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Brought to you by Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE

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Roar Nets February 26 2006

Propagation quite good.  K index 3,  Solar flux 76.
0800z - 0900z  Europe - Anzo Net on 14,293 Long Path.
0800z - G4HMG John from Devon 3/4 here in S6 noise
0800z - HB9CQS Klaus from Sachseln 4/5 here
0805z - VK4ZD Bill from Gatton 2/1 at first up to 5/7 later.
0807z - PA0SDZ Les from Zwolle 2/1 here
0822z - UX4UA Nick from Kiev 5/9 here
0824z - CT/AD6XX President Laszlo from Lagos, Algarve 5/9
0830z - G0JWE Don from Derby 1/1 here but Laszlo got him well.
0831z - OH1TG Pasi from Kokemaki 2/1 here at this time.
0905z - Net ended.  A very interesting net.  VK4ZD signal very weak through
the 0800z predicted max. until about 0830z then increasing steadily to end
at 5/7 by 0900z.  Bill was just home after enjoying a great picnic at Toowoomba.
He reported all very well with the family.  New grandson now up to 6lbs 3oz and
handling his dummy with both hands.  Daughter Elissa leaves for her Europe
visit on 3rd March and may be able to visit Klaus in Switzerland.
President Laszlo CT/AD6XX is still awaiting a replacement trap for his beam.
Laszlo is very concerned to get arrangements started for the Copenhagen Convention
Special Event Station 11th to 14th June.
0900z - 1000z   UK 80-metre net on 3,692.
Brian G3LUW in charge from Devon
Twenty-one on the net in good conditions.
1230z - 1330z  International Net on 14,293.
1225z - W1QUO Jim from Leominster MA 5/9+
1225z - G4HMG John from Devon 3/3 here
1225z - G3LUW Brian from Devon 4/5 here
1225z - VO1NP Nate from St.John's NF 4/2 here today.
1231z - CT/AD6XX President Laszlo from Lagos, Algarve 5/6
1233z - HB9CQS Klaus from Sachseln only 3/4 now.
1240z - CT1BJZ Vitor from Ordivelas 5/9
1245z - VE3BGG Bert from Cambridge ON 5/8 here
1251z - W0TBC Joe from Stillwater MN 2/1, up to 5/6 later.
1253z - WA9AQN John from Petersburg IL 4/5 here
1309z - G3JJR John from Wolverhampton 2/1 here but Jim got him.
1316z - IW0HIT Andrea from  Rome  5/4 (Non-rotarian for a report)
1319z - OH1TG Pasi from Kokemaki 5/9 now.
1334z - Net ended.  A lively net despite marginal trans-atlantic conditions.
Jim enjoying cold New England conditions and Nate reporting St.John's
snowed up completely. Airport closed and not much traffic moving !
Laszlo and Vitor enjoying plus 15c and a beautiful day.
Klaus got minus one and and a light snow covering in the valley
Bert VE3BGG had minus 12c but a brilliant sunny day.
John WA9AQN had minus 5 in Illinois but keeping warm with 3 dogs
and 4 cats in the shack.
Great to hear John G3JJR on this net. First for some time but John is
one of the regular controllers on our 80-metre UK nets.
The band was going down by the time John joined but he got
"just above the noise" from Jim. and 5/9+10 from Laszlo.
1830z - 1930z  UK evening 80-metre net on 3,692.
Brian G3LUW in charge from Devon, completing a busy day .  Thanks Brian.!
Six on the net in deteriorating conditions.
Messages Received.
From Tom Burns/KN9H
We are in preliminary stages of planning a trip to southern England  the
last two weeks of June. I will carry Icom 706Mark11 I used to check into the
Rotary net from Germany last August and will plan to check into the nets
portable from UK. Any UK Rotary activities of interest during that period?
Tom Burns, KN9H  ( Mary Ellen Burns KA9JNZ)
(Hi Tom,  look for our UK 80-metre nets on about 3,692 at 0900 and 1900
UK time on Sundays, also the "spanish" net of David EA5ALK on Fridays
at 1000 UK time on 14,285 approx.)
From Douglas/ZL1BFS
I have not been on the net yet - I need to get a few things in order first.,
but I hope to get on soon.
Apologies from Sam/ZL1AOE.  Sam is not very well but still carrying on his
duties as our club secretary and still doing his e-mail but not able to get
on the radio.
------ Douglas Birt,  President, Gisborne Rotary Club.  ZL1BFS.
(Thanks Douglas and Best Wishes from us all to Sam for a good recovery



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