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Brought to you by Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE

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Roar Nets August 9 2009

Apologies,  I was off station and missed all nets this week.
Propagation still poor.  K=1,  A=7  Flux=67.
0630z - 0730z  Europe - Anzo Net on 14,293 Long Path.
Thanks to Klaus for the following report :-
Greetings Bill,
Hope you enjoyed the Edinburgh Tattoo. We were there in 1981 and it was fantastic.
It was not clear to me whether you would be back from Edinburgh in time for the International net, so I turned up there just in case.
It was great fun, but I was exhausted afterwards.
Conditions during both nets were pretty much as usual, i.e. not very good. Here is an abstract of my log.
Anzo net
06:31z  EA/G4HMG, John. 59, peaking 59+20. Helped by calling the UK stations, but none turned up.
06:40z  EA5ALK, David. 57, peaking 59+10. I still marvel at that balcony antenna of David's.
06:45z  EA7GSU, Pertti, up to 58. Pertti drove the jeep back from Porto, 850 km, in one day.
07:10z  G4MVV, Diane. 59. Nice to have Diane on the net.
07:30z  PA0SDZ, Les. 11 here, but the EAs managed.
07:42z  Net ended. Not a big net, but very enjoyable. No ANZO-stations. If you want to work them, around 21:00z - 22:00 is the time.  
International net
10:58z  PA3AHC, Malcolm. 59, but 11 with Jim.
Malcolm, a keen yachtsman, was watching the Fastnet Race start on his computer.
11:00z  EA/G4HMG, John, 59. Great support during the net.
11:00z  W1QUO, Jim. It was a pleasure to be joint net controller with Jim.
11:00z  VE2GTI, Coos. Mainly 54 here, sometimes disappearing. Coos expects to go to the Netherlands in October.
11:00z  EA7GSU, Pertti. 56 here. Got 59 from John according to my notes.
Maybe I misunderstood this. In the morning it was 11.  (That's just the way it is Klaus. Wierd ! )
11:09z  VO1NP, Nate. As usual 11 here. Nate got 56 from Jim. I don't understand why I can never work Nate.
11:14z  GW4KVJ, John. 56 from the whip antenna on John's car. Got 57. John got 44 from Jim.
11:18z  W0TBC, Joe. No copy here, but Jim managed, - just.
11:20z  PA2X, Cees. 59+10. Super signal. Very fine modulation. Good for my poor ears.
11:33z  M0TCP/MM, Keith, maritime mobile from the Avon Canal. 57 here. Got 57. Visiting briefly.
11:47z  EB5IRR, Vincente, Alicante. 57 - 58 here. Also a brief visit.
11:48z  PA3GFA, Henk, with a 59+ signal. I forgot to get the QTH.
11:50z  YV5CPT, Reinhard, working with a small station from his garden. Peaking 44 here
although I turned the beam towards YV5.
11:59z  SM0DMJ, Karl. I swung the beam towards Nynäshamn and just managed to pull in Karl.
Not the same fine signal as last Sunday.
12:07z  Net ended.
It was a fine net with many stations attending, but with the poor conditions it was not always easy. 
I tried not to let anyone wait for too long, but probably did not succeed. To all of you: My sincere apologies.
73, Klaus, HB9CQS 
And thanks to Jim for the following report :-
Hello Bill,
              Report on Sunday August 9, 2009, 14.293 starting around 1100 UTC.
              HB9CQS-Klaus with excellent signal (5x9+) into North America, East coast. 
              We listened with great interest as Klaus spoke briefly of his sailing adventures.
              VE2GTI-Coos-his signal 5x6.
              VO1NP-Nate-his signal 5x7.
              EA7GSU-Pertti-consistantly 5x7 to 5x8.
              PA2X-Cees-some QSB but good 5x7 to 5x9
              W0TBC-Joe-5x5 here.  Sorry could not get Joe across the Atlantic.
              YV5CPT-Reinhard-"booming" into East coast, U.S.(5x9+).  Reinhard reports using a small transistor radio. 
              He could hear HB9CQS and W1QUO in the garden area in back of his house.
              PA0AHC-Malcolm-Very sorry; no readable signal this side of Atlantic.
              SM0DMJ-Karl-his signal 5x6/7.
              GW4KVJ-John-very poor copy here.
              Apologies to the 1 or 2 stations we could not read.
              Sincere thanks to Klaus, HB9CQS, for excellent work in getting stations to participate.
               73   Jim   W1QUO
1800z - 1830z  UK evening 80-metre Net on 3,693
Thanks to Brian G3LUW for the following report :-
Hi Bill,  We left London at 3pm and arrived here in Lifton with ten minutes to spare.
Conditions were not good -all signals were very hollow.
We had Ralph, M0BDI, Mike G4WRU, Derek G0SQH, Don G0JWE and me.
Don has solved his TVI problem by removing a few stray wires left after his kitchen was refurbished.
He is a relieved man. See you next weekend, and I hope your trip went well
73  Brian
Messages Received.
From Teru JM2HBO :-
Hi everyone!
Do you work radio or Rotary?
0630Z I worked VK2GWK, Henk turned his antena beaming to JA, 59+, 59+ ,
and turned  his EU, long path 53, 53
VK3GKW talked with VK3KCD and ZL1BF?and EU?, But I was very hard to copy their call.
2, International NET
1100Z I called CQ ROAR on 14.293, but no reply. The conditions were very bad.
I could work 7P8OK, 7P8YI on 20 meters, beaming to west, AFRICA.
and I could hear 3DA0. It is easy to work some African stations
In JA I can work Africa  Indy ocean and EU at 1200 to 1500Z on 20 meters.
My son Kenji came from Tokyo for summer vacation (Aug, and Sept). He is a university student.
That is all.  DE JM2HBO Teru , 73 and 88 TU 
From Vitor CT1BJZ via Pertti :-
Vitor's e-mail address is
Secretary please note !
                         That's all for this week,
                           73 de Bill g4yze
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