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Brought to you by Bill Learmonth .. G4YZE

Roar Nets June 19 2005

Apologies for my absence but we had a great holiday in France, returning late on 19th.
After several attempts I did succeed in contacting the Rotary International Convention Station W9R at Chicago,
with the very active assistance of Jack KF5BD and Jim W1QUO on the last day Wednesday at 1506z.
John Maier W8AUV operating gave me 4/5 but reported very noisy conditions at the site. 
W9R was about 5/7 in the clear here but mostly about 3/4 in close-in qrm and qrn.
John reported they achieved about 65 contacts during the event  Chairman Laszlo was on station
but I did not get a good contact with him. Laszlo intends to visit Jim after the convention !
Thanks to Brian G3LUW for the following net reports : -

 ROAR Net Reports

Sunday 5th June    20m VK net    Only G3LUW & EA7GSU    No propagation to VK

                             80m net   G3LUW in control  16 on the net. Condx fair

                              20m International net    W1QUO  5 & 9

                                                              LA5HE  -  Rag

                                                              EA7GSU  -  Pete

                                                              VO1NP & K7BVB not heard here

                               80m evening net  G3LUW in control  5 on the net - condx good


Sunday 12th.June    VK net   Klaus HB9CQS in charge (VKs unable to read me )

                                             Very poor propagation to VK but EA7GSU reading

                                             VK2GWK & VK5CV both unreadable here  - also

                                             EA5ALK, GW4KVJ, G4JVW, G4HMG/P (Defford)

                                             (David/EA5ALK & Valerie move into new apartment on 4th.July)

                               80m net  G3JJR in charge in difficult condx (changed freq. twice)

                                11 on the net, inc. HMG/p (Defford) & GW4FTA/p (Haverford)

                                and Marie G7WGJ

                             20m International net W1QUO 5 & 8    GW4KVJ  G4HMG/P

                                                             VO1NP  5 & 4

                                                             SM3CWE - Owen    

                                                             W0TBC unreadable here

                               80m evening net  G3LUW in control in noisy condx.  7 on the net


Sunday 19th.June   VK net Klaus/HB9CQS & David loud & clear. Unable to copy G4HMG/P

                                Worked VK5CV (3&3)  VK6ZD inaudible. Very difficult.

                             80m net controlled by Tony GW4FTA/P Haverford West using

                                his dipole. Poor condx.  13 members called.

                              20m International net  W1QUO 5&6 both ways. Laszlo at W9R

                                worked Jim, but could not be heard in Europe or at VO1NP

                                Also on the net : CT1BJZ, HB9CQS, SM4CSF, GW4KVJ

                                W9R should be workable later this afternoon.

                            80m evening net. Only 5 on the net including our two mobiles

                                Heavy styatic crashes made it quite unpleasant. G3LUW in charge                     
Thanks also to Klaus/HB9CQS for the following report : -
Answering a CQ call from Brian, G3LUW, I joined the ANZO net on 06:35z. 
Together we tried to raise our VK-friends, but to no avail.
One by one the UK stations came in, all with excellent signals here.
Good for me since the QRM became heavy at about 07:00z with jamming stations unwilling to QSY.
With Brian being unable to copy most UK stations because of skip distance, it came naturally for me to take over as net controller.
We all missed our usual anchors.
The following stations joined the net, more or less in the listed order. 
Since I was not prepared for this my notes on their entry time is incomplete.
G3LUW - Brian. Fine signal here as usual when the band is open.
G4HMG/P - John and Diane from the air show at Defford. Had a fine flight Saturday with a Cessna.
EA5ALK - David. Moving from house to flat. The good news is that David will get an antenna in the new place.
GW4KVJ - John. Fine signal, but I was hampered by heavy QRM.
G4JVW - Bill. Fine signal, but I need to train with that suffix. It breaks my tongue. My fault of course
VK2GWK - Henk. 56 here. Got 55. Henk was unable to copy UK stations and vice versa.
Henk reported having worked VK3KCD, but Peter was not readable here. Same with VK4ZD, if Bill was on at all.
EA7GSU - Pete. (or should I say Pertti?) Fine signal, also with Henk at Nelson Bay. A good help in raising the VKs.
VK5CV - Bill. I had given up working Bill when he came in 56 here. Got 54. I appologize for giving up too early, Bill.
Net ended at 07:30z.
After net closure, I was called by EA5EMH, Peter (British, I believe), in Alacante who wanted to learn the address of David, EA5ALK.
I gave David's QTH as Moraira.
Kind regards
Finally an interesting item from Max Raicha / 5Z4MR
FYI from a fellow Rotarian in India.
AG - Max Raicha
Dear Friends,
I am pleased to share with you the outstanding news that the Rotary
Flag was hoisted on top of Mount Everest at 11 AM (Nepal Time) today
(30 May 2005). This feat was achieved by three Nepalese Rotaractors -
one girl and two boys. The expedition was lead by Rotaractor Miss
Mohini, who is also one of the summiteers, as part of the Rotary
Centenary Celebrations.
I am also informed that the summiteers have spoken to President Glenn
Estess from the summit of Mount Everest via satphone.
I have spoken to Rtn Gopal Sundar Lal Kakshpati, Coordinator, Rotary
Centennial Everest Expedition 2005 and have conveyed the
Congratulations and Blessings of all Rotarians round the world.  The
expedition will be returning to Kathmandu by 2 Jun.
Weekly Report