UK evening 80-metre Net on 3,694
G0JWE Don,  G2FUU Tommy - and me.
A very pleasant elite little net.
We kept it going until 1730 but nobody else showed up.
1800z - 1830z  N.AM. Transcontinental Net on 14,288.
Re. Joe Simonet W0TBC, his friend and neighbour Dave Glas W0OXB writes :-
Our friend Joe is sitting up, eating REAL food, walking and "on the move" - in more ways than one!
For a more complete account and recent photo of Joe, go to the News Page of SARA's web page:
And, you'll find other SARA news and a plethora of info at our Home Page:
(click the center-panel photo for up-to-date-news)
73 es CUL,    Dave (WØOXB)
Messages Received.
Re. The Fiji Rotahomes project and the radio operation by Franz DK1II and his colleagues :-
We have the following from Henk VK2GWK :-
Dear Bill,
Thanks for the weekly report.
Just to let you know:  I worked Franz DK1II – 3D2II  on Fiji with a very nice signal. He told me all about his work there building Rotahomes. We started on CW (on 17M) but then QSY-ed to phone as that was a little easier to chat away.
We hope to hear him on the ROAR net on Sunday.
Cheers    Henk – VK2GWK
                                                      That's all for this week,
                                                             73 de Bill g4yze
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