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Brought to you by Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE

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Roar Nets May 25 2008

Propagation promising but very unstable. K=3, A=7, Flux=69.
0630z - 0730z  Europe - Anzo Net on 14,293, Long Path.
Many thanks to Klaus for the following report : -
Greetings Bill,
I am glad that you managed to cure your SWR problem. (No problem, just finger trouble- Thanks anyway)
VK2GWK, Henk, was on the net at 06:30z and able to work Pertti. According to Pertti the opening was very brief.
I was late and missed the opening. Good signals here from the Europeans, although with occasional deep QSB.
06:42z  EA7GSU, Pertti. Only 43 here for a start, but quickly increasing to 58. Slight drizzle. What Pertti needs is lots of rain.
06:48z  G4HMG/P, John and Diana. 58. From their motor home parked within a few yards of their old home. Got 59+20.
06:33z  G4YZE, Bill. 57 here. Got 59. Bill had caught a cold. Later, Bill went QRT with SWR problems.
07:02z  GW4KVJ, John. 58-59 and fairly steady. Got 59+. John heard Bill faintly. No trouble copying Pertti. Wet and windy.
73  -  Klaus, HB9CQS
And to Henk for this report : -
Dear Bill,
A very brief and weak contact with EA7GSU today. Later I heard briefly ZL1RD Rob signing after a qso with Diane in QLD, but not really getting anywhere.
Conditions are not good. Much better around 21:30 UTC on the long path :)
Best regards   Henk VK2GWK
0800z - 0900z  UK 80-metre net on 3,693
G3LUW in control from Devon.
Fourteen on the net in noisy conditions.
1130z - 1230z  International Net on 14,293.
Thanks to Jim for the following report : -
Dear Bill,
              Conditions on 20 meter band May 25, '08, 11:30/12:30 UTC, to say the least, were incredibly erratic, but some openings were exciting.
               11:30 G4YZE sometimes 5x7, sometimes in the noise; PA2X and EA7GSU both 5x7.  11:35 G4HMG 4x5 to 5x6.  11:45 HB9CQS 5x7 to 5x8. 
               Klaus (HB9CQS) brings in GW4KVJ.  11:50-12:10 VK2GWK, Henk, calls in on CW 5-6-9.  11:52 VO1NP 5x5 reporting Newfoundland Rotary Activity.
               12:05 W0TBC 4x4 to 5x5.  12:07 YV5CPT 5x9+ (Reinhart had good QSO with Joe, W0TBC). 
               Time ? G8LES, Mike, gave excellent report on his new job and plans for the Birmingham convention. 
               Also, congratulations for the yeoman work of Bill, G4YZE.
               Sincere apologies for anyone that we missed.  It was one of the liveliest nets in a long time.
                           73  Jim  W1QUO
1800z - 1900z  UK evening 80-metre net on 3,693
G3LUW Brian in control from Devon.
Six on the net in rather noisy conditions.
Messages Received.
E-mail addresses, please note the following changes : -
M1NTO Huw Morgan Jones  change to
G3OJI Jim Sleight change to : -    
                              That's all for this week.
                                  73 de Bill g4yze
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