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Brought to you by Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE

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Roar Nets June 4 2006

Propagation rather wierd though  K=0 and Flux=76.
0630z - 0730z  Europe - Anzo Net on 14,293 Long Path
I listened from 0530z for earlier propagation but had only noise S7 here until 0630z
0630z - HB9CQS Klaus from Sachseln 5/8 today
0633z - VK5CV 1/1 here but Klaus gave him 5/7
0725z - EA5ALK David from Calpe 5/8
0744z - EA7GSU Pertti from Genalguacil 5/9.
0757z - Net ended.
Many thanks to Klaus for the following report on what was a very good net really.
"Greetings Bill,
Thanks for the good news on ROAR's convention station in Copenhagen. I am sorry that I cannot be there.
Returned from Copenhagen somewhat exhausted on Thursday evening and not going back again now.
It was an interesting net this morning. The VKs were still workable when I started at 06:30z. According to John,
G4HMG, conditions had been even better shortly after 06:00z.
06:33z  VK5CV, Bill. 56 here when in the clear. I was hampered by heavy QRM from a German-speaking station on 14.295 until approx.06:45z.
06:36z  VK2GWK, Henk. Heard here once with 55, but not worked since the QRM was 59+10.  
06:40z  G4YZE, Bill. Mostly 59+10 here during the next hour. Unfortunately Bill had no copy on the VKs and most of the G-stations.
06:43z  G4HMG, John. Mostly 59+10 here and able to work VK5CV until shortly before 07:00z when 5CV faded out.
06:45z  YO9BC, Coco. Heard 55 here briefly. The G-stations tried to work Coco, but he never came back.
07:00z  M0BDI, Ralph. Back from EA6 and enjoying the nice weather in South England.
07:00z  G4JVW, Bill. 59 here. Fine signal.
07:08z  G8LES, Mike. Our first QSO and a fine one. Mike was frequently 59+20 here with his modified windom.
07:19z  OZ8YW, Helge, very briefly. First QSO with his new 3 el. SteppIr. Invited me to join the Danes on 14.296.  
07:25z  EA5ALK, David. 56 here. Gave me 59. Unfortunately, not all G-station were able to copy David.
07:32z  GW4KVJ, John, near Cardiff. 59/59. Fine signal.
07:46z  QSYed to 14:296 to talk with Danish friends.
73   Klaus, HB9CQS"
0800z - 0900z  UK 80-metre net on 3,692.
John G4HMG in charge from Clayhidon, Devon.
Sixteen on the net in very noisy conditions.
1130z - 1230z  International net on 14,293
1130z - W1QUO Jim from Leominster MA 5/9+ as normal.
1130z - G4HMG John from Devon 2/1 here, got 5/9 from Jim.
1130z - G8LES Mike from Alton 3/4 here got "great signal" from Jim.
1130z - VE2GTI Coos from Montreal 5/9
1144z - OZ5PD Per from Jutland 5/9+  today
1244z - SM0DMJ Karl from Nyneshamn 5/9
1244z - VE3BGG Bert from Cambridge ON 3/7 - lost in qrm at this time.
1152z - HB9CQS Klaus from Sachseln 5/8
1155z - YO9BC Coco from Ploeste 5/9+ despite storms there.
1155z - W0TBC Joe from Stillwater MN 3/3 today.
1200z - CT/AD6XX President Laszlo from Lagos up to 3/4 here
1213z - GW4KVJ John from S.Wales 1/1 here but Per got him well
1213z - G0JWE Don from Derby 1/1 here. Per got him also.
1234z - Net ended.  -  A very interesting net though I could not hear the UK stations.

Jim W1QUO in great form as always, was able to pick up and relay the G stations
Coos VE2GTI and Helmi got a great day for their marriage on May 28.
Our best wishes from all members for a long and happy union together !
On a sadder note they had interred the ashes of Coos's son Mark on May 13.
There was a big gathering and a fly-over by a Pitt Special to honour Mark's
aircraft enthusiasm.  -  Mark had a WWII Spitfire in re-conditioning to make it
airworthy.  The Vancouver vintage aircraft club are continuing this task.
Per Dantoft OZ5PD, a great signal today, advised changes to the Convention Station.:-
N.B.  RI Convention June 11 to June 14 at Malmo and Copenhagen.
The Station will be in the Bella Convention Centre in Copenhagen
It will be equpped with a 60 foot crank-up mast carrying a 5 element
tri-band Yagi for 10m 15m and 20m also a 200 watt FT 1000, all provided by EDR,
the Radio Club of Copenhagen   They may procure a wire antenna for 40m operation.
Preferred frequencies will be   : -
7,077.5 on 40m (if an antenna possible) 
14,293 on 20m, 
21,403 on 15m
28,785 on 10m. (10m will be great if the Sporadic E continues)
The call sign will be OZ5PD  (Per's call)
They hope to commence operation at 0700z on Saturday June 10.
Normal operating hours will be in the period 0800z to 1600z daily 
during the Convention depending on operator availability.
Operators will include President Laszlo AD6XX, Per OZ5PD
Peter Lowe VK3KCD, and possibly Rune Andersson SM3FCX
(although Rune and Per will be heavily involved in the Convention business)
1800z - 1900z  UK evening 80-metre net on 3,692
Ten on the net in good conditions.
Messages Received.
We have a new member - Dan Holben K2VY in Camden,  New Jersey.
A very experienced and well-equipped amateur.
See his entry in
Welcome Dan, hope to hear you one of these days.
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