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Brought to you by Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE

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Roar Nets March 18 2007

My apologies.  I missed all nets this day.  I must have eaten something !  Propagation figures fair.  K=0 A=8 Flux=69.
Clocks : -  UK and Continental Europe clocks go forward 1 hour on Sunday March 25.
0730z - 0830z  Europe-Anzo Net on 14,293 Long Path.
Thanks to Bill VK4ZD for the following : -

Hi Bill
A pity that propagation did not allow us to hear your dulcet tones.
When I got to the frequency, Henk (VK2GWK) and Peter (VK3KCD) were attempting to communicate with each other and
I could barely hear Peter. Henk was peaking 5/8. I eventually turned my antenna south and addressed Peter.
He came back to me at 5/9 +10 (gave me 5/9 +80). Peter and I ended up having a great chat.
Diane (VK4KYL) also chatted with Peter. Klaus called in late in the hour but was unable to hear us q5 due to contest qrm.
He briefly peaked 5/7 with me. This last weekend was our district 9630 conference.
One of our keynote speakers was Tom Henderson of Shelter Box fame. As a result of his presentation, over 40 shelter boxes
were immediately purchased by clubs (including Gatton & Lockyer) in our district. A number of clubs also purchased shipping
containers for our Donations in Kind facility near Brisbane.
Please take a look at our club newsletter this week at

73's  de Bill, VK4ZD
And from Peter VK3KCD
Dear Bill     
Had excellent propagation to Bill VK4ZD last Sunday and fair propagation to Henk VK2GWK . Heard Klaus HB9CQS at
around 0830z and he peaked at 5&9 but due to the QRM in Europe we were unable to have a good contact and he gave me 3&4.
It seems the band is still opening after 0800 from
here to Europe and it may be wise not to go onto the summer/winter schedule just yet. 
Apart from the lack of good rain all is well in Flinders                        

73   YIR   Peter VK3KCD
Agreed:- We shall have to keep this sked on 0730z - 0830z until the ions decide to wake up a bit earlier.  (Bill g4yze.)
0900z - 1000z  UK 80-metre net on 3,693   (0800z - 0900z from next Sunday 25th.
John G3JJR in charge from Wolverhampton. Thanks to John for the following report.

......There were 12 on the net including a visitor who thought we were the
RAOTA net! He did stay for a short while.
Conditions were rather poor .....signals were much weaker than usual with a lot of
fading. So much so that some members fell out of the net! (Pun intended)
We were sorry to learn from Derek (G0SQH) that Marie had been taken
into hospital with more cardiac trouble although he was not more specific.
In addition she has considerable psoriasis and when her present stay in one
hospital ends she is to be transferred to another hospital for four weeks.
Derek was asked to convey the very best of wishes for a speedy recovery from
all of us.
Gordon (G3HMG) has also been hospitalised with a respiratory
infection. He too was transferred to a second one and his daughter is
awaiting their opinion on whether he can be allowed home to fend for
himself, (Report from Alan G4BFM)
On the credit side Tony has had a satisfactory report from hospital
until his next appointment.
73, John, G3JJR (QTHR)
1230z - 1330z  International net on 14,293   1130z - 1230z from Sunday 25th.
Thanks to Jim for the following great report.

Dear Bill,
With Patience and perseverance we overcame heavy QSB and noise.  Special thanks to F/G4HMG, John, portable from central
France with consistent 5x4 signal starting at 12:20 UTC.  John and Diana expected at home QTH Wed., March 21- first day of spring.

Signal levels reported here represent best readings of the day.
12:25 PA2X Cees, 5x9 Strong and steady signal.
12:30 EA7GSU Pertti 5x7 Warm greetings.
12:31 GW4KVJ John, 4x4 Just got through the noise bursts.
12:36 LA5HE Rags, 5x8 Great to hear from Norway.
12:42 OH1TG Pasi, 5x8 On top of the noise.
12:52 OH6SM Martti, 5x8/9 I remember Helsinki and Lapland.
12:57 SM4CSF Nils, 4x6 Thanks for your patience.
13:01 SM0DMJ Karl, 4x4 Was very glad to hear you again.
13:14 PA0SDZ Les, 5x8 Tulips in spring time.
13:24 HB9CQS Klaus, 5x9 Solid signal, warm greetings.
13:27 G8LES Mike, 5x9 Great report on Rotary district activity.
13:35 KF5BD Jack, 5x4 Congratulations on getting up so early.
13:45 KG4VOE Albert, 4x6 Sunny Florida.

Second and third round transmissions continued until closing QRT 13:54.

73 All  de  Jim,  W1QUO
1900z - 2000z  UK evening 80-metre net on 3,693   1800z - 1900z from Sunday 25th.

And thanks to Brian G3LUW for this one.
Sorry to hear about your tummy bug, Bill. I had the family here this week-end, so I made only a brief appearance on the 80m net
and missed the lunchtime net altogether. I did listen on the Australian net earlier, but heard nothing. I ran the 80m Evening Net
and we had good conditions with F/G4HMG/P, G4WRU and GW4KVJ.  Both Johns confirmed that the VK net was a non-event
this morning, but HMG in Poitiers says that he will ring you from home on Wednesday to give you the details of the lunchtime net. 

Again wishing you a speedy recovery   73  Brian
Messages Received.

From President John W6AUV

Dear Bill,
I have been in communication with our point man in Salt Lake City.  He is Brett Sutherland, N7KG, a member of the host club,
the RC of Salt Lake City.  He told me that he has secured a special call sign for the convention activities, “W7R”. 
He continues to work on getting the station assembled and has several great prospects for its accomplishment. 
In preparation of the event and getting the word out, he and I were wondering what would be the best “calling frequency”. 
In Chicago we used 14,293 as that seemed to be a very popular ROAR calling frequency.  Should we use that frequency in SLC?  
Just for your information Salt Lake City is in the Mountain Time Zone, two hours later than the US east coast.
Please let me know what you think about a Europe to US calling frequency.  Anything on 15 or 10?

73 es YIR,  John, W8AUV
(For June 17/20 the only good prediction to Europe is 14,293 from 2100z to 2300z  
(1400 to 1600 SLC time.)  It will be sporadic-E or nothing on 15 and 10 - Bill/g4yze.
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