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Brought to you by Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE

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Roar Nets July 12 2009

I was off station and missed all nets this day.
0630z - 0730z  Europe - Anzo Net on 14,293 Long Path.
Thanks to Teru for the following report : -
Hi Bill ,
Thanks your QSL card , I got the last weekend.
and I attended the 30th anniversary assembly in Tokyo.
Now the member is consisted 88 members.
38 OMs and 13 XYL and 1 daughter attended at this meeting.
the meeting was started at 1600JST, and finished 1800JST.
and the party is opened 1830JST. special guest  Mr.Hara president of JARL.
2009-2010  New director
President  JA3BSX  Mr.Teruo Muro
vice       JA1CX   Mr.Akira Asakura
vice       JE1CNY  Mr.Hiroshi Kikuchi
security   JA3QBC  Mr.Hisakiyo Kurita
office     JE1JQX  Mr.Yoshio Muto
Tomorrow 12, I took sightseeing in Tokyo, hosted te members of JA1 area.
I got Shinkansen , express train, Tokyo and Nagoya, 1 hours and 40 minutes.and safety came back
Many thanks all ROAR-Members and special Thanks JA1 members.
the next year meeting will be opened in Kyoto , July 10 to 11, 2010
hosted JA3 area.
See you next Sunday net.
I understood many members can work 20 meters.and  some OM can work 1KW QRO.
88 and 73 DE JM2HBO Teru
1100z - 1200z  International Net on 14,293.
Thanks to Jim W1QUO for his report : -
"Hello Bill,
                 1100/1200, 14.293.  Coos, VE2GTI and Nate, VO1NP waiting at the gate with most interesting Rotary news.
1100-VE2GTI, Coos 5x6 to 5x7 on the side of my beam.
1100-VO1NP, Nate 5x4 to 5x5 on the side of my beam.
1105-G8LES, Mike 5x7/5x8. Very good signal into east coast USA.
1108-YV5CPT,Reinhard 5x8/5x9.
1110-HB9CQS, Klaus 5x7/5x8.
1115-W0TBC, Joe 5x6(backup beam)
1120-EA7GSU, Pertti 5x7 sends 73 to all.
        EA/G4HMG, John No copy.
1130-PA2X, Cees at times in the noise, occasionally breaks through with 5x6 signal.
Sorry no copy on our usual strong Scandanavian stations. 
The 20 meter SSB was very noisy and at times QSB heavy,
          Thanks to all who participated.    Jim   W1QUO "
Messages Received : -
From Past President John W8AUV : -
"Dear Fellow ROAR Members,
Attached please find a copy of the AGM Minutes and the Treasurers Report as of 30 June 2009. 
Should there be any additions or corrections please let me know. 
We had a good convention in Birmingham, England as well as a good Annual General Meeting of the Fellowship. 
Should you know of a member that does not have computer capability would you please run a copy for him/her. 
I have asked Bill, VK4ZD to place a copy of the ROAR Website.
Yours in Rotary Service   John Maier, W8AUV  "
P.S. The complete attachment is on the Roar web site.  See
                               That's all for this week,
                                   73 de Bill g4yze
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