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Brought to you by Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE

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Roar Nets March 16 2008

Propagation still fragile but maybe improving.  K=2, A=10, Flux=70
0800z - 0900z  Europe-Anzo Net on 14,293 Long Path.
I am beginning to hear voices!  Henk VK2GWK at 0750 was 3/4
Rob ZL1RD was 2/1 two minutes later.  I called Henk and just heard
him say my signal was "very very weak"   It did not improve.
Thanks to Klaus who did rather better : -
Greetings Bill,
After last Sunday's net, I had great hopes of a Sunday morning with fine conditions.
Instead we had some of the worst conditions I have experienced on the ANZO net.
08:02z  VK2GWK, Henk. 57/57 for a start, but after 10 minutes, 55 and soon after 44.
08:02z  VK4ZD, Bill. 22 increasing to 55 before dropping down again
08:04z  G4YZE, Bill. 22 here. Only European station heard.
08:05z  VK3KCD, Peter. Briefly 53 before disappearing in the mud again. Got an amazing 57-8, if I am correct.
08:07z  ZL1RD, Rob. No copy for a start, but increasing briefly to 54.
08:26z  Stepped out on the sideline and asked the ANZ-stations to continue without me.
08:32z  Sent 73 to Rob and the VKs. 
Continued listening. Called CQ RI net a few times, but no answers.
73, Klaus, HB9CQS
0900z - 1000z  UK 80-metre Net on 3,694.
G3JJR John in charge from Wolverhampton.
Twelve on the net in good conditions.
1130z - 1230z  International Net on 4,293.
1130z - W1QUO Jim from Leominster MA 5/9
1130z - EA7GSU Pertti from Genalguacil 5/9
1133z - HB9CQS Klaus from Sachseln 2/1 here, Jim got him well.
1142z - VE2GTI Coos from Montreal 5/7
1148z - GW4KVJ John from S.Wales 1/1 here, Got 4/5 from Jim.
1215z - Net ended. Much contest qrm until 1200z then very clear.
Jim had zero degrees and just one centimetre of snow. "Summer is coming"
Coos still had "tons of snow" but up to minus one degree.
1800z - 1900z  USCB Transcontinental Net on 14.288.
Many thanks to Jim for the following report : -
Dear Bob,
               Shortly after you closed the Sunday net, 18:37, 14.288, March 16, 2008, an extraordinary flare of propagation occurred:
EA7GSU, Pertti from Spain, came in 5x8/5x9 here in Massachusetts!  I tried calling all stations that had logged in, but everyone
had pulled the big switch.  Pertti and I had a great chat and I expressed the hope that he would try again in the future to join us. 
Maybe the good propagation days are coming.
                                                                                                                        73  Jim  W1QUO
1900z - 2000z UK evening 80-metre net on 3,694.
Brian G3LUW in charge from Devon.
Eleven on the net including Ian/GM4JAO from Inverness.
Conditions much improved.
Messages Received.
From President John Maier : -
Dear Fellow ROAR Member,
This communication will serve a few purposes. 
First, I have just completed an email list of all of our US members and worldwide officers.  This email is a test of the accuracy of this new email list. 
You do not have to respond if no changes are necessary.
Secondly,  I want to call to your attention to the need for current and correct membership data.  Have you changed your address?  Call sign? 
Phone number?  Would you prefer that we use another email address?  Are you current with your dues?  (Note your name in the most recent directory,
there is a number behind your name.  This number shows the year your membership expires. 
Use the attached membership application for information submittal and/or dues payment.)
Thirdly, we will again have a booth at the Los Angeles 2008 Rotary International Convention.  The booth number is 241. 
We will be having our Annual General Meeting Sunday, 15 June at 11:30 AM during the Convention.  We will be conducting our general business meeting,
reporting on our treasury, and accepting nominations for officers for the 2009-2012 term.  Bring your QSL cards to share.  If you have any ideas, projects or ?
that you would like us to discuss at the meeting, please let us know.  Will you be coming to the convention?  We will be needing booth help during the time
the “House of Friendship” is open – letting us know you will be attending will facilitate scheduling.
We would like to hear you on our weekly nets.  An international net is operating every Sunday at 1130 Hrs UTC, on 14.293 Mhz.  Our US net operates every
Sunday at 1800 Hrs UTC on 14.288 Mhz.  Propagation is getting a little better, so come up on frequency and talk with your fellow Rotarians.
Your communications are always welcome.
Yours in Rotary and 73,   
John Maier, W8AUV
President 2006-2009
International Fellowship of Rotarians of Amateur Radio (ROAR)
Writing from Sarasota, FL    Tele:  941-349-2451
                                            That's all for this week,
                                              73 de Bill g4yze
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