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Brought to you by Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE

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Roar Nets May 10 2009

Propagation might be improving.   Solar flux up to 72 at the end of the day.
Best wishes from the sun!  Yesterday May 12 it broke through the 73 barrier with a solar flux of 74
for the first time since January 2008. Previous cycles indicate that having exceeded 73 it tends upward.
and we can expect a solar flux of about 80 by midsummer day in time for the RI Convention.
0630z - 0730z  Europe - Anzo net on 14.293 Long Path
I was off station at this time.  Many thanks to Teru for the following report : -
Hi Bill,
May 10, 2009 Roar net VK, ZL and EU
A temporary Net Controller Teru JM2HBO
starting 0630Z
I called CQ Roar net.
VK3KCD check in , his signal 43 with QRN, my report 57 with QSB.
I was very sorry I forget his name, but I copy his name "Peter" I got very noisy noisy,,  many thanks.
and continue CQing
No rotarian got on that 14.293MHz. and I could not listen any EU on short or long path.
and I calling CQ on this frequency
VK5HRT     59001    59041    Craig , contest QSO
DV1KID     57       57       Joel    Manila
VK2SOB     58       57       Bob     Sydney
VR2UIX     59       59       Oliver  Hong Kong
VR2UCC     59       59       Chris   Hong Kong
4F7DRH     59+      59       Bob     Philipines
HL3WQ      59       57       Jeon    Cheonan city, South Korea
Net was ended at 0807Z
and I must attend the Kamaki Rotary meeting at 0900Z to 1100Z at Komaki Meitetsu Hotel.
this evening I got DV1KID, VR2UIX and 4F7DRH emails.
Thank you for attending the Roar Net.
and I would like to work EU or North America.
Good Day and best regards!
The sun spot is coming up day by day  :))   :-))
0800z - 0900z  UK 80-metre net on 3,694.
No radio net that I know of. There was a great eyeball week-end at Cheltenham with : -
Regional Vice-President Mike G8LES,   Don G0JWE,  Brian G3LUW,  Bruce G0PCF,  Derek G0SQH,
Marie G7WGJ,  John G4HMG,  Diana G4MVV,  John G3JJR,  Jim G4MVO,  Tommy G2FUU, 
John G7OAI,  John GW4KVJ,  Geoff G3KJW,  and Bill G4YZE. 
Apologies from Ralph M0BDI who was not feeling well enough to attend.
1130z - 1230z  International net on 14,293.
I missed this one.  Many thanks to Jim for the following report : -
Hello Bill,
International net May 10, 2009 1130-1230 UTC 14.293.
1125 PA2X, Cees, using 100 watts & automobile mounted vertical-received a well deserved 5x5 from W1QUO.
PA3AHC,Malcom, 4x5
EA7GSU, Pertti, 5x7/8-many, many thanks to Pertti for his assistance in running a very smooth net.
VO1NP, Nate, 5x6-Nate supplied Rotary info. on his club's purchasing books and uniforms for school children.
SM4CSF, Nils, 5x6/7-excellent signal, arm chair copy most of the time.
G8LES, Mike, 5x9-updated info. on ROAR station at RI convention.  Many thanks for solving insurance problem at booth.
W1QJ-visitor from sunny Florida
W0TBC, Joe, connected briefly with EA7GSU, no copy at W1QUO.
Many thanks to all who participated on May 10, 2009.    73   Jim   W1QUO 
And many thanks to Cees PA2X for the following report : -
Dear Bill,
On today´s (May 10th) International net at 1130z - 1230z  on 14,293 I was PA2X / MOBILE.
Using a IC706MK2G with only 100 watts into a vertcal (8 meters) and location was BLARICUM,
about 5 km from my home QTH Bussum. Propagations were quite good, with Jim W1QUO 57
in my car end I was surprisingly a good 55 at his end. I was able to receive EA7GSU (Pertti)
with 57 and SM4CSF (Nils) 55. Wanna see my mobile situation ?
Please feel free to visit and see the pictures.
Regards and 73   PA2X - Kees - Bussum
1800z - 1830z  UK evening 80-metre net on 3,694.
G3LUW Brian in charge from Devon.
GW3KVJ John from Caerphilly 1/1 here, got 5/5 from Brian.
G2FUU Tommy from Nazeing, Essex 5/9
G0PCF Bruce from  Shoeburyness, Essex 5/9
G4YZE Bill Bolton
All arrived home safely after our AGM at Cheltenham.
Messages Received
A very nice picture of our President of Roar John Maier W8AUV.
                                                          That's all for this week,
                                                              73 de Bill g4yze

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