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Brought to you by Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE

Roar Nets August 7-14 2005

Sunday 7th.August

The conditions on the early morning net were not good. Henk,VK2GWK was about  5&6

but Bill VK5CV was unable to make contact with Europe. Klaus HB9CQS, John G4HMG and Brian G3LUW

got poor reports from Henk, and the net was closed soon after 0715


John G4HMG was in charge of the 80m net in reasonable conditions. There were 15 including Diana G4MVV on the net.


            W1QUO Jim, was the only station across the Atlantic copiable in Europe.

            He relayed to Nate, VO1NP,  Bob K7DVB,  & John WA9AQN,  none of whom were readable here.

            On this side we had G4HMG, G3LUW & G0JWE.  Andre, GM3VLB/p called in from Islay, and three German stations. 

            DL/KN9H/m ,Tom was a strong signal.  John hosted him and his XYL, Mary-Ellen during John's time as

            Chairman in February 2001. The net closed at 1235.


            There were six members on the 80m net at 1900. Controlled by G3LUW in good conditions.


Sunday 14th.August

Conditions even worse this morning with SFI at 75, K at 4.  G4HMG, GW4KVJ, G0JWE, G3LUW, Franz DK1II,

David EA5ALK & EA7GSU, Pertti in Europe. Henk VK2GWK was just readable by Franz, but unreadable here.

HMG made contact with Bill VK5CV, with brief snatches heard by LUW. Signals between Spain and the UK excellent.


There were 17 on the 80m net, including Gus G3LLK and Steve 2E0DEY. Good conditions with G3LUW controlling.

Steve is taking the exam to upgrade his license next week. He hopes to be M0 soon.


W1QUO Jim was only 5&5, a non-rotarian K4AIM, Don was also 5&5. W0TBC, WA9AQN, K7DVB and VO1NP

could not be heard in Europe. John G4HMG and Brian G3LUW made contact with Jim & Don - very weak signals all round.

The net closed at 1215 after a real struggle. Thanks to Jim for a sterling effort.


There were 8 on the 80m evening net, presided over by John G4HMG.  Possible new member called in.

G4WRU, Mike. Past President Rotary Club of Barkingside. He has been sent the details of ROAR



Messages received.

From Communicator Editor Don Cliffe G0JWE

The Communicator is with the Printers but it will be a few weeks before it reaches you by post.
In the meantime, it is on my web site:
(The "0" is a zero in my callsign, not the letter "O")
Additionally there is a link from the ROAR web site at:
If you do not have broadband you may have a long time downloading the pictures as there are quite a few of them.
Hope you enjoy the publication,
73 de Don (G0JWE)
Communication Editor
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