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Brought to you by Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE

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Roar Nets February 8 2009

Propagation still morbid.  K=0,  A=2,  Flux=71.
0800z - 0900z  Europe - Anzo Net on 14,293 Long Path.
0805z - HB9CQS Klaus from Sachseln 5/6
0809z - VK3KCD Peter from Flinders 1/1 here, Klaus got some copy.
0812z - VK4ZD Bill from Gatton up to 2/1 here
0812z - ZL1RD Rob from Auckland 3/2 here, gave me 4/2
0835z - VK2GWK Henk from Nelson Bay only 2/1 today.
0842z - EA/G4HMG John from Benissa 5/8
0855z - EA7GSU Pertti from Genalguacil 5/8
0910z - Net ended.  Klaus did well.  I gather Peter did not suffer much from the
wild-fires near Melbourne but it still seems dangerous.  Good luck Peter !
Rob had just returned from Adelaide where the temps had been 45c.
Klaus had snow,  John reported strong to gale force winds.
0900z - 1000z  UK 80-metre Net on 3,693.
G3LUW Brian from Devon in charge in good conditions.
Supported by :-  G3JJR John,  G0SQH Derek,  M0BDI Ralph,  G0MMO Norman, 
G2FUU Tommy, G0PCF Bruce,  G0JWE Don,  G4MVO Jim and G4YZE Bill.
1230z - 1330z  International Net on 14,293.
1225z - W1QUO Jim from Leominster MA 5/9+5
1225z - EA7GSU Pertti from Genalguacil 5/9
1225z - HB9CQS Klaus from Sachseln 4/5, got 5/9 from Jim
1225z - EA/G4HMG John from Benissa 5/6
1234z - G3LUW Brian from Devon 3/4 here, got "good copy " from Jim
1239z - AF1E Joe from Conover NC only 3/2 here
1242z - PA2X Cees from Bussum 2/1 here, got 5/9 from Jim
1242z - PA3AHC Malcolm from Naarden 1/1 here, got 5/9 from John.
1245z - G0JWE Don from Derby 1/1 here, got up to 5/8 from Jim.
1256z - G3JJR John from Wolverhampton 1/1 here, got "soliid Copy" from Jim.
1310z - W0TBC Joe from Stillwater MN 1/1 here.
1323z - Net ended.Jim had temps +7. "Unseasonably warm" but better than the ice-storms.
Cees is going to Sweden next week. taking a 100w rig.  Please listen for him on Sunday.
1900z- 2000z UK evening 80-metre Net on 3,693.
I tried for about 10 minutes, hearing nothing but strong Euro-qrm.
Messages Received.
From ROAR Secretary Noel VK2IWT,  WD8QHD                  E-mail
Good Morning Bill:
I now have an antenna that conforms to the Shire Council's height regulations - a modified inverted v that works on 15,20, and 40 M.
Alas the band is not (working). I heard one station calling VK4ZD but I was not able to get a response from the calling or the called stations. Will keep trying.
On another ROAR matter, I have begun work on the 2009-2010 edition of The Directory. I need to know of additions and SK's also any changes to the ROAR net schedules.
So if any of these items are known be sure to advise me.  My timetable will be for information to be in before the end of this month, February, to the printers by early March
with bulk mailings out in early April. We leave for W/VE the beginning of May. If the recipients of these bulk mailings is to be different from last year I need to know.
73   Noel.
From Les PA0SDZ
Dear Bill,
I supposed that Henk, VK2GWK, lived south of the floods and north of the fires. After mailing him he told me that they had not serious problems until now but that they remained "prepared".
Maybe this message is of some interest for your newsletter. I hope to be present in the net soon again, I was away in France.
Best regards from Les(lie) PA0SDZ.              (Many thanks Les and Good Luck Henk)
                                      That's all for this week,
                                        73 de Bill g4yze
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